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Hi! did you scan a qrcode in McDonalds window to get here? Bet you did :)
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This AFFILIATE sells GDK custom software and demonstrates ordering-online to McDonalds Foods...
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Encrypt/Decrypt email ordering, beyond https
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Place order emailer™ for McDonalds Corp.

CosmicSecureFormEmailer For McDonalds Foods

This email program will allow you 5 emails before it stops you sending the sixth. We log your IP address and we can block from: and to: email domains if necessary :( please don't change the ::fromname:: ::/cgi/affiliate/affiliate.cgi?user=gkrug :: areas (auto-writing), Thank you, Webmaster/Vendor GDK.

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Any problems while online please call toll free 1-877-619-2277

In chatroom in 5 minutes, the order will be shown there so, come pick it up please :)

On-line orders will not be prepared until you arrive at express checkout area.

Visa Checkout

Cupids-Line Ordering/Ice Breaker service.

We Like to talk to you by sms texting through anyalert2cell Trust system after sale.

Change email here; Mcdonalds has password.

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