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Programs suggestions...

To play our 17m. .avi on windows media player use AviSynth2.5 from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=57023&release_id=136663

www.research-lab.com $39 "better wave to text" (just speak and it writes text in real time((multilingual))

www.manycam.com Free "manycam" (this helps you broadcast video clips in the video room)

Tips and Tricks...

The higher you pay for lordyumyum = get more, hours and connections, consecutive and "guaranteed reserved appointments"

When training the "better wave to text" you set dictation's double horizontal slide switches,

(top switch ) full left. (bottom switch) full right.

set up mic at 37% volume and muffle the mic if possible while reading test sentence.

To load your clips to manycam to play in video room click on this button

  • In photobucket.com click on "edit images" > "more options" > click on any image > "geek" > "web cam" > "allow"

    "camera up down arrow" choose camera > "capture photo" > "keep photo" > "replace original"

    So now the link pic is changed, not the link itself,so guests can just click refresh to see changes in the browser.

    Steal people from Skypechats 30 minutes before your to host here

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