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    The Party Line is an all electronic TWO-WAY Party Line .Tape delayed for users appointment times.For best results call often. Fully eraseable and holds user/host posted messages in private,public and host boxes. To get a working system email GDK Electronics.The old system operated by pressing 0,1,1,2,1,1,#,(the phone#)#.Verbally request a private box by giving a four digit number,zero first not allowed,and when you call back in a few hours,press 0,1,your four digit number and # and (the phone #) and #.You'll get instructions to post messages your callers can recieve by using your four digit number. To hear messages left on the public box call (the phone #) when it answers,press 0,1,1,2,1,1,#(the phone #)#, and post a message there as well... The first time you access your box you will be told,from The host Flying Saucer,how to post messages in other boxes and uses,tips ect. Partylines' "A-list" of fun people:Debbie TracyLords Angelyne SlyStallone MarlinBrando LiLBear Sonny CrazyJasmine Michael-NOHO RockinRon TomKat EncinoMan Samantha QueenGrumpie Michelle PartylineWoman Cristie Dolores BillytheLoser Oldcadger LeatherGod DMLboys KathyBarkley Marion John999 Linda Jason bigstupidbob marci xenia spin xxx Dalmation Angel (more later) Most popular Flying Saucerism "SAW THAT WOODY,SAW THAT WOODY,BREAK IT OFF." 1/14/2001 ANGELYNES' sighting of The Flying Saucer. KMETs' Mike Harrison is not GOD.The Flying Saucer predicted,to Jim Ladd,he would speak last on Harrisons'show,line M,following a lady talking about Pyramids,was just icing on the cake. A"Third Kind"encounter,lightbeam to F.S. left eye,on a Mount Wilson tower,

    from the mirror orb of the celestial concourse completes the vision of the leader of the Bahai Faith that F.S. is GOD,GAD. Partyline began from old cb radio recordings and got F.S. on KIEV AM radio Los Angeles via Lil Bear. Then a phone system was developed that soon occured to the saucer could be used in a two-way fashion.Small cards with tear off phone numbers got distributed for 30 days and PartyLine began.The main theme was an ET that LOVES to party and the callers soon realized a party show is what they were doing.This show lasted over 2 years.Highlights were recorded and it is available for \$19.95 edited or uncensored.The new Partyline system will be on with the GDK Grand Opening. Also Check out "Gads' Diary and Music '79-'04".The material will be used to create shows and run commercials that will advertise GDK Electronics.

    You think I'm CRAZY???

    So is everyone else NOW!

    Led Zeppelin- How many more times

    Ted Nugent- Stranglehold

    The Pretenders- Chain Gang

    The Flying Saucers CB radio..

    The game begins with your avatar dressed in rags.Based on amount of 
    participation you earn gold to buy new clothes...
    Page 32-37 of Gaia Highschool, Role playing game
    Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 1:08 pm     
     Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    Pegasus sits on a bench outside of the school and starts to read her book. 
    [sees pegasus reading her book on one of the benches alex cames up and sits 
    down next to her] ha im alex     
    Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 1:08 pm     
     Pegasus looks up from her book and looks around. Then she turns back to her 
    book not seeing anyone.     
    Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 1:11 pm     
     ((and now i have to leave again later))     
    Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 1:13 pm     
     kiara9963284 Wrote: 
    Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    Pegasus sits on a bench outside of the school and starts to read her book. 
    [sees pegasus reading her book on one of the benches alex cames up and sits 
    down next to her] ha im alex 
    ((see you later. is anyone on???)) 
    "Hey, I'm Pegasus" She said shortly looking at the girl. 'I wonder if she will 
    be the one asking for my homework all year. I hope not.'     
    Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 1:20 pm     
     ((well i g2g also. i'll be on monday though. hope its picked up by then.))     
    Come and join my site plz.  questing for a book.  
    Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 9:43 am     
     hello ppl any one on     
    Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 10:40 am       
     Hi can I join?      
    Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 10:48 am     
     flying_saucer Wrote:
    Hi can I join?  
    Read front page!!!!     
    Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 10:57 am       
     Seeing no-one around I made myself comfortable in the quad area to think 
    about Peg.She had 3rd period right now and as a senior I only had one class,P.E.
    at 6th period.I would of sat in my car in the half empty parking lot but a 
    glimpse of Peg going to 4th period wasn't possible from there. 
    I guess I was stalking her in a way but we knew eachother from off campus so 
    it wasn't like I was a total stranger to her.She waves when she sees me,I smile.
    Wow,she's so smart and has so many friends.I had that in my last school but we 
    had to move cause my dad stopped playing pro ball in that city. 
    I'm so pathetic.Peg will be better off without a wanna be in her group of 
    I don't know what to do.Of all the kids here she stands out and I wish I could 
    offer her something that she dosen't already have. 
    I love a challenge but this seems to be impossible.How can I rise to be her 
    best friend?Well I'll just wish a wish and maybe... Oh! theres the bell 
    ending 3rd period.     
    Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:02 am       
     Una comes up and shows me the latest issue of the school news paper.I thanked 
    her, she was the first person I met when I arrived here.     
    Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:05 am     
     flying_saucer Wrote: 
    underground_angel comes up and shows me the latest issue of the school news 
    paper.I thanked her, she was the first person I met when I arrived here. 
    ((dude thats like god modding!))     
    Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:08 am       
     Ubers then arrives.He's so cool and I get on my knees to him in school respect 
    since he donates lots of cash to the football team.     
    Flying_saucer saying it....  
    Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:09 am     
     ((gah add him to your ignore list lisa so he cant post here))     
    Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:15 am     
     ubersquirrel666 Wrote: 
    ((gah add him to your ignore list lisa so he cant post here)) 
    ((He seems alright to me except for he never posted a characture sheet..))     
    Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:16 am     
     ubersquirrel666 Wrote: 
    underground_angel Wrote: 
    ubersquirrel666 Wrote: 
    underground_angel Wrote: 
    ubersquirrel666 Wrote: 
    ((gah add him to your ignore list lisa so he cant post here)) 
    ((He seems alright to me except for he never posted a characture sheet..)) 
    ((he's controlling other characters, he made your character go up and give him 
    a paper, and he said that mine donates money to the football team wich i 
    would'nt be caught dead doing that)) 
    ((meh if he does it again ill do something leave him alone hes just a poor 
    little n00b)) 
    ((noob or not, noobs are the ultimate evil, they'll bring about the end of the 
    ((I think he left anyways.))     
    Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:36 am     
     ((NOOBS AGAIN)))     
    Help Me Get New stuff so I dont look like a slave 
    Cheap Trades Are Nice Donations Are Nicer:)  
    Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 1:10 pm       
    apperance:Image hosted by 
    Personality:max. shyness 
    I'm new, please excuse my offences.I used the wrong names.      
    Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 7:18 pm     
     ((no one ever comes here  ))     
    Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 9:32 pm     
     underground_angel Wrote: 
    ((no one ever comes here  )) 
    Or sticks around and makes a story out of it.     
    Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 9:40 pm     
     Username: "Doodlez" 
    Name: Doodie 
    Age: 14 
    Appearance: CLASS --> 
    IN DORM --> 
    Gender: Female!!!  
    Personality: Sweet-smiles girl with a gorgeouse smile;Normaly shes very kind 
    but when it comes to burning off steem she normaly burns it off on who ever 
    she lays her eyes on first..  
    *She finishes filling out her papers and walks out of the Office*    
    I wuv you all <3<3<3  
    Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 9:47 pm     
     Da_Doodleschick Wrote: 
    Username: "Doodlez" 
    Name: Doodie 
    Age: 14 
    Appearance: CLASS --> 
    IN DORM --> 
    Gender: Female!!!  
    Personality: Sweet-smiles girl with a gorgeouse smile;Normaly shes very kind 
    but when it comes to burning off steem she normaly burns it off on who ever 
    she lays her eyes on first..  
    *She finishes filling out her papers and walks out of the Office* 
    *Long whistle* "What a cutie" Ken said from outside Doodie's window, above 
    which he was hanging upside down.     
     Kentasko's Crew 
    Join the battle for Middle Earth.  
    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 2:18 am       
     But then like the sun shining through a rainy day Peg walks out of hall 5 
    after her 3rd period class and sees me looking right at her.Startled she gives 
    the usual wave and I smile and look at the news that Una gave me.     
    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 8:49 am       
     Instead I see Ubers feet and I quickly look up seeing him as he says,
    "Earth to new guy,what's your name?" They call me Fly."Who calls you Fly?" 
    My family does,it's a funny story too um, "Hold up,funny stories later.
    I heard your dad plays pro football." How'd you know? 
    "He talks about his son FLY in a few articles I've read." 
    Oh,I know,my dad n' I are really alot alike. 
    "So do you wanna play football with G.High?" um,no,not really. 
    "Ok,but I'm not done with you yet,late." Later.     
    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 8:57 am       
     I watch him disappear into the chaos between 3rd and 4th period and then 
    I get "THAT FEELING".It's like a deadness of mind and I know it means 
    I must go find new or known dimentions where "ME MAGIC" is or I get sucked 
    into the dark-side.So I feel for my spirit guides to direct me.
    I have one inside and one outside of me.I hear the inside say, 
    "Fly you've got to go register for work experience credits in room 61.
    "But as I look around at all the students going in every direction the 
    outside says,"one of these students has "ME MAGIC" for you too."     
    Flying_saucer saying it....  
    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 9:19 am     
     ((you guys i'm lost so i'm not gonna rp on here unless i can figure out 
    whats going on so sdoes someone wanna explain if not thats     
    Come and join my site plz.  questing for a book.  
    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 10:39 am     
     Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    ((you guys i'm lost so i'm not gonna rp on here unless i can figure out whats 
    going on so sdoes someone wanna explain if not thats 
    I don't think there really is a plot in here. It's just a high school. 
    No, if the officiator of this thing would like to throw in some random events 
    it might be fun.     
    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 11:13 am     
     Name: Smartie 
    Age: 15 
    Grade: 11 
    Personality: Geeky, Know-it-all, opinionated (sp?), loves to debate, kind, 
    thoughtful... temper....     
    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 11:14 am     
     What must I do next???     
    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 11:25 am     
    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 7:00 pm       
     So I look around at all the students going every which way through the quad.
    I see 
    Abercrombie & Fitch, Element, A.eagle, Sean John, Misfits, Beatles, Blondie, 
    Ramones, Nirvana, Sashes, Felix the Cat, G unit, Sport jerseys, Betty Boop, 
    Tinker Bell, Tweety Bird, Sequece belts, Stud belts, Painted back packs, 
    Patches, Checker board shoes, Buttons, Torn jeans, Baggy pants, Tight pants, 
    Low cut, High tops, Louis vittan purses, Chains to wallets, Phones, Ipods, 
    Crazy hair, Shall I go on?....I just wear Doors shirts or sport jerseys and 
    blue jeans 
    but believe it or not I stand out in my own way, no tats, no pierces,thats just 
    me,but I see no "ME MAGIC" really......yet.     
