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Posted by: geraldkrug, March 8, 2009, 11:01am
Can you really wager so highly to say that God/Unity does not want us to
fight evil anymore?
What if we had not fought Hitler?
Enough of the Jesus saves, cause he will not save a bunch of yellow
Satans greatest plan is to kill you with your own religions.
A religion he makes you think will magically solve everything on
Religion does solve everything in heaven, but we have to fight on Earth if
we want to give children a chance to be saved to know of God. You
have no other choice, fight satan, or die and be branded a coward and
sent to Hell anyway.
WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!  I've seen soldiers bayonetting every one of you.
Your weakness is not goodness, weakness serves evil....  :'(
Posted by: geraldkrug, April 17, 2009, 3:46am; Reply: 1
I just created the National Grade system...  8)

This is to register all citizens into the New economy I am creating...

This is a public program that has an eraser on it.

For private use please register by giving me an email and
saying you want a Grade system...

You can not place a value on what is given freely from the sun.
Any attempt to continue with economic systems will fail
except for the farm economy God has created.

The Grade System will let people take a snapshot of their
current value to a farming lifestyle.

A= very important to farming
B= support systems to farming
C= Husband
D= Housewife
F= Child or totally disabled

Money will be paid to the current grade (We will all debate fair
yearly amounts)
Promotions will be based on skill sets toward self-sufficiency as a

I have done alot of research and it looks like the people being laid
off now will not have another job for 7-8 years.
We need to create our own monetary system so to get money to these
that the rest of the country will accept from them.
Then we need to create low level jobs that does not require any but on
site training.
These are called casual labor jobs and make work projects.
We will need to certify the available workers and this BBS system
will create that certification so we will know who is fit to hire
now based on recomendations...

Once a person has a good recommendation they can get
a "waiting for work" certified stipend to cover basic needs. Up to
$1500 a month. A-D grade people.
Then you will have people advertising their make work jobs
from simple
house chores to whatever people need done. If the employer needs help
paying the worker that is accounted for also in a special investors
area where the work done is leveraged as a value over and above the
pay given to the worker.  :P
Posted by: geraldkrug, April 17, 2009, 4:21am; Reply: 2
The "Association of Computer Entraprenurs"
mission statement;
Our Mission at is to
become profitable from
computer programming we have copyrighted
and or patented, worldwide. ;)
News from the Director...
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