Hi happy people, Welcome to "BirthdayBiorhythm" I was looking at bio-rhythm and I noticed there was no good explanation for why it uses the 3 sine waves it does. So I thought why not input a persons birthdate and figure how many days into the year that equals then take that amount of days and divide it by 1/3rd and sine those 3 numbers along total days between dates. What I got was then focused to the fractions of the final answers which comes after the sines are ended on the last date entered as asked for in the program. If all three fractions end in .8 or higher it's a tripple high, like bio-rhythms claim. start of any year------- mybirthdate 2/26/1958= 86 days into the year,1/3 is 29. so first sine is 29, second is 58, third is 87, (close enough for this example,okay) so now the three sines have an explanation as to how they are arrived at and they are unique to the inputted birthdate. Last date entered shows if 3 sines line up high if fractions all go .8 and above... For the birthday 2/26/1958 and studied date 2/23/2008 oh look a tripple high ! Have fun experimenting...If you want the source code please email me gdk@geraldkrug.com I have posted this program on Creative Commons too, if you wanted to know. I'd like to dedicate this program (BirthdayBiorhythm) to whoever really knows ME.
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