    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 7:54 pm       
     Within minutes the quad goes empty and 4th period begins. 
    I get up and go find room 61.Upon entering I see I'm last in line to get to 
    the councellor there.I sit down and look at the school news again.The mast 
    head is Roman in design and the issue number is 6 volume 1.I scan the pages 
    and notice 
    major articles by Dads,a girl.Tas,a boy and Arts,a girl.Well, there's a little 
    "ME MAGIC". I'm in room 61 reading issue 6-1.Things run in three's for me so 
    I'm very aware of any signs with 6 and 1 in it for awhile.The school paper is 
    pushing football try-outs and cheer leader try-outs.I think, Peg dosent have a 
    football player in her life but my dad dosen't want me to go that route in life.
    Last years football team went 6 wins and 1 loss. Boom, there it is, the third 6,1.     
    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 8:17 pm     
    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 8:55 pm       
     Meanwhile Peg, my most attracting female entity, is in a battle to be the 
    best attractor she can be, like we all do. Peg's got someone that has her in a 
    strange position and if I could know her better I'd tell her to escape the 
    dark-side she isn't escaping from.I know, sometimes it's easier said than done.
    Especially when you have to be dependent for your life supports. 
    If only I could get the miracle web site done.I'd just hand her the template 
    and she could fill in the rest and make her own money. Then I'd be the best 
    friend she ever had and ever will need,but I don't yet know that, my spirit 
    guides do.     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 7:39 am       
     meanwhile in a coaches football meeting... 
    Ubers is giving a plan about the up-coming football season. 
    "I'm telling you guys this kid Fly is the answer to a 7 and 0 winning season 
    for us." 
    "And probabily All State, who knows, Nationals even." 
    Coach Hardaway chimes in,"You can't win football games without a certain 
    amount of intimidation power, but, a rumor? I want the other teams to fear 
    our solid execution of plays and strength." 
    Ubers-"That's your job coach but I want the other teams to think it isn't 
    in their best interest to beat us,like it will effect their future Pro plans 
    if they try too hard against us." 
    Hardaway-"Well,that's your job Ube, but no unethical tricks and I don't want 
    anybodies reputation hurt,namely Fly or his dad,clear?" 
    Ubers-"Ok,yeah. Cool,cool."     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 7:54 am     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 7:59 am       
     Back in room 61. 
    Fly is overhearing some students talking... 
    "You know she loves that school paper job but she loves parties more." 
    "Una always invites the Abercrombies and they get people crazy with all their 
    Devil talk.""Everybody listens, you gotta admit their interesting."
    "Well I don't see glorifying drugs and sex because of the, we're actually 
    nothing anyway excuse." 
    "But if the aliens can't understand us enough to help us then it's over.
    The oil will run out and that's it.So PARTY ON!""I still think the computers 
    will be able to absorbe us all into it and we won't need hardly any energy to 
    exist forever.""Whatever, it's still freedom.If you never die then nothing 
    kills ya so PARTY ON!""You must be an Abercrombie or at least a convert."
    "shut up.""I'll see Una 5th period."     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 8:36 am     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 9:10 am     
     ((I'm so confused about whats going on so I'll just start over with my person 
    if thats ok. I hope it is tell me if its not.)) 
    Name: Pegasus Ventrice 
    Age: 16 
    Grade: 11th 
    Personality: Keeps to herself. Not to many friends. She doesn't put up with 
    peoples crap. She might come off as a jerk but doesn't really want to deep down 
    inside. More will be revealed.     
    Come and join my site plz.  questing for a book.  
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 10:35 am     
     smartass162005 Wrote: 
    Kentasko Wrote: 
    smartass162005 Wrote: 
    Steps out of School Bus and stares, wide-eyed at my new new school. I hope 
    against hope that I'll get new friends quickly; taking a deep breathe I take a 
    step up the School path towards, what I figure as, trouble. 
    Taking the last step, I look back and notice the Bus has left and I was left 
    alone. I clutch my suitcase tightly and look up and down the fields that 
    stretch on eitherside of the ancient building. I notice a sign. I squinted at 
    it, and read out loud: 
    "Do not throw stuff at this sign!"
    This amuses me in a way that I wonder if the sign had been there in the first 
    place, would people throw stuff at it? I notice the slight dents in the white 
    Wheres the welcome partaaaaaai anyway?"  
    Walking along the rooftops, Ken looks down at the front of the building as a 
    bus speeds away. He spots a girl looking at the sigins in the front and stops. 
    "Heh heh heh." He chuckles to himself. "This school is full of so many pretty 
    girls." He crouches on the end of the roof, his toes dangling several stories 
    up in the air. "This place just might get interesting." 
    Sensing someones stares Smartie looks up to see a boy dangling from the roof 
    top. Smartie raises an eyebrow. 
    Noticing that he had been spotted, Ken backs up a pace, then hops and flips 
    off the building, freefalling to the ground until he reaches a flag pole 
    halfway down. He grabs it on his side, letting his momentum swing him around, 
    and flies to another flag on the lower floor. Swinging back and forth, 
    Ken turns himself around and jumps for the canopy of a nearby tree, 
    hoping to catch a branch. He does, and it breaks! He falls down the tree, 
    bumping into branch after branch, and finally snags on a twig by the back of 
    his shirt. Despite the cuts and bruises, he looks to the newcomer, waves, and 
    says in a cheery, almost giddy voice, "Welcome."     
     Kentasko's Crew 
    Join the battle for Middle Earth.  
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 10:40 am       
     ((I guess do your own thing here)) 
    No-one is talking now and everyone in the room has got head phones on. 
    I'm thinking about what I've just heard but Peg is my main obsession. 
    I wonder what she would think about all that? 
    I don't think Peg's a party person.I wish I could come up with a computer 
    program to save the world.I've heard it's the nefilum that want to destroy the 
    universe.They do it by getting everyone to blindly follow beauty over brains.
    I see it happening in this world today.It's not what you know, it's if you are 
    T.V. ready. 
    Peg is definitly made for T.V. but does T.V. want any brains to come out of her? 
    Man, It's getting confusing to create a life.Oh,It's my turn,Cool I'm outa here.
    Flying_saucer saying it....  
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 10:56 am       
     So I leave after registering for work experience credits and head out to the 
    quad area again to wait for Peg.I've been given alot of information today and 
    I sit and think what it all could be asking me to do.Then up comes Dads and 
    introduces herself to me saying,"I hear you are a pro football players son.
    Will you do an interview for the school news?" No way,please, I'm just a normal 
    kid! "Well I think with a sensative article I could save you from alot of heart 
    ache,see I know there are some people already talking about using you for their 
    own benefit." Oh, *&^%^% no! What do you suggest?"Actually you should go to a 
    private school,but may be that's the angle we need.How about we say that your 
    experience with private schools is that they are so against normal people it 
    makes you sick and that you want a normal life here at G High?"     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 11:08 am       
     Do you really think people will let me be if you say that?"Yes I do.
    I could go to the school shrink and get his take on student peer pressures,
    predjudices and laws against harassment."WoW! sounds good,but I don't want to 
    seem untouchable. 
    Well I'll conclude that you are going to be at Unas' party and would love to 
    meet new friends there." 
    I think to my-self.Would that get Peg to the party?I could just be my-self and 
    form a click and be cool,bing bang boom. 
    Okay,go for it."Oh my Gosh!Cool.I'll show you the story before we go to press."     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 4:15 pm     
     (( any one on))     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 4:53 pm     
     ((I'm on.))     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 4:58 pm     
     Name: Mike aka Diablo 
    Age: 16 
    Grade: 11 
    Apperance: Avatar 
    Personality: Joker/Kind to friends/Not so kind to enemies     
    You Don't Have A Fluffy Tail 
    You Don't Have Squirrelly Wrath 
    You Just Build To Destroy 
    While I Collect Some Nuts 
    And You All 
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 5:04 pm     
     Pegasus sat on a bench and watched as people walked by. 'Its too sunny here.' 
    Pegasus stood up and moved to under a tree where it was much darker and 
    continued to watch people pass.     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 5:09 pm     
     [ alex opened her locker and pulled out her binders and stuff closes the lock 
    and walks down hall to her first period]     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 5:19 pm     
     ((sry but i have 2 go. i'll b on tomarrow i hope.  ))     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 6:40 pm     
    my rp character 
    I pledge alligence to the flag that michael jackson is a fag.he used to play 
    with little toys,now he plays with little boys  
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 7:09 pm       
     All of a sudden a group arrives and seems to be looking for a good spot in 
    the quad.One I'll call xx, cause of her t-shirt, sets up a camera.The others 
    form a line for a picture. They becon to me to help push the camera button. 
    The 4th period bell rings and chaos erupts.Someone else runs up to snap the 
    picture.I see Peg and she is surrounded by a bunch of people.She seems to be 
    in a hurry so I can't tell her what has happened today since she is a part of 
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 7:15 pm     
     [ alexs friends start following her all around talking about celerties and 
    boys and there topic alex and how she needed a guy and a cat and ..... 
    on and on]     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 7:25 pm       
     5th period begins and I go to my car for awhile.I'll take a quick nap.
    I'm over-loaded with the days events.I set my cell phone alarm and doze off 
    but I soon wake by a tap on my window. 
    "Hey,You got a light dude." I see a what looks like a school narc. patrolling 
    the parking lot but why ask me for a light.I know the game.He is fishing for 
    some reason to suspect me of something.Ha,I'll mess with him.Yeah I got a light.
    You wanna share a joint with me?I see his eyes light up.I don't have any weed.
    I just want to reverse his game on him."You got some grass on you right now?
    "It's obvious he's sizing me up for the kill so I say,not on me here but I got 
    a pound in my friends locker.Wanna buy some too?He looks like he is gonna have 
    a heart attack now."Yea man I've been looking for a connect for ever in this 
    school.I'll wait here.How long you gonna be?" 
    Oh, 10 minutes man.what do you want? 20 40 I won't bother bringing any more 
    than a pipe load for less.He stammers at my question."Uh,well I got 20. 
    yea 20's cool." 
    Ok, I 'll be right back.Wait in the quad. I lock the car and go.He'll be 
    waiting for awhile.I'll watch him squirm from the 2nd floor over the Quad.     
    Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 7:36 pm       
     As I'm watching from above, a girl comes up from behind me and scares the 
    heck out of me."sorry"she says as I put my heart back into my chest.Hi I say,
    I'm just watching that guy down below.He thinks I am going to sell him a 20 
    but I'm just seeing if he's a narc."That's so mean." Well he came up to me so 
    I decided to teach him that I'm wise to his games. "What if he's cool?" 
    Then he will talk to me later and I'll reveal my game on him.He'll dig it.
    I've done this to people before. 
    "My name is K,what's yours?" Fly.     
    Flying_saucer saying it....  
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 8:04 am     
     ((I'm lost what class is it?))     
