GDK CHANGE LINK...Please input the link to rename and shrink
  • Replace the URL of a previous GDK CHANGE LINK

    For home server using URL to shrink like this...
    Create a blank shrink link by putting three letters, aaa ,in the URL box, get the base filename
    Then you will have the shrink link base filename or use a three named image filename.
    Then get the image filename cqcode1685992261. add a period
    Then get the API URL base filename 1687254645 so the url to shrink looks like this...
    Now go to the: Replace the URL of a previous GDK CHANGE LINK, above...
    put in the letters you used to make the blank shrink link, aaa ,in Name, put the new URL in Company
    put the shrink link base filename in command2 and password in command box
    Click CreateMyLink, encode qrcode with new shrink link URL, scan displays the current home server URL
    and asks for the ten numbers of the API URL base filename, in this example 1687254645 :) goes to API URL
    Or use the to enter the ten numbers to the API URL