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  • OPEN
  • Status=nobreak

    set status before creating

    To get your (Character Quote) cqcode data/contents if lost send image or filename to GDK, or for lost qrcodes use the Lost qrcode image creator below.
    For Post Card Mailing create barcode below with address and message, we affix barcode to post card. Send image to
    USPS post card is 28 cents + a 32 cent sticky tag and recipient can reply with the cqcode or qrcode image...
    Yes, we do verify each images internals are numbered for final verification to change or erase. :)
    Put your self rated, off limits comments, behind cqcode image filenames, Soon required by law. :)
    Multiple uses for cqcode ten digit images...Your new ideas for cqcode are welcomed. :)
    There's no need to fill out the form below. Click Createcqcode NOW :)
  • or Search,,,
  • or To Change,,,
  • or Erase,,,
  • or use the Lost qrcode image creator.
  • API URL list creator.
  • API site, Text search and change.
  • Search text of all API tiny websites in the system.
  • cqcode image text write.
  • qrcode image text write.
  • Erase database element, Admin. demo.
  • Change text in database element, Admin. demo.
  • Change image on database element, Admin. demo. (cqcode 185 X 185 | qrcode 400 x 400)
  • Clone "R" of this site
  • Clone "S" of this site
  • Clone "Y" of this site
  • Add your barcode information to a SQL database
  • Run a 500 roll of barcodes with API files, get our LIVE CD (used offline or on your own server).
  • Start a coupon discount/booking Website For Local Business Owners
  • Use the, Change Link URL rename and shrink, to encode into the qrcodes to redirect the API to your own page if desired.
  • Read cqcode??????????.gif internal for API URL (not for QRcodes)
  • Blue Sticky notes...(drag final image to your computer)
  • Orange Sticky notes...(drag final image to your computer)
  • GDK Money on LIVE CD use of the shrink link base filename and the image filename and API website filename for Home servers image names or personal use :)
  • QueCat™ barcode scan wand and pen, Decoder and S.P.e.C. database.
  • QR decoder from files or URL's select Open and Allow...use file:C: OR full URL
  • Reserved Seating and more...
  • Barcode scanning with your Cell Phone camera and send a pix message to OR
  • Current database
  • Customer Service...
    RSS FEED UPDATES: I have beaten Google so badly to the QR code organizer that they are going after a different thingy and have abandoned QR code development all together. Article... Google Kills Off Those Little Square Codes You Scan With Your Phone Overwhelmingly the comments say Google will never kill off QR squarecodes ... ...
    Name/Referrer URL
    UniqueID cqcode??????????
    Add MAC address(s) then any Memo(USE A12)
    Create API Developer Perl commands.
    Command 2

    Click Createcqcode button NOW

    Working..., Wait for page to load, Thanks.

    To write a 10 second delayed redirect to a URL:

    Make one long line...into the Command form box...

    connect the "refresh" to the content with a space inbetween

    Then in the Command 2 form box input the single short line above...

    when your done inputting put the password to accept the inputs in as the first word in Memo...

    The API creates Perl script on the fly. Perl code and associated tools and documentation allow you to create software application(s) Example: using URL with data and it's Location:redirect runs your scripted pages.

    Created by GDK,©2010
    Length of data/contents =


    Android Scannable QRcode...This image is this sites URL or your image filename, if created.
    Final image is at the bottom of this page, if created...
  • QR-Code AND code 128 Decoder

    Scan/Read qrcode from a URL link or Webcam.
    Free online snapshot, uses your webcam.

    Barcode Software

    Denso-Wave instructions...
    You now must, Save Picture As, cqcode??????????.bmp
    To see Denso-Wave image data/contents use
  • QuickMark, click here
  • Create cqcode image if lost, input filename, click here

    cqcode instructions...
    If you created and got a green lettered cqcode then, Save Background As, cqcode??????????.bmp
  • See, read, scan your cqcode .bmp image data/contents

  • To Change data/contents on an image: Fill in new data/contents above, input the internal 10 letters in Memo, put cqcode?????????? to change data/contents on within UniqueID, create & save the new cqcode??????????.bmp image and internal number 10 Letters, then click here to inform administration.
    To Erase Make a changefile image with the cqcode to change and input the internal 10 letters in Memo and use, To Change link... ((The eraser link is to check if the cqcode image file is still erasable.))

  • this link only works after cqcode creation*

    Size of file is 136 Elements

    Red highlighted filename below is where a change has been made.
    If cqcode is changed, in demo mode, you'll see the filename followed by only a point was changed...
    The .bmp with the old info. is ready for erasure once admin. is informed.(see, To Change, above)

    ##### Trimmed database is printed out upon cqcode creation #####
  • This file is Admin. use only

    These are the Denso-Wave images and cqcode filename Post Cards, created recently...