    Come and join my site plz.  questing for a book.  
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 8:17 am     
     Name: Ex 
    Age: 150 
    Gender: F 
    Personality: Very moody 99% of the time. Keeps to her self and trys not to get 
    into anything that has nothing to do with her self. 
    Marital Status: Single 
    Sexual Preference: Bi 
    Race: Vampire angels 
    Bio: Her father was an angel who loved the good things that day brught, Her 
    mother was a vampire who lived only for the night, blood, pain, and death. 
    It was said long ago that Essence Xitin would bring the night and day world 
    togeather sum day, that her being born would bring about peace in the lands of 
    Demons and things unspoken of. but Ex has yet to figer out what she has to do. 
    She left home 100 years ago when her mother was staked in the heart by hunters. 
    And ever since then took up a new life. Now she travles the lands and stays 
    only a short while before moveing on. 
    Dorm #: 3 
    Weapons:  throwing stars 
    Powers: teleport, telekinesis, flying, Night     
    *~Bisexual and proud~* 
    Some times being on Gaia makes my I.Q Go down. 
    Yuri Yaoi Mixer Bar  
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 1:44 pm       
     Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    ((I'm lost what class is it?)) 
    flying_saucer Wrote: 
    ((Fly isn't in class.He is hanging around on school grounds waiting to go to 
    6th period P.E. It's currently 5th period.)) 
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 1:53 pm       
     I'm getting "THAT FEELING." We'll I'm gonna go, I've had my fun with this. 
    Maybe I'll see you at Unas' party,bye. 
    I'm thinking. wow! if Peg would of seen that exit from an obvious in with a 
    fine baby she'd love me much more.Oh well,Girls have secret esp between 
    I believe.They say alot when they seem to be saying nothing,so I know Peg will 
    get the message.     
    Flying_saucer saying it....  
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:02 pm     
     flying_saucer Wrote: 
    Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    ((I'm lost what class is it?)) 
    flying_saucer Wrote: 
    ((Fly isn't in class.He is hanging around on school grounds waiting to go to 
    6th period P.E. It's currently 5th period.)) 
    Pegasus sat in fifth. She was so bored. She stared out the window hoping 
    someone would come by and save her from this madness. 'I need to find some 
    friends. And somewhere to go when I don't go to class. Oh well maybe this year 
    I'll go to all my classes. Yeah right!' Pegasus laughed quitely to herself.     
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:04 pm     
     [ alex sits in her desk bored out of her mind tapping her pencile on the wood 
    and humming the teacher had no idea]     
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:26 pm     
     kiara9963284 Wrote: 
    Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    kiara9963284 Wrote: 
    Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    Pegasus continued to sit there. She wasn't hearing a word the teacher was 
    saying. She pulled out a peice of paper and began to doodle. 'I'm so board! 
    I wonder when this class gets out.' Pegasus looked at the clock. 'You have got 
    to be kidding me. It gets out in five minutes. Thats to long!' 
    [ looks at the girl next to her] tell me about it 
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:42 pm     
     kiara9963284 Wrote: 
    Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    kiara9963284 Wrote: 
    Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    kiara9963284 Wrote: 
    Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    "Huh? Oh." Pegasus looked over at the girl. 'She looks nice. Not what I'm into 
    mostly but if she will help me skip class what do I care?' Pegasus thought to 
    [smile] im alex 
    Come and join my site plz.  questing for a book.  
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:45 pm     
     Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    kiara9963284 Wrote: 
    Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    kiara9963284 Wrote: 
    Pegasus_Ventrice Wrote: 
    "Oh. I'm Pegasus." Pegasus didn't smile back at her. She hardly trusted anyone 
    who could smile anymore. Her life had been too full of pain to smile much 
    do you like hate me or some thing [ looks puzzled] 
    "Huh? Oh no. I don't hate you. I hate the world." Pegasus was doodling again. 
    It was true she hated the world. She secretly hoped that a guy would come 
    along and show her that there was some good in the world. 
    that sucks [nodding her head] 
    [turns attenion away from the girl and starts packing up to] 
    "Not really. You get used to it I guess." Pegasus heard the one minute bell 
    ring. She started to pack up her things. 
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:46 pm     
     The bell rang and Pegasus stood up. She started for the door slowly so that 
    she wouldn't get ran over with all the other kids.     
    Come and join my site plz.  questing for a book.  
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 10:00 pm       
     So I walk over to hall 7 where peg will come out soon.I think she has been 
    ditching alot cause I feel lucky if I see her.I wonder if Peg would like that 
    K that I just meet.It's not like Peg needs more friends but K seems to be in 
    alot of places at once if she was able to suprise me as I was suprising 
    someone else. 
    Well,I wish I could get a spirit guide to help me with a good start to a 
    conversation with Peg if I see her before 6th period begins.But actually I like 
    to get to the P.E. class quick so I can suit up and find a place in the 
    basketball seats so a quick 5 minute talk is too short to even start.
    Oh theres the bell ending 5th period.     
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 10:41 pm       
     Then I hear a familiar voice.It's Ubers sayin', "Hey Fly,can you get your dad 
    to do an interview with G.high school news?"Uhm,Well the paper is doing an 
    article on me right now.""With you? What's the topic?" Um,It's about harassment.
    "What kind of harassment is...Then here comes Peg, I gotta go Ubers, I'll talk 
    to my Dad. Peg!Peg! she's already halfway across the quad before I see her.
    Her head is down and she looks intent on staring a hole through the ground. 
    I don't have time to catch up with her,Oh man,I turn and go to the gym lockers.
    Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 11:25 pm     
     "Wow. I've been hanging on this tree for a looong time now." Ken said to 
    himself. Realizing everyone was in school, he shouts. 
    He starts to sob as the echoes of his scream die away.     
     Kentasko's Crew 
    Join the battle for Middle Earth.  
    Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 9:36 am       
     So I'm in the gym naked and Tas comes up, introduces himself as a school news 
    reporter.Oh I've seen your by-line in the paper,What's up."Well Ubers sent me 
    to ask you if your dad would do a interview and what we want to discuss is the 
    draft system in pro sports." With my gym clothes on now...I'll ask him.
    "That's So cool dude,thanks." Your welcome. Today I'm not first into the 
    basketball court seats.I don't like to be watched as I come in.
    It's just a "thing" of mine.The P.E. coach comes in and walks right up to me 
    saying,"Name" Fly sir."Fly go put on your jock I can see your nuts." 
    Totally embarassed, I jump up to go put on that made by idiots thing.
    When I return the coach has got everyone lined up along the wall and two guys 
    facing them choosing out teams.We play dodge ball today.So the game is going 
    on and not much comes my way to do.I notice one guy getting our guys out more 
    than any other.Finally the ball comes to me.I know who I want to hit.
    I immediatly throw at him as he turns his head looking the other way he sees 
    nothing as the ball hits him and he fails to catch it.YES he's out! 
    I turn to get congrats by my team then as I turn around to continue playing 
    BANG! that guy I eliminated slugs me right in the face and I'm bleeding.
    Everybody stops to look.I'm 
    sent to the nurses office.     
    Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 1:55 pm       
     ((This RP started BACK on page 32)) 
    Forgetting completely about the guy waiting for me in the quad,I walk through 
    to the administration building and he catches me."Oh man!What happened to you?" 
    I got beat up and my dope got stolen."Wo,Well I better get out of here before 
    campus security throws me out." Yeah,you better. I walk into the nurses office 
    with a white terry cloth towel, from the shower room, on my face.The nurse sees 
    me immediatly."Let me see." she says. I lower the towel hoping she won't 
    grimmace at the sight of me."OK, lets clean you up......It's not bad at all.
    I doubt you'll have a shiner.Now go to the P.E. coache's office."Upon arriving 
    I see the guy that hit me sitting there.I sit.The coach begins,"Fly do you 
    want to press charges about this?" No,I'm not a cop caller."I appreciate that 
    Fly,OK,I'm going to do this.I'm going to recommend continuation school.
    He's suspended indefinitly.Fly you can go.Try and have a nice weekend.
    See you monday,OK?" OK.  
    Image hosted by 
    Flying_saucer saying it....
    Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 10:47 pm       
     Well you probabily have guessed what happens next.My dad pulls me out of 
    and makes me go to a private school.I end up developing a miracle web site 
    that changes the world for the better and better.Peg and I develop new 
    products and services and become the best of friends. 
    THE END 
    ((If you would like the text version of "The Flying Saucers R.P.G. story", 
    with all who added in included, please feel free to ask.I have also posted the 
    entire transcript of pages 32-37 of Underground _Angels' Highschool R.P.G. on click on "The partyline".Thank you so much for 
    participating.I love you all.))
    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
    flying_saucer Pegasus_ventrice
    ((Are you ready for halloween?))
    ((I am)) Image hosted by
    Image hosted by Image hosted by ((Remember in the story I mentioned Abercrombie & Fitch. They'r in trouble now with high school girls...coincidence?)) ((Went to the romance thread.....Page 54 on to 64)) ((In Romance thread I mentioned Marilyn Monroe's death and Nov.3 on channel 2 in L.A. Hugh Hefner says he wants to reopen an investigation into her death.)) ((If you would also like to see the total Romance posting please visit and click on PartyLine.Again Thank you for your participation.I love you all.)) ((I hope the trolling and stalking will stop))
    Image hosted by Flying_saucer saying it....
