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freq dir -d ext ---***


method PUT

httpdate Sat, 21 Oct 2017 22:56: +0000
stringToSign PUT Sat,21Oct201722:57:+0000

b64digest <-secret = db+dzuFo8jeRi1Q7I5pj8A <-
b64digest <-stringToSign = 1B2M2Y8AsgTpgAmY7PhCfg <-PUT Sat,21Oct201722:57:+0000
MD5 signature = 1B2M2Y8AsgTpgAmY7PhCfg==
b64 SHA256 signature valid for 15 minutes = Sat,21Oct201722:57:+0000 &Authorization:AWS=:
stringToSign qr code

MD5-2 =

Curl args = -HDate: Sat,21Oct201722:57:+0000-HAuthorization: AWS :-T-XDELETE
Curl not Ok