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  • MyCron...click here.

    If you would like a MyCron reminder service

    Send your email address to me at gdk@geraldkrug.com

    I will send you a one time email to explain

    the available options the system offers to you.

    You will need a web site monitoring service

    to check your MyCron every 15 minutes.

    We use this service...

  • "EasyCron" Click here...

    The monitor must accept checking .cgi web sites.

    Once I accept your order for a free MyCron

    all you need to do is send me the date

    and any comments for important reminders using MyCron.

    If you would like MyCron on your own Unix server

    running with Perl 5.006 aka 5.6.0 then make a

  • donation here and I'll send you a download link.