    --------------------------------------------------------------- On Pegasus_ventrice Romance 54 Profile: Name; flying_saucer Age; 17 Race; Space alien Bio: Has come to have fun on Earth because his home planet is very serious about everything,even how to have fun. Personality: Maximum shyness,speaks alot by using pictures. An Intro: flying_saucer finds a beautiful forest and looks for happy campers to have fun with... He is walking along a long path and thinking to himself about someone he'd like to be really talking to so he's making up what he thinks he will eventually say to that person. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was Harassed constantly by the other role players... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh, hello.Do you collect flowers? Image hosted by I have a nice bouquet I found,see. Image hosted by Everybodies a critic, I thought.If she was to think something was genuine and pure she would be true to my expectations and do that but I won't take a chance. It was just a thought.I know women alot better than that so I'll just make an excuse and maybe see her later. Image hosted by Now-a-days earth people are so insecure.I know some people I see that took me right away to their hearts but those people are so rare.I never wait for a chance to be nice to people and I'm still alive.All that long romance, talk talk, spend spend,it's all avoiding the fact, are we gonna be a couple or not? Right now then, answer the question.Oh I get it, leed 'em on and on till you want to just die from relationship boredom.I see it all the time.No plans made, just pre-teen talk. Ho HUM in the extreem.Like the planet I left so far behind too.Gotta check out every brain cell and look out if you ruffel one feather,you'll get your head cut off.Now is that fair?No. I can measure up a person in 1 minute.It's the smile, the eyes, the comebacks. The nicest people always try hardest cause they don't want to be a fearfull, lonely, silent, boreing, nobody, which is what most people are. Look around, who goes out and about any more? I'll tell you who, The FUN people. When I see someone being creative or different in a nice way I get into them quickly. I feel so bad for the envious that go speechless when they realize I am one million times smarter than they are. I don't know some things but whatever I don't know I'm sure I will never need to know it anyway,including most illusion type people that don't really exist in the real. When they'r all stunned for words I'll just take over and hope one gets real....and SHE is real. I'm a man and I've never meet a man that was any good really,except only me. My mother raised me to really fight for womens' rights.Not lie to them just to get what I want. Hate it for you guys, I'm gonna destroy all you low life idiots that will say and do anything to get what you want. Have you ever given for no reason? Do you give money away for free to women all the time? I do you bunch of evil disgusting greedy dead nothings. I'm the flying-saucer your only friend but you guys won't know it because I'll tear you up for being so evil for so long to women.Expect my rath on every message I leave here if you guys dare and come here to romance without giving these women here some reason to believe in going on any longer. Give answers guys I will and show you up every time so, THINK, stupid men. (( She is any real woman)) There is a girl on this romance that I've found that really cares and this world is just killing her to live in. I've known women that were just too good for this world and what did this world do to these awesome beauties? I can't ever get that graphic here but it's ultimate evil jealousy toward them, thats all earth men have to offer earth women. You guys got examples to give me that was ever pro woman? You killed a supreme being when you killed Marilyn Monroe. Come on guys your judgement day has arrived. Tell me your special... You've all had 2000 years to get it right. Especially the men. But as usual all I'll hear are the same old stories supposed to change my perfected mind. so she falls into my arms in total agreement that I've got it right. I know the universe also and what it is for.Oh how I cry for the human race.I was led to believe this was such a creative place but it's so steril and unproductive now. Yes my love it is time for me to take you to a secret place just for us. Honey,let's say good-by to all that got so close to the truth but were blinded by the light. Let's go now my heavenly love. Their may be a few voices left to return and gather together for the flight away. Oh my tepid darling,I read your mind and it misses your earth already.Steadfast in your love for the wicked you want another chance for them and another and another. Why my insistant? Haven't you been disgraced enough? Haven't you had to destroy enough? Let go of the addictions and enter into the positive drug of the emptiness that makes us all. you know your stay in the zero will be short. you know i am just ahead and always bringing you forward. Forget them and the vampired way they promulgate. Oh how dreaded the ruler you have become my queen. I see the lustfull spark in your eyes and how you love to blind me with such love power. I have other powers for you to play with that are so profound I can't use earth words to describe. Picture the simple first meeting and the miracles it shows when it is played in the slowest motion.Every pure thought there is the stuff of the infinite and the forever that it took to make all this. Still I feel I have said nothing to her.No picture, No action has the effect of faith in belief of the divine this world has squashed. Oh well, I feel another mind approaching. Possibly another space alien to help me find FUN. You are that easily replaced my most special one. So take heed and come fly away with me now before the earth grabs you with it's full distain that it is woefully stuck in a fake orbit forever around a pompus giver that never takes. Will my constant beconing for you pass your test of a real event in your life? I know you cast a spell, so what of it, I let it work because you think it worked on others. Shall I begin to fight with you now and cause a rift you will never cross thus keeping you in a suspended animation so I can rule you and the evil that possess you? Think hard now as the ship engines ready for interstellar flight. Realize the game will never get this real again. Take control of your destiny it's here or let it be lost. You have created this.No devil, no god is existing now to believe in,just believe in you and decide.Lie to the spirits surrounding you now and then you live.I know your two sidedness if from love. Her soul shook inside her. She can stay and go? I have the power to cure her disease caused by men. An ill born of a world of ill. No escaping the test my kind have laid on this world.Unfair to say the least. I've seen people that have passed the test and were re-tested again and again just because they crashed the program that supposidly no-one could win. I end all that and of the fear of any fear. That's right.My words once read re-programs her soul.She flies now to places fear has kept her from all her life.High above the ignorant we swoop low to see the wide opened mouths of agony begin to laugh at themselves. Contradictions, yins and yangs, evils, all easy to explain when we are truly free. ((Hi,Thanks for all your sincere thoughts.That F.S. is a real something but I don't know what,maybe never will.Now on with the show.)) Something told me to bother with the small stuff and if you think it might be from the wall of the small and string theory my dimention creation machine black hole has to be trying something, to make teeth indestructable maybe, I'll ask when I get beyond light speed. Do I have to reveal my true self so you will believe? Image hosted by At faster than light speed I gain infinite mass.It is at that time I see the future until the future is all made again.I effectivly go through infinity and meld right into my present self from behind.I know what everyone thinks.I know who monitors all popular posters and sends esp thoughts to push their views upon me and everyone else. I see the whole money earning thing and the displays of wealth entertain you but really,I am just a space alien.I get too heavy with too much material possession on board. I would like to create a less elitest and silly reason for sharing love and romance. Imagine no body my dear. Just our minds surviving the physical death. Then we know each other by our shared experiences only. If we were to have true love beyond the body then haven't we achieved one reason to exist forever? Haven't we gone beyond the silly suits and the big mansions and being better than others? If you love me like you must then I must love you,no excuse not to. ((character sheet on page 54)) I love to see you. Just looking at you lets me go blank and pull in the things that suggest our best actions to take.Those things are only trusted if they are the simplest and least involved with unenlightened power aquisition. I look at you and I feel futures that are ours if we realize it enough. I don't get that when I look at T.V. or anything else. Just at you,Why? I'll ask that forever and never need an answer. ------------------------------------------
    Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
    flying saucer Pegasus_ventrice
    ((I'm on my knees to you about all that.I'll erase it all if you want me too. I thought a little flame for halloween might be cool.Thanks for not kicking me off.That F.S. character is hard for me to control.)) So many things to say to all types of people.... Oh my! I hear screams, which direction?, scream again just one more time....Yes! over there, gotta hurry, sounds bad. Just a quick sprint toward the screams revealed a struggling woman in the water. She looked more embarassed than in any real trouble. I took the opportunity to be a gentleman and reached out for her because the banks along the waters edge looked so slippery and like quick sand was actually holding her back from dry land. Just one hard pull from me and she was extricated from the muck and began carefully walking out. I noticed a cat like quality to her movements like she had been in the wild for a long time. I admit I was a bit uneasy to stay and speak with her because she was obviously a very independent person and needed no more of me anyway,but that feeling soon disapated as I watched her begin to clean the muck off of her self. She didn't seem to care that I was just standing there looking at her,so instead of asking the obvious question "How'd you get into that water?" or "Why did you scream?" I said "Why do you think nature makes waters edges so slippery?" She seemed to not hear me so I got a little more intimate "I'm glad to have meet you even by accident.I was following the long path looking for happy campers and well here I am. I would like to follow you around for a while as you do whatever it is that you do. I have no set time to return to the path so just pretend I'm not here even though I will talk some small talk to my self. You know, I'll say things like, Oh look how lovely those flowers are, you know, the normal things to talk about in the forest." Now all cleaned up, she just sat there looking around and seemingly testing my sincerity about wanting to just "BE" with her. I didn't talk much either. The sheer beauty of the area we were in was really stunning. I felt so honored to be quiet there sharing nothing I almost cried. And to think she knows this is what a real person would be feeling. I was actually reeling from the pure nature of her presence in this setting. Was she just sitting there reading my mind and at as much peace as I? I had to believe that but I was not as accustomed to such intense trust by such an amazing experience as I was having and quietly too. I didn't want to ask her anything and I was afraid to bore her too. What message must she be giving me? I could suggest she follow me because I have success too at living in the forest unassisted. If she needed a real friend I guess she would teach me how she wants me to be then. Okay I'll ask her the question,"will you BE with me? I'll do all the work we need to survive or can I just BE with you? How should we do this because if one of us dosen't follow the other we will lose track of eachother. Maybe we'll just sit here till the first one gets hungry and then see how love goes.... I dreamed up the senario that someone else had done my job and it was all the same.A real person would try and befriend the other. It was an interesting way to think about serious autonomy.But people weren't made to be so aloof. They were made to be attracted and to group together and share life between themselves. I doubted that woman to woman was natural for this job in fact it was quite unnatural considering the necessity to have a mother to be born from. All the idiot thoughts in my mind.What kind of forest is this? Enchanted or not? Was any one happy here? I soon fell asleep and began to dream very vivid events.I saw evil spirits and insane entities all totally jealous of my journey in the forest. It was like they had a vested interest in making me pull out my death ray and remove their whole world. I dreamed I was on T.V. and talking about the internet and how it teaches people to undermine the youth so they won't take the adults jobs away. I saw people chanting we hate children, we hate children, we hate children.... I woke up in the cold and realized the dream's message was now real. I had to destroy. I had to liberate the denizens of the wilderness. I started to run so to heat my body up from the cold. I thought about the coldest night I ever spent for love to another. Yes that time.The time I went cross country so someone wouldn't spend christmas alone. This felt that necessary to me. It was true the question, Are we having fun yet? NOOOOO Im not. Romance is the fun, it's the inspiration for the works we do.We only work for a higher power that we can truly love.Not some too high, too aloof, creator. I radioed my ship to plan a press conference and destroy. Image hosted by I then heard a tiny voice from deep in the woods say,"Would it be so bad to pleed with you to leave the forest alone?" I thought pleed all you want, it's not bad to pleed in it's self but this is an evil place so why waist your