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A telephone card, calling card or phone card for short, is a small card, usually resembling a credit card, used to pay for telephone services. Such cards can either employ prepaid credit system or credit card style system of credit. The exact system for payment, and the way in which the card is used to place a phone call, depend on the overall telecommunication system. Currently, the most common types of telephone cards involve pre-paid credit in which the card is purchased with a specific balance, from which the cost of calls made is deducted. Pre-paid phone cards are disposable. When the balance is exhausted you simply buy a new card. Cards purchased online can often be refilled. The other main type of card involves a card with a special PIN printed on it that allows one to charge calls to a land-line telephone account. There are principally two core technologies for phonecards: stored-value and remote memory. The first public pre-paid remote memory phonecard was issued in the United States in December, 1980 by Phone Line. As telecom industries around the world became deregulated, remote memory cards were issued in various countries. Remote memory phonecards can be used from any tone-mode phone and do not require special card readers. Since remote memory cards are more accessible and have lower costs, remote memory phonecards have proliferated. But punching in all those numbers every time a call is made is drudgery. Remote memory phonecards are in essence text; requiring an access number, a unique PIN and instructions. Therefore the instructions can be printed on virtually anything, or can be delivered via e-mail or the Internet. Phonecard collecting is known occasionally as telegery in the USA or fusilately in the UK. Source...

All cards collected from being discarded on the street.

This Collection is the largest of it's kind...Last update may.2013

current; pictured 55 frames containing 12 cards each and 1 frame containing 4 cards and 14 frames containing 9 cards.

see duplicates at 15 from top down an "Express Mexico"

8 from top down an "inc"

6 bottom up a "mango"?

11 bottom up an "Express Mexico"?