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Get your Ref.# to earn 33% on all sales.

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    mfg upc 208679


    604 202361 csswitch

    60 202378 instant kill

    61 202385 factory set timer

    614 202392 adjustable timer


    Hi-tech industry manufacturer GDK is now seeking motivated
    individuals with entrepreneurial drive for U.S. and
    Canadian expansion. Huge compensation benefits program
    GDK has an immediate need to hire you! and
    is willing to train and develop even non-experienced
    individuals in local markets. Now you can have your
    very own part-time or full-time business backed with
    full company support and start up capitol if needed
    and work right from the comfort of your home.  Create
    your own hours!
    You will soon discover GDK has
    developed a proprietary technology that helps solve a
    common problem that up to 82% or more population
    suffers from and helps solve it quickly and easily in
    a 5+ billion dollar untapped marketplace.
    Candidate characteristics:
    * Strong work ethic required.
    * Honesty and integrity expected.
    * Management / leadership skills helpful, but not
    * No sales experience expected or needed. (Product
    sells itself!)
    Qualified candidates get huge benefits:
    * No Commuting. Work from home environment.
    * P/T or F/T positions available.
    * Create your own schedule and hours.
    * National/International all expense paid vacations,
    business or pleasure.
    * Profit sharing program.
    * Uncapped commissions and bonuses.
    * Personal one-on-one training by top company leaders.
    * Proven step-by-step marketing system (No cold
    * Up to 99.0% start up funding available if needed.
    LOCAL POSITIONS WILL GO FAST.  Interested parties
    should respond IMMEDIATELY!
    Receive a FREE information pack including an
    audiocassette and corporate video on this amazing
    hi-tech product and how YOU CAN START MAKING
    MONEY with it now!!
    Contact:Gerald D. Krug, GDK electronics
   5552 Sherman Oaks,CA.91413
    To be removed from future mailings, click on reply and type
    REMOVE in the subject line.
    I can help you make a cash income in the next 12 months from HOME
    using a library Internet information system. I‘ve done it and it was fun.
    Let me ask, are you willing to follow simple step-by-step instructions and put
    forth the work and effort necessary to make this a reality starting today?
    If your answer is YES, then we need to talk.
    I have many available positions left on my GDK team and it’s to my benefit to
    train you for success. In fact, I'm so sure that I can do so, I'm willing to put
    my money where my mouth is!
    Upon accepting you as a member on my team, I will provide you with
    complete professional training, advertising assistance and a cash flow
    website to put you immediately on the road to success. There is no
    technical experience necessary.... however, you must have TWO
    very important qualities: Moderate people skills(helping others) and a take
    charge attitude for a personal and financial change.
    If you’re serious about getting freedom back in your lifestyle, take a moment
    to leave a message on the GDK office voicemail so we can get you the details.
                                         1(877) 619-2277
    To your success!
    To be removed from future mailings, click on reply and type
    REMOVE in the subject line.

    Welcome Entrapreneur,

    The GDK ss60 series of fine systems are only

    effective if a relationship exists and grows

    between you,the dealer and the buyers.

    The criminals must believe that these systems

    are being purchased.You,the buyers and dealers are

    on the front line to make the face to face

    crime of carjacking stop.

    That is the selling point.Proof that our system

    is effective is from the fact that any number of

    system configurations are possible thus stopping

    criminals from finding patterns and developing

    counter-measures to our "Hidden reset/trig.& valet"

    and soon "Company only reset" policy.

    Contact Auto Alarm and stereo installing companies

    in your area and offer systems Via Posters,

    window painting,brochures,free samples etc.

    Obtain systems wholesale from GDK for re-sale.Get

    dealers re-sale license number or sell full retail plus tax.

    Suggest dealers make profit from install not retail.

    Operate customer service phone number 9-5 M-F.

    Be able to learn common install problems from GDK

    so returns are reduced.

    Charge 22% of sale price for "money back" restocking.

    Do not order systems from GDK for stock on hand because

    GDK operates on a "just in time" manufacturing process.

    To reduce "buyers remorse" offer a used system sales

    program.Advertise previously owned systems in store.

    Explain units are still under full warranty and insured

    against failure to protect the user registered with GDK.

    Customers send any returns for warranty work themselves to GDK.

    Installers must not install systems the same ways when

    it comes to reset,valet and K.F.C.I."csswitch" placements.

    Plan installs with buyers and see them actually use it them selves.

    Customers must be read and do a safety procedure if using ss614 about false triggers.

    Offer units in schematic,kit or completed form.

    Point out that GDK is the only "Green" electronics Manufacturer.

    Franchise owners are issued a franchise number

    to link to GDK for ordering and extra info. by writing the number in the


    Installation instructions for the stealth remote starter csswitch

    are available on-line.Learn to build the csswitch for a \\$3.00 discount on each.

    Salespeople must join

  • vvault.coms' FAXING services

    to get the public GDK marketing materials,sellers fax to clients,in the USA.

    Franchisers and investors are added to the "see the data base" link on the GDK Home page.

    New franchise outlets;prints out GDK Poster,get ref# number,orders on-line,learns to build,

    checks their URL for current GDK billing.

    Remember GDK will prosecute any unauthorized sales as counterfeit so (order with ref#) on every sale,

    especially if building,so put the GDK ref# number on the invoices.