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    Reasons to BUY GDK stock NOW!

    Current P/E ratio of \\$8.45- low in any sector, unseen in known

    service companies. Increasing brand recognition and security system market share. Ever-present demand for car security. Strong product lines and responsible execution: "The Program Begins", ready to ship the day it was announced csswitch again, ready to ship the day it was announced. Highest quality since csswitch guaranteed 50,000 depressions and cell phones need a large variety of small screen programs. No earnings/revenue warnings in last year. \\$100,000,000 earnings estimates for last four quarters – five year

    projected growth in EPS is 5% per quarter. A golden third quarter, in which: Earnings per share \\$.64 ,(10% above estimates), Brought EPS for fiscal 2000 to \\$1.83 compared to a loss of $1.32 for the

    same time frame in fiscal 1999. Gross Margins rose to 47% from 28.4% in 1999. A strong balance sheet showing: Total debt to capitalization fell from 38.9% to 30.9%. Operating cash flow is on the rise.

    GDK Attaches this code 39 bar to stock certificates for authenticity

    PHI = 1.61803398874989 squared = 2.61803398874988

    Auth# CUSIP# "U xxxxx xx x"



    GDK Electronics brand of products-

    Persons interested in purchasing shares of the Common Stock of GDK Electronics (the "Shares") must complete and return this Subscription Agreement along with their check or money order to:

    GDK Electronics brand of products 5552
    Sherman Oaks,California 91413

    If and when accepted by GDK Electronics(the "Company"), this Subscription Agreement shall constitute a subscription for shares of Common Stock, \\$2.61 par value per share, of the Company. The minimum investment is \\$500 (110 Shares). The maximum investment, subject to waiver by the Company, is \\$52,200 (20,000 Shares).

    An accepted copy of this Agreement will be returned to you as your receipt, and a stock certificate will be issued to you shortly thereafter.

    Method of Payment: Check or money order payable to Gerald D.Krug

    I hereby irrevocably tender this Subscription Agreement for the purchase of ________ Shares at \\$2.61 per Share. With this Subscription Agreement, I tender payment in the amount of \\$________ ($2.61 per Share) for the Shares subscribed.

    In connection with this investment in the Company, I represent and warrant as follows:
    a. Prior to tendering payment for the Shares, I received the Company's Offering Circular dated September 30, 1996.
    b. I am a bona fide resident of the state of _________________________.

    Please register the Shares which I am purchasing as follows:

                Name: __________________________________________________________

    As (check one):

    Individual Tenants-in-Common Existing Partnership
    Joint Tenants Corporation Trust
    Minor with adult custodian under the Uniform Gift to Minors Act

    For the person(s) who will be registered shareholder(s):

    Street address
    Social Security or Taxpayer ID number
    City                                   State                       Zip
    Date of birth
    Please indicate how you became aware of this stock offering:  _______________________________________


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