In the video room to turn your camera on do what looks like this...

If you are echoing turn your headphones or speakers down please...


If you have alot of background noise when you use my touchtone keypad,

to control the system, the program gets confused.

If your microphone isn't enabled then your out of luck too

so right click on New tool gdk logo

click on settings and click on microphone and see if your getting

sound indication which is a green Vu meter bouncing up and down as you say

a few words like, testing 123.

If you still can't get the system to hear from your microphone then

select "stereo mix" instead from the microphone settings drop down box

and make sure your volume is up in stereo mix as well as the

microphone settings volume slide adjustment.

Right click on your computers speaker icon and

click on Recording devices

enable stereo mix and adjust the volume.

If you don't see stereo mix or wave out

then right click anywhere in the white box

and select...both...

Show disabled devices and

Show disconnected devices