    Image list, max. length trimmed to 25, over 25 are backed up :), admin. will adjust upwards to thousands if needed...
    24 files found Oldest to Newest
    Image cqcode cqcode1980961253.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1980961249.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1983624851.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1983379559.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1983417545.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1982809041.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1982559029.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1983319150.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1983319590.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1982054221.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode-1667129432.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1981868314.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1983631691.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1983020005.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1980958294.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1983589815.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1980573759.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1982910756.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1980528737.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1980743184.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1980608590.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode-1659626684.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode-1659171780.bmp
    Image cqcode cqcode1983056299.bmp

    Admin. can set width of code 128 if uploaded to use...

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 622, filename cqcode-1659171780.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 611, filename cqcode-1659626684.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 606, filename cqcode-1667129432.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 609, filename cqcode1980528737.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 614, filename cqcode1980573759.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 608, filename cqcode1980608590.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 615, filename cqcode1980743184.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 315, filename cqcode1980958294.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 606, filename cqcode1980961249.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 613, filename cqcode1980961253.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 614, filename cqcode1981868314.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 628, filename cqcode1982054221.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 615, filename cqcode1982559029.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 613, filename cqcode1982809041.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 617, filename cqcode1982910756.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 619, filename cqcode1983020005.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 618, filename cqcode1983056299.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 618, filename cqcode1983319150.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 616, filename cqcode1983319590.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 608, filename cqcode1983379559.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 617, filename cqcode1983417545.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 610, filename cqcode1983589815.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 608, filename cqcode1983624851.bmp

    Hover here disappears, click reappears

    Size 612, filename cqcode1983631691.bmp
    Creation Date Feb 27, 2019 19:18:24 cqcode-1659171780.bmp
    Creation Date Feb 27, 2019 12:52:38 cqcode-1659626684.bmp
    Creation Date Feb 27, 2019 18:39:40 cqcode-1667129432.bmp
    Creation Date Feb 26, 2019 11:25:7 cqcode-1675914416.bmp
    Creation Date Feb 26, 2019 11:3:19 cqcode-1678426364.bmp
    Creation Date Oct 15, 2020 17:17:29 cqcode.bmp
    Creation Date Feb 27, 2019 23:10:24 cqcode1661697992.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679030451.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679060747.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679081810.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679247638.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679270401.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679279496.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679481336.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679481704.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679482077.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679482427.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679482633.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679483673.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1679486034.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1680871710.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1680875175.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1681330137.bmp
    Creation Date Nov 18, 2013 21:10:58 cqcode1681337821.bmp

    Easier printing format for qrcodes, not cqcode OR code 128

    136 elements in Backup database.
  • QR-Code AND code 128 Decoder

    Save Image above and OCR it's filename here
    Single character OCR system

    Write your brand on all your codes when subscribing GDK barcode (c)2011

    GDK barcode (c)2011 Example of flexible customizing for shelf pricing tags

  • Click here To Save the New cqcode image above or if not just created, Page not found

    We save all created images for your use in emergencies since 2/25/11 in URL...

  • Convert .jpg images to .png and or .bmp HERE

    2 Images I use below, your image customizes Your details...(click next image to open in new browser tab)

    Click here, see image

  • Use image above with cqcode image text write.

  • save twice as .jpg and .bmp, Input .jpg image/symbol here online OCR recognizer API URL base ending filename is shown by sending taught/recognized image through OCR at: Read a text image
    Name the image in OCR to when uploading in SYMBOLS LEARNING PROCESS in admin.

    More about your image customization...

    GDK barcode (c)2011Demo image, real image is in CQlabel (Refresh, "repost from data", to see your email stamped)

    On Demo version, refresh this page twice to update images time

    Two horizontal lines (selectable or all) max.12 capital Letters across and vertical max.2 capital letters 12 times vertically across, font changes ok,

    You can convert the .jpg images to any you need (converters widely available, always check your image conversions once saved by running in the application image is for.)

    Saving the .jpg image to .bmp does not mean it is converted properly but it will always work on cqcode image; searches, erasures and changes, it's a design trick.

    So convert the .jpg or .png or .gif and even .bmp images properly to avoid problems with printer drivers.

    True, Most modern printer drivers should know what they are seeing without proper conversions.

    Yes, that also means to convert to the filename type, .bmp and so on, or even the same filename type for double checking purposes (recommended).

    Custom Configurations: As Admin. You will input in into the file called qrcode10.txt the text for the line your writing to.

    You will change the text alignment default and do them both again for the next line, that's it, your barcodes are private labeled.

    Salespeople, On Site Custom Configuration: Remote configurations from a simple SMS text message to GDK is our solution.

    Prices for printing on sticky tags 32 cents each here...

    Official PayPal Seal

    Our business coupon purchase form...


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  • Click here and screen capture a code 128 barcode when a cq or qrcode is created...

  • Click here and screen capture a QRcode when a cq or qrcode is created...

    ((On last two links, use the GDK URL without going elsewhere, to see barcode))

  • All Three named images:
  • Replace letters "aaa" with the URL redirect here...(for private home servers)

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