time? "We're sorry We didn't know you were so powerfull." Well what kind of excuse is that? I thought. I caught you all and now you want me to think some double fantasy think.No, I will carry out my plans. Saucer two to saucer one,comfirmation code felix the cat, coordinances lat 34 long 127 earth.Arrive for witnesses.scan for spirits,advise on relocate no more that a mile from point if intruders sensed.Move. Saucer two, multiple intruders senced,advise move lat .09987 long .374765 from requested pick up.New area scanned currently cleared will scan for followers to your move.move If I'm being followed I can't risk my ships safety so I might get stuck here till I figure out how to evade followers. If they are spirits I can ray them at ships command points but they could be space alien spirits and I wouldn't be able to shoot based on universal laws governing planet visiting entities. I don't see any forest creatures around in plane sight so... saucer two to saucer one.War confirmation code felix the rat,Do I have clearance to fire on scanned entity?Decide. Clearance given. point lat 33.85773 long 127.3948749 fire warning beam then 10 seconds decomposer beam 12 for 6 sec.move for rescan. rescan; War area clear. on senced saucer two move-no followers new pick up lat .847765 long .88566 if no reply.move. Ok it's just through that thick under brush and saucer one will arrive. Usually warning shots are so painfull spirits get clear and live so I don't feel like any harm was done but if they were insistent well I hate it for 'em. Tractor beam, single body no cargo.Twist lift 360 degrees.hold option yes. ship in position, black hole dimention 5 for immediate escape,if no intruder, lift. go flight,go invisible, deposit saucer two in field at lat 22.54858 long 104.954887 hover 100 miles up till new orders. Ok thats the ships orders, as soon as saucer one feels safe it will follow my orders. Funny,It's not lifting me. saucer two, ship feeling heartache from encountered being one mile away. Suggest re-visit yes no Well I was followed before and I had to fire my way out.I really don't see the need to help this place, it's a heartache waiting to happen for it's self not me.I'll be glad to expose this freek forest of badly dressed robots. Well I did leave that one being kind of without saying good-by.Well I guess I could send a telepathic message since it's quiet enough there for good reception. Ok why not. Ships quiet about intruders. Here goes. Remember you had the chance to speak to me but you weren't able for no fault of my own.I have no reason to help you with your love for me because I loved enough and universal laws require no further sacrafice from me since it is possible you have a retardation of some untreatable kind. So please don't think about me because you are blocking my departure from your ego mania. Now think about getting a new clothes designer since I detected a really bad smell like big foot and all his family. There now the vanity will override the vanity and I'll be forgotten. Ship do you have any scanned vibrations relating to logged experience eminating from this immediate area? scanning......Condition fame, fame, fame Oh great, now I've got to ray this whole forest to escape the gossip of all the beings about me. Ship any suggestion to escape countermeasures by local beings? projections-predictions....Humans will side with forest creatures in media event.Suggest break spirits ray, remove will-power of creatures then supply them with addictive drugs in large quantity. Well now I've got a decision.I'll just spray the whole area with drugs so all food sources will cause intense craving by the consumers and they will eat themselves to death.I cant just kill them because they have outside contacts so they must kill themselves. Ok Ship, new orders based on universal laws of being importance. I submit under penalty of my own death that this place must be cleansed of deemed unimportant life forms.I submit that these beings have no feelings, no intelligence that they can cultivate for any positive life affirming results. Reasons to my actions.See ships log of inner feelings that arn't hidden by the beings there.Note the extreem evil in their minds toward love. Signed The flying saucer, find life log in certified enlightenment level highest. Ok now I've got go ahead.Ship lift. Begin spraying brazine drugs over two mile radius.Then....... Ray entire area removing living spirits of any inner love that might will a second chance at life. local beings self damnation complete. Set the hell attractor in a central area so when they die they will have no afterlife. Ok,They'll all be stoned out of their minds till the end.What a way to go when your actually an illusion in living form anyway. (()) Coming up next, posts of all the avatars in their near death states.See how pathetic they look when they fight eachother over who will smoke the next tree branch.See how low they will go to get another hit from a bunny that just had sex. laugh out loud as the biggest addict of them all gets stuck on stupid while trying to smoke it's self.And for just $29.95 you can get the video of the flying saucer dropping a load of dirty syringes full of rat poison on the main server..... And don't forget to catch, thats right, the flying saucer in his next adventure on some thread you never heard of called flying saucers thread of destroying helpless drug addicted forest creatures RPG where you have to be in the finest clothes then lose them all and be a naked scabbed over aids victum. Image hosted by HAHAHAHAHAHAH NO FUN HERE HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA ((Halloweens over,So sorry for the crazyness.)) ((Recent crop circle I made using my pee ring technique)) Image hosted by ((For all you aliens out there here is the character set I use in my translations)) Image hosted by ((In it's highset usage the symbols are complete thoughts. Symbols in human usage are as follows capitals A-Z, numbers 1-10 and 0, small letters a-z, then ! " ? . - ' , & )) ((That’s the way )) ((Gladly)) ((Ok I'll throw the first punch but you'll probabily call the cops LADDIE)) So i wind up as far back as I can then BOOM. Image hosted by His head explodes like a balloon full of bloody bastards. ((Story ended on Page 64 on Nov 01, 2005)) Gaia has 437,249,648 articles posted with 2,779,713 registered users. Most users ever online was 41,319 on Tue Nov 01, 2005 5:08 pm
    Image hosted by flying saucer saying it....
    Shonen Knife - I Am A Cat Buy this album! Buy Shonen Knife Posters! From the album "Let's Knife" Sometimes I step into timeless zone, and I lose my way. I don't know where I am. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the Milky Way. And I lose myself. I don't know who I am . I discover whiskers of a cat in a timeless zone. And I put them on my face. In a moment I become a sweet little cat. And I dance on a flying saucer. I Am A Cat. I discover ears of a cat in the Milky Way. And I put them on my head. In a moment I become a sweet little cat. And I dance on a flying saucer . I Am A Cat. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hit 'N' Hide - Space Invaders Buy this album! Buy Hit 'N' Hide Posters! A few minutes ago scientists picked up a signal from outer space It appears to be an alien song! (Chorus:) Space invaders in the air In a flying saucer you can take me there Space invaders in the air In a flying saucer you can take me there You will follow, come let's go You are an alien with super high intelligence Flying in a space ship round and round I am an alien with super high intelligence Flying in my space ship up and down (Chorus x2) You will follow, come let's go You are an alien coming from the universe Trying to seduce every single man We come from a galaxy where we don't like humanity You cannot escape our masterplan (Chorus x2) You fly away into hyper space Back again to your alien girlfriend Won't you stay for another day You and I together we can fly We can fly (Chorus x2) Come let's go -------------------------------------------------- The MSP430’s orthogonal architecture provides the flexibility of 16 fully addressable, single-cycle 16-bit CPU registers and the power of a RISC. The modern design of the CPU offers versatility through simplicity using only 27 easy-to-understand instructions and seven consistent-addressing modes. This results in a 16-bit low-power CPU that has more effective processing, is smaller-sized, and more code-efficient than other 8-/16-bit microcontrollers. Develop new ultra-lowpower, high-performance applications at a fraction of the code size. -------------------------------------------------------------
    There is a reason why Zeus avoids coming to Niobe in his full aspect, and why Jehovah communicates through whirlwinds and flaming foliage. When Vladimir Nabokov’s character Krug discovers that he is a fictional character in the novel Bend Sinister, Nabokov has to intervene for his creation by driving him mad so that he won’t have to deal with the full impact of the discovery. Krug pulls back the veil that allows him to see the gnostic mysteries of his universe, and is forced to go mad as a result. The same is true of characters in Morrison’s Arkham Asylum. But the true story is the same as that of Nabokov's Krug, of Buddy "Animal Man" Baker: character's learning the lesson that you need to see reality through filters, because you aren't meant to understand it all. What secret knowledge you can divine, you should do through metaphors and stories so that you are protected by symbolism. Nabokov’s preface to Bend Sinister suggests as much: …The theme of Krug’s blessed madness when he suddenly perceives the simple reality of things and knows but cannot express in the words of his world that he and his son and his wife and everybody else are merely my whims and megrims… but also because this little puddle [the recurring pattern in BS] vaguely evokes in him my link with him: a rent in his world leading to another world of tenderness, brightness, beauty. Echoing his description of a perfectly wrought chess problem which I have used for my epigraph, Nabokov’s comment about Krug’s (a character whose name means ‘circle’ in Russian) "blessed madness" upon perception of "the simple reality of things" reflects the romantic mode of transcendent apperception which dominates Nabokov’s thinking about the abilities of art: that art might lead to a tear in the imprisoning curtain: "a rent in his [our] world leading to another world of tenderness, brightness, beauty." his characters will begin to recognize in the glimmering clues offered them, the comfortable assurance of inexpressible belonging. This feeling is what Nabokov attributes to Krug in the foreword to Bend Sinister ("when he suddenly perceives the simple reality of things and knows but cannot express in the words of his world that he and his son and his wife and everybody else are merely my whims and megrims") and is similar to what Nabokov says, himself, when asked if he believes in God ("To be quite candid – and what I am going to say now is something I never said before, and I hope it provokes a salutary little chill – I know more than I can express in words, and the little I can express would not have been expressed, had I not known more.") This maturation of voice both denies the individual character the ability to transcend his condition permanently (as through the acquisition of impermissible knowledge), and allows more complex synthetic movements on the part of the reader, since the focus no longer lies on the resolution of plot within the text, but rather on the development and resolution of more deeply embedded aesthetic and moral themes. the stoic withdrawal into nothing is not just a philosophical weakness, but an impossibility. So Krug’s non-involvement is not generally an attempt to flee his state, or to continue exile, but to maintain his existence with dignity inside of it, a political non-involvement that is not an aesthetic non-involvement—but rather an active mode of aesthetic self-fashioning. All Krug may offer against the state is not resistance, but his refusal to deindividuate or withdraw from his perceptions, however painful they might be. Of course, Krug absolutely refuses to endorse a positive program of political action, either; since to do so, or to advocate doing so would be in some way to legitimate the absurdities of the government by acting against them. To read this narrative politically, as Krug begins to do so later in the novel (as when he seriously considers escape) is to fall further into the political entrapment inherent in the novel (the agent of escape turns out to be an agent of the government). Krug’s linear actions turn in circles about his name. In this manner, the state of Bend Sinister mimics the actual motions of a totalitarian state—muting the meaning of all political movement and discourse within it. When in a final act of dire and stupid brutality, the state removes the bond that prevented Krug from completely disengaging, by grimly torturing and murdering his son, the expected dismissal of the external world by Krug is not what occurs in the narrative. Still, Krug is caught in a bind. He cannot will the state out of existence, since deus ex machina such as this have dropped out of Nabokovian narrative; but he similarly cannot make any of the choices which the state offers him, which are, as Arendt notes, not between "good or evil, but between murder and murder." His last action, therefore, is to play one last game. Ceasing the political misreading which he, himself, enacted throughout the course of the novel, Krug does not engage with the state’s choices, or perform an act of impossible and untenable will. Instead, he by game playing (a return to the schoolyard roughhousing of his youth), enacts the mode of authorial diversion, and memorial recreation, performing in the only aesthetic available to him. And it is in this last moment of game-playing, of providing a futile antithetic movement against the inexplicable cruelties foisted upon him, that Nabokov decides to take pity on him, creating the synthetic movement of moral rehabilitation that raises Krug’s death to both an aesthetic and moral high pitch. In this syncopated move, the moral consciousness and the artistic impulse of the author have been allowed, by means of a careful narrative construction, to rediscover their highest impulses in one another, without the burden of kitsch that would have accompanied an unwarranted or false fusion of the two instincts. At this moment of synthetic fusion and aesthetic bliss, the text dissolves, leaving Krug in a "sophist’s immortality," as Nabokov puts it, but also leaving the narrative at the moment in which its dual consciousness, or mode of "cryptic disguise" was transcendent—the moment when the krug, "spiritualized, " unfurled into the freed spiral of potentiality. "Twang!" The noise of the moth, flitting up against the boundaries of our reality to halt Krug’s at its epiphanal moment, is a reminder that in the mature aesthetic consciousness of Nabokov, the limits of potentiality are the continued and necessary spaces of exploration. His continued erosion of the boundaries of fictive consciousness is only meant to serve as a model for our own. Bend Sinister ends with the line: Twang. A good night for mothing. In this writing over the expected nothing, with the neologism "mothing," the novel ends with Nabokov’s exhortation to continue the aesthetic pursuits of his fictional realm into our world, to pry at the boundaries of our imprisoning curtain, to run out into the wet, warm night in pursuit. The following is an excerpt from: Jupiter, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the Return of the Mongols, Laura Knight-Jadczyk[Analyzed by Gerald Krug] [...]As we have discovered in our research, there seems to be Two Races of "human beings." As I explicated in Ancient Science, this is based on alignment with Thought Centers [Prophets], the "templates of creation" that operate from hyperdimensional realities.