• Click to download clouds5.exe for windows QB64 Install Qbasic... run clouds5.exe in qbasic QB64 or QB4.5 Press any key to watch the weather patterns. Release key to stop the action. Exit by clicking on the X at the upper right corner of screen. Press CTRL + ALT Enter for full screen mode and CTRL + ALT Enter, twice to exit full screen mode. Use PRTSC for screen capture...

    Now as you can see the areas where there is only background

    (Smooth lines) are the clouds and the rest is topographic land.

    Of course you can reverse and make all the clouds land

    and the topographic land clouds...

    I was looking at some satellite maps and it looks like my scale is

    about 1/2 mile

    or 2500 feet above the surface, maybe a square mile...

    And on some maps it looks to be 60 square miles...Like over all of Los


    Yes it does look like a modern doppler image to show where the rain is

    actually falling and the white cut outs are those spots of actual


    Here's a good topographic symbolic representation

    to use to explain the squiggles that arn't clouds...

  • Topographic symbols


  • Using Easy Background extractor V1...

    Open any .JPG image (your saved image from my program, Clouds5.exe)

    Click radio button FREE DRAW / ERASER

    Trace around the cloud area, don't overlap trace too much.

    Click radio button DOUBLE CLICK the desired color

    Double click inside the traced area and it all disappears.

    There is an undo and redo

    to save do a screen capture because the free version

    won't let you save the result


    Source code available on request ;)