50. G 100.!1.!50.Book I50. G 100.!2.!50.Pen I50. G 100.!3.!50.Dog I50. G 100.!3.!50.Dog I-50 G .0001!3.!-50Dog I50.35 G 60.!4.!50.35Cat I-4 G 0.0001!.01!-4 I4. G 4.!1.!4.Mouse IRunning Totals = 200.35 I Change in Doll,Q,D,N,P

Welcome to Cash Register

Open drawer press CTRL+P OR give out our special offer receipt

To subtract input Charge, in Given input .0001, input Invoice (if unknown input .01)

To login input in Charge .001, in Given input .001, in login input Employee number

To Scan, just scan all items into the Invoice Scan/login(s): box and press Calculate.

If you press Calculate before any inputs you must restart the page as a New session.

How much charged, How much given, invoice number

Invoice Scan/login(s):

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Save Daily Tape (Save As, named as today's date)

Create customer record on internet Erase All

Cash Register Image map used with paid version