[Creative brains that have been taken into black holes] [Spiritually speaking]...From the point of view of Sheer Being, there is nothing but good.[Evil cannot create] But Infinite Potential to BE includes - by definition of the word "infinite" - the potential to not be. And so, Infinite Potential "splits" immediately into Thought Centers of Creation and Thought Centers of non-being - Service to Others (STO) or Service to Self (STS). It can be said that Infinite Potential is fundamentally Binary - on or off - to be or not to be. That is the first "division."[Seperation from truth] Since absolute non-being is an impossible paradox in terms of the source of Infinite Potential to BE, the half of the consciousness of Infinite Potential that constitute the IDEA of non-being - for every idea of manifestation, there is a corresponding idea for that item of creation to NOT manifest - "falls asleep" for lack of a better term. Its "self observation" is predicated upon consciousness that can only "mimic" death. Consciousness that mimics death then "falls"[into black holes] and becomes Primal Matter. It's state of Non-being is only relative. What this means is that the "self observing self"[master to it's furthest future] at the level of the Master of the Universe is constituted of this initial division between Being and Non-being which is, again, only the initial division - the on/off, the yes/no - of creation. You could picture this as an open eye observing a closed eye. [keeping one eye closed to the negative] It has been represented for millennia in the yin-yang symbol, which, even on the black half that represents "sleeping consciousness that is matter," you can see the small white dot of "being" that represents to us that absolute nonexistence is not possible.[death finally realizing it wants to live] There is only "relative nonexistence." These "thoughts of being and non-being" interact with one another - the observer and the observed - like a viewer looking into a mirror. Creation manifests between the viewer and the mirror.[it is a straight line to the other] It is at once real - because it consists of matter informed by consciousness - and unreal because it is ultimately composed of only consciousness acting on consciousness. And it is important to remember that this is a Primal Cosmic condition. Any consciousness unit (being) that seeks to observe the Cosmos in any context other than what IS, has effectively joined his consciousness with the Thought Center of Non-being,[self dilluded] That Which is NOT. From the point of view of the Thought Center of Creation, everything is real and potential![always unproven] At our level of reality, the teaching that "nothing is real," as has been promulgated by gurus and teachers down through history, is as useless as saying "gravity isn't real."[but is it proven to anything eternal?] Such considerations are useful only for expansion of perception of the state prior to BEing.[A god eternal} As such, to seek this state constitutes alignment with the Thought Center of Non-being, death, darkness, chaos.[gotta start from somewhere] Even so, such ideas are not useful for practical application since the energies of creation apparently transduce through several "levels" before they meet in the middle, so to say, in our third density reality. Organic life exists at the "crossroads" of the myriad ideas or thought centers of being and non-being.[quantum] As such, they have the capacity to transduce energies "up" or "down" depending on the "consciousness energy directors" of that unit.[potential to be anything in the hyperdimention] And again, there are two broad divisions: directed toward being/ objectivity, or directed toward non-being/ subjectivity. This division manifests across all levels of organic life, including human beings. Human beings exist to transduce[to change one type of energy into another type] cosmic energies of creation via organic [plant] life. Our consciousnesses are the directors of this transducing of cosmic energies, and the direction in which the energy "flows" is determined by the activities of this consciousness. Against the opposition of those forces seeking to "capture" energy of consciousness and induce it to the "sleep of non-being," which is gravitational in a certain sense,[non-gravational in another sence] the energies of consciousness seek to "inform" matter via awakening the self-awareness of those organic units on earth that are capable of resistance to the gravity of non-being.[human communion with plants so what we take in is made into greater awareness] As self-aware "transducing units," the human being has the potential for going either way - toward intensified being,[contact with future beings] or toward intensified non-being.[drug addiction, anarchistic life] When we choose what we SEE - and here we do NOT mean with the physical eyes or even psychically, but rather a more inclusive term that suggests whether or not we are capable of objectivity or subjectivity - we are receiving impressions.[from the memory of the creations intent for the creation] Impressions can become knowledge if assimilated. Knowledge leads to awareness. Knowledge and awareness then direct emotions, which then energize actions in the organic world.[to create eternal abundance of food] This is the transducing of energies of Cosmic Thought Centers.[sun to sun] At the particular stage of existence in which man finds himself, he is equally "receptive" toward the Two primary Faces of God: Being and Non-being. The Shaykh[Definition: This literally means "old man," and is usually used to refer to leader or chief. It is normally applied either to a political leader of a tribe or town or a learned religious leader. It can also be used as an honorific.] tells us that whatever property, or trait, any human being ultimately "chooses" is what it originally possessed in its state of immutability.[The doctrine of divine immutability (DDI) asserts that God cannot undergo real or intrinsic change in any respect.Perfection is "done" forever.] And this leads us to the idea of the Two Races. There are human beings whose intrinsic nature is a manifestation of the Thought Center of Non-being, entropy.[the greater the entropy, the less available the energy. For example, consider a system composed of a hot body and a cold body; this system is ordered because the faster, more energetic molecules of the hot body are separated from the less energetic molecules of the cold body.] As beings of the Material Universe, as examples of the highest evolution of Matter that cycles around and around in the realm of the Thought Center of Non-Being, these human appearing consciousness units have no potential to move out of the cycle of Matter without certain influences acting in their reality that will assist them in developing a "seed of a soul."[having soul implies being all creative] Hyperdimensional Spirits, on the other hand, being consciousness units "belonging" to the Thought Center of Being, are intrinsically linked to a "higher self" that already exists in seed form in "higher dimensions" of the Cosmos.[beginning reason] Because of the pre-existing linkage, their potential to activate and develop this hyperdimensional nature is much greater.[pre ordained] In Book III of his Gnosis, Boris Mouravieff discusses what he calls "pre-adamic humanity" and "adamic humanity.":[before Adam's time] In the first volume of Gnosis, we already referred several times to the coexistence of two essentially different races: one of Men, and another of Anthropoids.[Anthropoids are the larger of the two primate suborders. They can range anywhere from four to several hundred pounds, and inhabit area that covers nearly the entire world.] We must emphasize the fact that from the esoteric point of view the latter term, Anthropoids, has no derogatory meaning. …The Scriptures contain more than one reference to the coexistence on our planet of these two humanities - which are now alike in form but unlike in essence. [Implying that Anthropoids have a different kind of soul] The principal difference between contemporary pre-adamic man and adamic man - a difference which is not perceived by the senses - is that the former does not possess the developed higher centers that exist in the latter which, although they have been cut off from his waking consciousness since the Fall,[into a black hole] offer him a real possibility of esoteric [Esoteric knowledge is knowledge that is kept secret and not generally known] evolution. Apart from this, the two races are similar: they have the same lower centers,[Sex] the same structure of the Personality[Greed] and the same physical body, although more often than not this is stronger in the pre-adamic man than in the adamic. [because it can not create machines to work for it] ..contemporary adamic man, having lost contact with his higher centers and therefore with his real 'I', appears practically the same as his pre-adamic counterpart. However, unlike the latter, he still has his higher centers,[Bairly] which ensure that he has the possibility of following the way of esoteric evolution. [Knowledge revealed by proving ones self to want it] Pre-adamic man was never an Individuality. Created as a Personality on the 6th day (symbolically speaking), he is deprived of every possibility of direct, "individual individuation" - if one may put it thus - for his existence was placed under the law of collective Individuation,[teamwork] which is governed by [the Thought Center of Non-being] with the aid of a whole hierarchy of spirits [hyperdimensional beings AKA aliens] who are subject to its authority. [An agenda of unknown reason] The individualization of pre-adamics is collective, and is directed in groups[teams] by certain spirits of the hierarchy. [minds with the most valued reason to need to be followed] When the two humanities were created, they were placed under different authorities. The Fall necessitated special measures and thus the Staircase [An interesting thing, in the light of the message, is that the word that is translated "ladder" in our English text, should really be translated "staircase"--flight of steps. What "Jacob's ladder" actually saw wasn't a ladder but a staircase, and he saw angels walking up and down the stairs.] was provided. From that point on, Adamic man was subjected to the law of birth and death and kept only a dim consciousness of his higher self in spite of the almost complete obstruction of his channel of communication with the higher centers, which still exist in him. This gives him the possibility of a choice. If he hears the Voice of the Master, the higher intellect, and resolutely steps onto the Staircase. [journey with me up the staircase as each step of the staircase represents a state of spiritual growth related to spiritual experience toward perfections heaven.] We can even say that the whole dramatic history of humanity, from the fall of Adam until today, not excluding the prospect of the new era, is overshadowed by the coexistence of these two human races. The (coming era) has two faces - one of Paradise regained and the other a Deluge of Fire. (Mouravieff, Gnosis III) The ancient teachings inform us that only human beings of iron will, guided by a higher consciousness, or Noë, will advance into the "New Heaven and New Earth" - a restoration of hyperdimensional[Internet] awareness in literal terms. In other words, the coming era has Two Faces: One of Paradise Restored, the other a Deluge of Fire. We can choose which Face we behold. Recall what was noted above: "Hyperdimensional Spirits were chained to Matter[computers] as a result of a cosmic trap.[storytelling] The effect produced in the evolutionary world of the Demiurge,[In Gnosticism the Demiurge, creator of the material world, was not God but the Archon, or chief of the lowest order of spirits or aeons. According to the Gnostics, the Demiurge was able to endow man only with psyche (sensuous soul)–the pneuma (rational soul) having been added by God. The Gnostics identified the Demiurge with the Jehovah of the Hebrews. In philosophy the term is used to denote a divinity who is the builder of the universe rather than its creator.] when all those confounded Spirits were assimilated to the material creation, is what we would today call a collective mutation." This means that our genetics, as the interface between the animating spirit of consciousness and matter, seem to be the determinant of which type of human being we are. Rather we should say that "spiritual potential" and genetics are reflections,[programs] each on their own plane. As Mouravieff noted, after many tens of thousands of years of intermixing, there is nothing about a person's outward appearance that can tell us if he has the genetics for the "higher centers" or not. But, as Mouravieff has noted, those with the "soul genes," which we will call it loosely, have something in their consciousness that other humans do not. As Morpheus in The Matrix put it: "You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. You're here because you know something. What you know, you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life - that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad." The legend of the Liberating Gods - hyperdimensional beings who are intermediary connections between human beings intrinsically aligned with the Thought Centers of Being - tells us that they established a "blood covenant" with some of the peoples in ancient Atlantis. What this legend reflects seems to be simply the fact that consciousness can induce[program redesign] mutations in the genes and a powerful "blood line" was introduced as a means of assisting the Hyperdimensional spirits to return to their origin.