Response Template for Acquisition of Cloud Computing Services Request for Information (RFI)

Instructions for Completing the RFI Response Template

Please delete the Document Title and Instructions section before submitting your RFI response.

You may insert one (1) cover page specific to your company/agency with any applicable graphics and text.

You may insert a one (1) page response to Question 4b. Acquisition

Your entire response must be contained within one document.

Please populate Tables 1, 3 and 4 with your responses to the questions posed in the RFI. Table 2 is reserved for government agency feedback. For all of the questions, address the specific proposed questions as well as provide any additional suggestions and feedback.


Table 1: Administrative Information





Company/Agency Name

Gerald Daniel Krug


File Name



Page Count (including cover)


Table 2: Questions for Government Agencies





Needs – What are your agency’s cloud outsourcing needs?

Total US population


Needs - Is your agency aware of the services GSA provides in cloud acquisition support?

This area is keyword completed and bookmarked.


Needs - Is your agency utilizing any of these services? e.g. Service Line Planners, Independent Cost Estimate tool, etc.

Load balancing code for production deployment uses 6 round robin url’s bookmarked.

Amazon AWS s3 cloud service is being used to control costs.


Needs Please identify and explain three cloud acquisition support services that you would like to see GSA offer.

Offer Environment packages to support code in cloud languages perl php java html

Offer regional and national cost estimates based upon total population usage levels

Offer entrylevel certifications of code tools available to cloud environmental users


Current Cloud Purchases - Is your agency currently using the IaaS BPA to purchase cloud services?



Current Cloud Purchases - Outside of the BPA, how is your Agency currently purchasing Cloud services?

Through environments similar to (keyword search; “Server2go”) used to prototype cloud code perl php java html on windows operating systems


Barriers to Cloud Acquisition - Please identify three or more significant obstacles that preclude you from procuring and using Cloud services. Please elaborate if appropriate

The software is not able to get national deployment if no news media commercialization.

The software must be easy to explain to non-users as to how to set simple configurations at code level.

Integrators/developers allowed to sandbox ATM machine API’s for national roll-outs


Barriers to Cloud Acquisition - Please identify areas where GSA may be able to help in resolving these barriers.

GSA should be a very commonly seen media advertising type entity addressing easy distribution of cloud code tools and showcase the new innovations.


Contract Types for using Metered Service Payment Structure - Please suggest the acquisition contract type that you believe would best aid Contracting Officers in paying for cloud services as a metered service. (For example: Fixed Cost, Time and Materials, Cost Reimbursement, hybrid, etc.)

Offer the customer API url tools


Cloud Usage and Budget Management - Please propose a suggested structure (process) for monitoring usage and billing to control cloud consumption costs? What staff, skill sets and technology would you need?

Publish a rule within the innovation that requires Customer daily login and do not allow the user access the rest of the day. Simply use code placed as cookie into users computer to block further daily usage after daily login.


Education of acquisition paradigm shift - : Cloud acquisition constitutes a paradigm shift in government IT procurement from “purchasing hardware and software” to a “pay per use” model. How can GSA educate government procurement specialists to better understand the new model to support government wide adoption?

Use the “Server2go” platform on windows to write a cloud code website that guides internet users to the windows based human on staff computers. That way the migration to the cloud of non-cloud software is not needed.


Requirements: If GSA creates a centralized contract, what would you need it to include and in what timeframe?

Immediate certification of media ready coded innovations and flexable timeframes for entry level prototyping.

Table 3: Questions for Industry





Current Challenges: List what barriers you encounter in selling cloud services to government. Examples of potential answers: fixed budget does not allow for usage based billing, contract type, etc.

Coding for widest need requires gathering wish lists that needs to be analyzed first then coded then beta used so then better answering the budgets, billing and type of industries.


Scope of potential acquisition contract: Does your company see value to the Federal Government if GSA created a new Cloud Contract to replace the expiring IaaS BPA? If yes, please specify the benefits.

Benefits include having a full mobile smart phone based developers suite of cloud code tools to create the dynamic websites.


Scope of potential acquisition contract: What cloud product and service categories (e.g. Lots, CLINs, etc.) would your company propose for a new acquisition contract?

Teach every citizen how to use a website hosting cloud service.


Flexibility: Given that cloud products and services are rapidly changing, what process or structure would your company propose for the acquisition contract to keep current with industry

Best practices by every industry published daily in the cloud.


Flexibility: How would you suggest that awarded solutions be “updated” based on a technology change and pricing?

Require awarded solutions vendors to daily publish known or suggested or related Best Practices articles found online by using push type alerting.


Acquisition Structure: What would you propose as the easiest and most cost effective way for government to offer cloud solutions to all Federal Agencies?

Guide Federal Agencies by using a dynamic website to offer solutions based on a submitted response form. Allow three weeks for responses by the webmasters.


Acquisition Structure: What has significantly changed (since the initial 2010 launch of the IaaS BPA) in the Cloud market that might impact how agencies procure cloud services?

Security of files in the cloud has been a prime concern.

Since Federal Agencies have staff security is less a factor since sensitive data can be stored offline. Price wars by Big Data has lowered costs while hiding true cost estimates if an innovation is used Nationally.


Acquisition Structure: Provide a one page mock-up of a proposed acquisition contract design that would allow agencies to easily understand how they need to purchase cloud products and services, while at the same time allowing your company to easily match agency requirements to the design of the acquisition contract. For example: how would you apply or modify your commercial pricing structure

Html website with drop down selector to contact correct industry specialist and

Indicate that specialists current cost to simply suggest a cloud environment with national cost estimates based on daily login to upload one page usage only.


Professional Services: What additional professional services would you propose in a new cloud acquisition contract, to provide Federal Agencies with a comprehensive and complete solution under one contract?

If consumers need the solution as well as the Agency a website guide for users is needed.

Users of the Agency software within the Agency also need short courses.


Aggregated Discounts: Would your company support government wide volume discounts by aggregating at the CLIN (contract line item number) level government wide? (i.e. once a certain dollar threshold is met for a CLIN, all government agencies would receive a percent volume discount) Explain how this would be accomplished.

Using an existing system like paypal to produce reports and publish current discounts


Consistent Acquisition Methodology: Can GSA modify or change how it buys and sells cloud services to be more consistent with how solutions are structured and sold commercially within the limitations of the FAR?

Blog of published Best Practices with FAR representatives .


General Feedback: Does your company have any other general feedback about a new GSA centralized cloud contract?

Contract must be published along with Best Practices by all industries in the cloud

Table 4: General Company Information





Provide the primary North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code that your company utilizes for providing cloud computing.

NAICS Code 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services


Identify any GSA Schedule or other GSA contract with government-wide access (e.g., GWAC or BPA) on which your company currently holds an award.