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title,sane crazy...

Woody the helper!

Beg to be better.

Have you been a bad boy?

Bend over for mistress woodie.

Temptress the teaser.

Let me be your only pleaser.

Need an escourt?

Granny always said,"Be his lady in public,

and his whore in bed."

These words from a hot hungry honey,call now!

wanting and waiting,are you willing?

Woody..."I give em and get rid of em"!

Slave needed,do what I say with no pay.


aka slutina the slave driver.

Slave needed,do what I say with no pay.

Toys toys toys cum play with me.

Jump on me!signed trampolina

do de dodo do de dodo,your now entering into

the woody zone.

Hold on to your wallet or I'll have it,just hand it.

woody the welter,

beg to be beatin.

bend over sick boy.

let me welt it.

we'll play that dry slammer.

I'm first!!!!!!!!!!

loosen these straps,slave.

Welcome to the bung hole(jungle),ram it

and ram it on,soap i see?

Count wackula,Cunt crackula

the cartoon!Cuming soon......

Big hit,hanging with crack heads

hurry crack me,crack me

wack me,hit one,wackula hits.

crackula is exhausted and loves to

pay for sleep but first the

last bang of the star run and i gotta

chase a wildness wild as me to rock.

The move in to the i'll sleep too

attitude about no thought to how

since i'm all feeling toward life is

the best,WOW! we're gonna party over.

We start in an excitement began in party

purity.Mornings are paid for too.

improvise nastiest scenes.Use to wait,wait to use.