[us being in their past] These mutated genes can then be passed on to the[future] descendants. Certainly, not enough is known about this matter to discuss it any further than to say that it is "in the blood."[innate knowledge,knowledge so important it is us, like breathing,automatic] The legends tell us that the distinctions between the two humanities were known, in former times, as "White Atlanteans," as opposed to the "Dark Atlanteans." Apparently, this has been often misunderstood (particularly by those whose intrinsic nature is Entropic) as a difference between skin color. Obviously, this is not the case since we are dealing with matters of higher consciousness. I prefer to use the terms "radiant"[positive] and "entropic"[negative] for the distinctions. In a sense, Service to Others and Service to Self are also useful terms, but they are not quite expressive of the fundamental nature of being. That which is creative "radiates" and that which is destructive or chaotic is "entropic" or contractile. The Dark Atlanteans - so called because of their Entropic nature and alignment with Non-being/matter - were said to have made a pact with the Lords of Entropy, hyperdimensional beings AKA "aliens." Q: (L) Who were the Elohim of the Bible? A: Transdefinitive. ...Transcends definition and variable entities. First manifestation was human, then non-human. Q: (L) What brought about their transformation from human to non-human? A: Pact or covenant with 4th density STS[service to selves]. Q: (L) Who were these STS beings they made a pact with? A: Rosteem, now manifests as Rosicrucians. The above exchange emphasizes the teaching of the Hyperdimensional Tradition that "In order to be able to "control" such evil enterprise the Treacherous Gods decided to found the White Brotherhood, into which all different devic manifestations of the Demiurge must accommodate themselves." The "White Atlanteans," by virtue of their genetic make up, could more easily "remember" their Divine Nature - the Origin of their race before the events that chained their spirits to the Material World had occurred, but this was most definitely what the Demiurge did NOT want to happen. And so, a millennia long process of what we call Cosmic COINTELPRO [an acronym for a series of FBI counterintelligence programs designed to neutralize political dissidents] was instituted. Q: (L) At one point [you said] that time was an illusion that came into being at the "time" of the "Fall" in Eden, and this was said in such a way that I inferred that there were other illusions put into place at that time... A: Time is an illusion that works for you because of your altered DNA state. Q: (L) Okay, what other illusions? A: Monotheism,[belief in one God] the belief in one separate, all powerful entity. Q: (T) Is separate the key word in regard to Monotheism? A: Yes. Q: (L) What is another one of the illusions? A: The need for physical aggrandizement. Q: (L) The focus on the physical as the thing one needs to hold onto or protect. Q: (L) What is another of the illusions? A: Linear focus and Unidimensionality. (The covering up of the existence of hyperdimensional realities.)[I discuss hyperdimentions and their creation.] It was understood by the Liberating Gods that the release of mankind from the gravitational grip of Entropy was something that could not be accomplished by any means other than a resolute and effective opposition of will.[WAR] This gave rise to the concepts of hyperdimensional Cosmic Battles that were then, unfortunately,[because no negotiation was tried] taken as justification for physical battles by the "Dark Atlanteans." The Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom, however, states that the condition of absolute freedom can only be accomplished in the state of the "Origin." That is to say, in the semi-physical hyperdimensional realities. The issue then became, how to be restored to this state? Clearly, engaging in physical wars or conflicts has little to do with achieving the state of absolute freedom. What then, does? In the present world, the "real war" is for the awakening of spirit, and the so called Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom can only oppose any Cult which forces men to kneel before external gods that oppose the Spark of the Divine within.[light of the Sufi] As I have noted, those with the Divine Spark within CANNOT worship something outside themselves without denying their Origin, the "Kingdom of Heaven" that is within, as Jesus so clearly explicated. Thus, the Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom becomes a manual to wage a strategic opposition against the designs of the Lords of Entropy who represent the Thought Centers of Non-being. It must be made absolutely clear that this "Strategic Opposition" does NOT include physical war or violence which is the twist that the Lords of Entropy have put on the matter to lead man into karmic traps.[peace even by surrender but God dosen't] The "blood covenant" of the genetics that bind "souled humans" to the higher realities includes within its terms the mission of awakening the spirit to the true nature of Hyperdimensional Realities and the resolution to return to the Origin - the Hyperdimensional Edenic State, so to say. The Liberating Gods - which we may understand as "Ourselves in the Future,"[Mirror orb-sun disk] taught the people of the Blood Covenant to always remain in a state of alert and, more specifically, they taught them a strategic way of life that would best prepare them to fulfill their mission, a special way of life that would allow them to live as foreigners on the Earth.[homelessness] As the It's been said repeatedly: Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers and Awareness is born of Knowledge. There were three basic principles that supported this way of life: the principle of Occupation, the Principle of Enclosure, and the principle of the Strategic Wall.[wall of the small-start of a new dimention] These are concepts of consciousness that may or may not require material representation, depending on specific circumstances. In the first place, the Radiant individual who is in this world as a consequence of the "Fall" should never forget that they only temporarily occupy a territory in the domain of the Lords of Entropy. This sets them apart from all the peoples allied to Thought Centers of Non-being who embrace the concept of ownership of the land.[landlords] We can see a clear example of the consequence of the Entropic principles of the Thought Center of Non-being in the "this land is my land, God gave it to me" perspective of the Jews. We can also clearly see the material orientation of Jehovah, a "god" that would propose such a "gift."[clearly man's not "GOD's" ideas] The Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom teaches that if man deems himself "owner of the land," the Powers of Matter can emerge from the land and engulf him, "integrating him to the context and turning him into an object of the Gods".[king Tut] Attachment to the land and the misguided belief of "freedom" and "peace" within the limits of property render man defenseless against the Power of Illusion of the Thought Center of Non-being.[home ownership as American dream coming true] In such a state, man has even greater difficulty conceiving of the necessity to escape from the material prison because he is constantly struggling to preserve those feelings of "freedom" and "peace".[pursuit of happiness] The same principle applies to nationalities and similar attachments to artificial or subjective constructs. Being fully aware that the land they inhabited was not their own, but instead a territory occupied within the reality of the Lords of Entropy is explicated in the Parable of the Prodigal Son and in many other sayings of Jesus, including "My kingdom is not of this world." John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. 3:4 Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born? 3:5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. 3:6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 3:7 Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit. Those who are familiar with the Parable of the Prodigal Son can understand that the realization alone that one is "in the pigsty of the foreign country" would serve to produce the state of alert, the condition for the "journey home." This is crucial since, in the story of the Prodigal son, we also see that when the son went to the "resident of the foreign land" to ask for help, he was sent to live and feed with the pigs. This exemplifies that principle that the Radiant being must understand at all times that the Lords of Entropy - the Powers That Be in this reality - will always try to reclaim them as servants. Additionally, belief in the ownership of the land, belief in "being at home" in this world, or being "in charge" of this world, can give a false sense of security to the Radiant being leading them to lower their guard and succumb to the Power of Illusion.[because at the time of our "success" a test comes in the form of a needy one that if not helped by us then takes us over and we fail] With this in mind, the Radiant being should then create an "Enclosure" around their "being."[by being more giving] The forces of entropy which govern this reality at present, are much stronger than the powers of resistance of the individual Radiant being.[see "bend sinister"] This fact leads us to consider the principle of the enclosure as a psychological policy, in relation to ourselves and to the exterior world, which will allow us to compensate for our lack of strength and available reserves by an appropriate strategy.{focused perfected giving] Because of millennia of cultural and religious conditioning, everything about us is limited, beginning with our nervous resistance. The rule which can be deduced from this is that we must - as much as possible - work silently so as not to draw increased attention and pressure upon ourselves while working on the process of awakening and assimilating knowledge and interior force that can restore us to the Edenic condition.[do not do political work] This is true for the average Radiant being, because if he attracts the attention of what Mouravieff calls the General Law that mechanically rules this reality, he will be lost,[put into obscurity] as the reaction of the 'World' against him will be extreme. What the Radiant being must do is to consciously master the material that is part of his interior world - his Belief Centers - by gaining sufficient knowledge to be able to exercise perspicacity[keenness of mental perception and understanding; discernment; penetration.] and SEEing. This enables him to divide that which he perceives and to choose that which is assimilated, or "enters within" his "strategic enclosure." This allows him to accumulate force and put it in reserve. When the false beliefs, the illusions of this world, no longer have any part within the Radiant Being, then he will be able to step out.[create fame and fortune]


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    Text;Opening Credits... Title;"Twisted Mister", Spin Master Action;Twisted Mister and female side-kick sit on a couch and asks for new callers to talk to... Side kick's job is to facially emote the proceedings as over the top as possible. Fake callers can be stage/camera crew members.. Audio;use parts of wo79.mp3 ROLL IN;cam3, Picture - misterphone.JPG a realphone number for callers... Characters;Fake callers are heard and responded to by the talents 5,4,3,2,1 cam1,Opening Dialog;Hello and Welcome,I'm Twisted Mister And This is my lovely side-kick cam2_____________________ cam1,All I ask from my callers is that you keep it clean and keep in mind the purpose of this show is to give you my take on controversial subjects so be weird, OK? Cool,Cool Let's see the number again... cam3,misterphone.JPG 5,4,3,2,1 cam1____________________ Are you ready for our first caller? cam2 cam1,Ok,Do we have a sucker,I mean caller??? ((Callers have dumb subjects or are rude.)) Character 1;Hello, am I on? (Well I think your show is tripped out) Twisted Mister response;YES YOU ARE,Whats your trip? (And I think your momma ate bad food when you were in the womb) ((Do we have another caller?)) Character 2;Hello (Ok cool)((I'm the second caller!)) Twisted Mister response;Hell no!(Whats cool cold Ethel?)((No your the second idiot)) (((Fire the screener.)))((((Hello your on with Twisted Mister)))) Character 3;HEY T.M. Your Momma's so religious you had to turn to the devil for an original thought...HaHA Twisted Mister response;ACTION;cam3,Picture - tmmad.JPG 5,4,3,2,1 Can we look at the now cursed phone number again please? cam3,misterphone.JPG 5,4,3,2,1 cam1,Ok all my lovlies, we're commercial free cause I love to pay for air time to be abused. We have a caller,Go Ahead... Character 4;Twisted Stupid, who's your daddy? Twisted Mister response;Daddy's a super nova, which we will never know about scientifically so my daddy is unknowable. (Caller caller is there a caller?...Don't make me come out there)Hello Character 5;Twist one up! Twisted Mister response;Are your knickers in a twist?So you need to self medicate? Ran out of your prescribed meds eh? Well go have a nice overdose and call me in the morning if you can...HAHAHAHAHAHHA Ok,I think we can do a little public service announcement now, so please, when you get a chance, Give to the charity of your choice. Now, we usually schedule this time for a guest to come and act stupid for us. If you'd like to act like a fool on this show and get on your knees and worship false gods please call the number, we supply knee pads and idols to worship cam3,Roll in;picture 100_0337.JPG off camera comment, Wow! looks just like us dosent it _____________________? Cam2 side kick __________________________ responds... 