800 service
Thats right, For $60.00 you can get an 800 phone number that calls your origional home telephone or business or voicemail ect. at $0.19min in Calif. and $0.30min nationally for savings of 50% or more compared with AT&T,MCI and Sprint. Your Home Based Business number is not tracked and all your customers do is dial the 800# and input a 9 digit PIN and the service dials you automatically. Email gdkss@hotmail.com for more info.and offer this service to your own customers and make residual income. There are no monthly charges and no per call surcharges. Use your credit card,check or money order to Pre-pay. Per minute charges drop based on group usage. Also get an 800 on and off feature that allows you to stop your 800 from being used whenever your not monitoring. Included free;99 number user programmable speed dial and other free New Services comming soon. Now people outside the U.S.A. can use your 800 number free. Call 800,888 and 877 numbers to sell this service and other fine GDK products