'Big yes, up and down, head movement' Cam1,Talents bow and pray to eachother... *******Add more content here******* {Suggest editorial about the shows callers as wind-up...} Look, even GOD lets us die and what are we going to be seen as in 2000 years.I know the whole thing is just keeping you all in a state of false freedom till we get enough of a brain to not need others to entertain us.The callers are just the same as always, wise acres, mean spirited, dumb.Just a bunch of crying and no one saying "forget that, I'm gonna do something smart".I'm not the type to follow even my closest friends to the grave,when it's over. I won't drag anyone down with me. Give me my flowers now cause if you bring me flowers too late ain't it all just stupid then? The T.M solution;Transmigration of my soul...I can't know your species problems So I built in a natural "Helper Aspect" to the universe. This "Helper Aspect" shows it's self to a new "Mover Shaker" type so the targeted species is then led by one of it's own. Higher powers can't help directly because they are of a different species. Transitions;Roll in the Side Kick's expressions as needed Shots;Cam1-Full bodies sitting on couch. Cam2-constantly close-up on side kick's face. Cam3-On 1-877-619-2277 number and pictures Picture;Ending Credits picture - trp.JPG Picture URL's This is the first part of the announcement of my being the 10th messenger for earth from a nature that is the cause of loves existence and not evils existence.This nature is the elder and by experience over countless time has made the skills to be as defined |6a God and or miracle worker. Let me first tell you that what you are about to learn is going to manipulate your mind and since I know you all I know the doubts you will have and even the outright anger and why you will follow such thoughts even though it is best that you didn't.I suggest that if you are prone to argue with people with no reason other than that you do then stop reading because I will enrage you with the truth you cannot handle because your type of knee jerk person has no way of real human thought and are actually retarded so why bother reading further.For those of you that feel me and my upmost love and sincerity read on and know I am reading your thoughts as you read so as to answer your questions in the future if any. Personally in my circle of friends I am loved by all so to try and discredit me or my personal life path would not be wise because you will meet with resistance.I will get into my personal perfection later... Okay,I am being told right now by elder nature to begin the announcement with some facts that we as humans never have addressed in all the history of mankind.First is that people are all the same and there is no real free will.We seem to have free will because we are infused with divine intervention at times when we need to advance and we take credit for these advancements but it is to elder natures' credit.Second Some of the major 9 religions of the world were created by the earthly leadership powers at those times so to control the people that were enslaved by those powers.People followed and were weakened by the demands of the false religions and when a miracle occured those miracles from elder nature were credited to the false religion and it's rituals. In a way this announcement can also be considered a report that I was given 30 years to analyze for the reason to end the space time dimension because of failure that can be repaired but the elder nature dosen't want to repair for reasons I will also reveal later. I feel now is a good time to stop since humans in the modern age have short attention spans because of the burdens of being lied to all the time by the current earthly leadership.Soon my friends you will be much more receptive to my information but for now until tomorrow remember only this I will be taking you all home to heaven if you want to think that way but I actually would like to say home is where we live all together with no space in between.Tomorrow I will get into doubt removal of my claims and begin to lay out my Divine message or bible... Part 2, Announcement from the 10th messenger, Now I felt you all who read part 1 and I got a valid question "How can we trust you when so many modern new religions/cults ended in disaster?" Okay, My religion, and religion is based on proven miracles the founder does, then must be defined.I do not ask for funding, followers, or active rituals.I've proven my miracles and am accepted globally. All I need to do is put out the information and those with the mature soul will find themselves finding the information randomly.I see a shakeout of some kind going on with my revelation if I was to look at my actions as a third party.I see evil and or joyless people really fearing this revelation because they will be very obviously identified as being soulless for too long a time and so will need to be dealt with differently from the innocent joyful type people.So when I say religion I mean very casual but not without strict rules of common courtesy and case by case level involvement. I forsee a need to analyze people as far as their belief systems so to know their level of enlightenment.People will need to agree with being analyzed so eventually all will be able to trust others again and we can help the retarded.Yes there will be community, fellowship, real daily neighborhood involvement but it won't be a religion of us against the world if it ever is then abolish it.Not me please, the religion.Don't kill the messenger.Thank you. Now on with the revelation... The Divine Message or Bible will be about the things I have seen in the modern day and how I dealt with them.You'll see that the guts it takes to do what I'm doing is directly from my being in contact with the elder nature.I saw it at close range about 180 feet away as I stood on a 150 foot tall tower above it.I was 21 years old.It took me until very recently to realize what happened that day because I needed to go through all the prerequisites first before I was given the full knowledge.No I don't believe everything is for a reason, unless it is for love to grow and survive. After the contact where I believe I was fully programmed by elder nature by a light beam I went through a very strange time where I was sent to do many things and I know now it was so to see if I was properly following elder natures every order.After this time I was still doing the bidding of the elder nature but it changed into more for computer programming hence my book got written and published all seemingly a miracle or all luck if you want to say it in a scientific way.I can explain this miracle more later.After that I was put into a great many relations with all kinds of people.I got along very well with people and I performed many miracles to help mankind.I was also hand writing great amounts of words to help where I couldn't actually be in person.I was writing my opinions to every issue the elder nature brought to me to solve and I was amazed and elder nature too at my level of problem solving ability.I'm sure that is one big reason why I am allowed to do this religion.Remember people, I'm just some guy doing what he's told.I do get confused between me and the elder nature because I'm the one with the talent to do this and I feel elder nature is me sometimes.It's no fun having no equal on earth to learn from. I get no big thrill in this except that It's gonna get done because I'm doing it. Well, for now I'm being given a rest.Until tomorrow my friends. Part 3; Based on the response I picked up by e.s.p. I have realized the people I wanted to attract into this announcement/religion cannot yet accept me as a loving friend.I will wait for you forever, so fear not, you have done me no harm by your caution and delay. I also picked up some inconsistencies with my statements, minor, yet for the detail oriented here goes. When I said "No Followers" and then I said we would need to analyze all people I didn't mean to say that was part of the religion. I thought it would eventually occure and that I agreed with it since I do not fear such analysis personally. Okay,On with the announcement by the 10th messenger... Trust me I am doing this announcement on the fly so I may seem inconsistent at times because the education I needed didn't really require perfect eloquence in writing skills.I speak better than I write and sometimes I write better than I speak.I'll catch my self, with your help, and back pedal when necessary.I feel we all work together for elder nature and those that hear elder nature the best will contribute better truth to our modern Bible.I never wish to change anyone that have been convinced of the truth in any other religion.I just want to enhance where possible what's been done perfectly and go forward to the future of going away from the hell that seems to want to be eternal in this universe. Now as I mentioned about the requirements of being a recognized world religion. The miracles claimed by holy messengers of old came to be told by witnesses of the actual events and the stories continued so to create a belief among the young and continue the beliefs in the culture.I can say things about such practices to educate the youth but I don't expect too much of people even in the modern age.Suffice to say that the internet will be the witness to my miracles and independent investigaton of those miracles will be the proof of my dispensation to all people for all time. Now that we have the documents to prove all my claims to divinity lets move on to the announcement and then to the Modern Bible and it's construction and reasons later. Now that I have announced my station in life and given the proof to my claims let me add here that I really do rule this earth now so please don't fight me I beat the devil with this announcement so I have no real enemies any more.I think I'll let you all absorb this for today so till tomorrow, don't die... Part 4; Annoucement by the 10th messenger... I am watching T.V right now 6p.m. sun.5/20/07 and I am wearing a GE shirt, General Electric work shirt.On the T.V. is "King of the Hill" and Dale says "General Electric owns our church". This is normal to me and it is how Elder Nature says Hi to me and communicates.Usually I get three related messages at once in real time and I know it's Elder nature.Now to me these events are miracles to me.There's been times I've had to change what I'm doing so radically I almost quit this work because Elder Nature was too hard on me but I have a test pilot kind of faith and I have been "burned up on the launch pad" and still went on, three times in life or more, if I really got deep analyzing my sacrifices. Now lets look at what I just said through the eyes of Elder nature. Elder nature see's me and Thinks,"Gerald is lying on his bed and looking at the ceiling now, I want to reward him for exposing his soul to the world. What should I do?"Well lets see, he's wearing a GE shirt, any relation?Yes, Okay, roll back time ,order to gerald, gerald, turn on T.V. and put on the same channel as "King of the Hill" but make it seem to look like a coincidence to your lower self,relax and get a special miracle from me...Gerald you have arrived... See if you look at the miracle you can see how I go in and out of time in real time but no-one I might be around that knows me sees this happen in this universe but it does.I have had people that were complete strangers say they saw me shape shift.I know so well that I have a miracle worker part to me. I have even requested little "personal test" miracles to happen and they do. You can see why I get confused and think I'm Elder nature.The key is in that I hide from my personal world the mechanics of these wonders which implies Elder Nature has a protective mechanism and does not allow any other to know exactly where and when it does it's miracles. Makes me think that in Elders world it is observed by others and the fact of being studied is not good because for any other to have Elders power is the end of all.This may be a big reason for all our lives on this planet.Science tells us that if you want to observe something too close you will actually cause it to move out of your field of vision.Built in privacy.Quantum to universe.We have looked hard at this universe and I am moving it away and I know why.For a concept I call Anti-space which is at the core of this religion and of all celestial importance.I propose that by revealing myself and my teachings I will save Elder nature from being disturbed by it's own creations.There is a school of thought(nefelim) that erasing all back to zero will spawn a new Elder nature and because of a morphic field that is never totally erased a better Elder will happen automatically but even with death, which saves us from the evolutionary waiting involved to make life, it will still be an earth that spawns me that has to save it's creator.It's just all too complex to change much. Just because you might get a different Elder nature dosen't say it's one that will make perfect worlds while a singularity in universes in it's dream of having space to live in.See that's what's wrong and why a Devil can exist,Space.Space to conspire in.Space to point and shoot.Space to hide in.Evil space.Anti-space though can be fully examined and won't move to protect it's self which reveals an amazing fact about nothingness.Nothingness seems to be impossible to achieve.It is the nature of nothingness to rebel against zero.So to go toward Anti-Space, as a cultural trend, is the most important thing for humans right now.This knowledge caused me to open up and announce my divinity because now I know I'm fully ready to forget the fake problems and take my people home.We don't have to fix anything,but to pass the time fix things.Just make sure to know to go home to the singularity "Heaven" and maybe work on trying to try this space universe again in the future. Enough for now,...

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