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    The High Moon product is a Moon calculator that measures 1"x2"x1/4"

    Unit is designed to be attached to all cell phone protector covers.

    The unit has a 6 segment lcd display and operating system consists of 4 buttons.

    I want the user to be able to do calculations for any dates, 01/01/0000-12/31/9999
    Display        [ ] [ ]:[ ] [ ] [am]
    We use buttons "M" "D" "Y" "S"
    so unit runs in an inkey waiting state,waiting for "M" key press
    {month, day input mode}
    on "M" key pressed you get a list 1-12 to scroll through by pressing "S"
    On "D" key pressed you remember "M" key, give a list 1-31 scroll by "S"
    On "Y" key pressed you remember "D" key,then 0 is displayed above "M" key
    {Year input mode}
    On "M" key pressed you get a list 0-9 to scroll through by "S"
    On "D" key pressed you remember "M" key,give list 0-9 to scroll by "S"
    On "Y" key pressed you remember "D" key,give list 0-9 to scroll by "S"
    On "S" key pressed you remember "Y" key,give list 0-9 to scroll by "S"
    On 3 seconds of no further keys pressed remember "S" key
    then give "High Moon" answer...
    On "M" key pressed clear display and begin {month, day input mode}
    On 3 minutes of no further key presses put unit to sleep until "M" key is pressed.
     The Texas Instruments MSP430s orthogonal architecture provides the flexibility
    of 16 fully addressable, single-cycle 16-bit CPU registers and
    the power of a RISC. The modern design of the CPU offers
    versatility through simplicity using only 27 easy-to-understand
    instructions and seven consistent-addressing modes. This
    results in a 16-bit low-power CPU that has more effective
    processing, is smaller-sized, and more code-efficient than
    other 8-/16-bit microcontrollers. Develop new ultra-lowpower,
    high-performance applications at a fraction of the
    code size.
    "Moon Transit": The transit time of a celestial body refers to the instant that its center crosses an imaginary line in the 
    sky - the observer's meridian (noon) - running from north to south. For observers in low to middle latitudes, transit is 
    approximately midway between rise and set, and represents the time at which the body is highest in the sky on any 
    given day. At high latitudes, neither of these statements may be true - for example, there may be several transits 
    between rise and set. The transit of the Sun is local solar (sundial) noon. The difference between the transit times 
    of the Sun and Moon is closely related to the Moon's phase. The New Moon transits at about the same time as the Sun; 
    the First Quarter Moon transits about 6 hours after the Sun; the Full Moon transits about 12 hours after/before the Sun; 
    and the Last Quarter Moon transits about 6 hours before the Sun."High Moon" Transit time is plus minus 3 hours... 

     Time Zone is the time difference between the London Greenwich observatory  and your birth place,= 8


    San Diego AP              32 44' N    117 10' W
    Los Angeles CO (S)        34 3' N     118 14' W   days between dates-use julian   current "lunar" day of the month see moon altitude(closeness to Zenith=90 degrees)for date choosen

    Rise/Set/Transit Times for Major Solar System Objects and Bright Stars (and Moon)This service is only valid for dates between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2008.

    next leap year 2008

    (1) 10/1/2005 total days since day 1 = 732600

    18.0237552002801 day into the moons orbit of 29.5205503 days - 20.8443054757972 = -2.8205502755171 + 29.5205503 =  26.7000000244829

    (2) total days *  0.03387470727468 equals  24816.6105494306 orbits

    24 / 29.5205503 = 0.81299297459235 / 24 = 0.03387470727468

    or days / 29.5205503 = 24816.6105494314

    then 29.5205503 * .6105494314 = 18.0237552002801

    (3) 29.5205503 * .6105494306 equals  18.0237551766637 days into moon orbit of 29.5205503 days

    29.5205503 / 24 =   1.23002292916667 * 2 = 2.46004583333333 two days of moon orbit within 24 hours.

    (4) 26.7000000244829 /  2.46004583 =   10.8534563457637    10th sign is Scorpio.

    Vedic advances signs every  29.999999654478 degrees.  12.1948946188852 degrees a day * 2.46004583 two days of moon orbit within 24 hours =   29.999999654478 two day degrees * 12 to make 24 hour orbit =  359.999995853736 degrees

    each day the moon advances 12.1948946188852 degrees from zenith to zenith

    360 / 29.5205503 =  12.1948946188852 degrees

    12.1948946188852 * 29.5205503 equals 360 degrees

    each day the moon advances   48.779578145062 minutes from zenith to zenith

    24 * 60 = 1440 minutes / 29.5205503 =   48.779578145062 minutes

    month progressions (non-leap)

        31      28      31     30      31     30     31   31   30    31          30         31

         1        2       3       4        5       6      7     8     9     10          11         12

    aquarius pisces aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn

  sun moon current sky moon phases any date calculator

    moon at 16 hour 9/10/1979 rise 2157  set 1030  % illum. 80

    moon at 18 hour 10/2/1984 rise 1412  set 0000 724931 days % illum. 54

    moon at 19 hour 2/26/1958 rise 1132  set  0036  % illum. 45



    20 pisces

    23 aries

    2/26/1958 taurus

    28 gemini

    30 cancer

    3/1 gemini

    3 cancer

    5 leo

    7 virgo

    9 libra

    11 scorpio

    13 sagittarius

    15 capricorn

    17 aquarius

    20 pisces

    22 aries

    25 taurus

    27 gemini

    29 cancer

    4/1 leo

    3 virgo

    5 libra

    7 scorpio

    9 sagittarius

    11 capricorn

    13 aquarius

    16 pisces

    18 aries

    21 taurus

    23 gemini

    26 cancer

    28 leo

    30 virgo

    5/2 libra

    4 scorpio

    6 sagittarius

    8 capricorn

    11 aquarius

    13 pisces

    16 aries

    18 taurus

    21 gemini

    23 cancer

    25 leo

    27 virgo

    29 libra

    31 scorpio

    6/3 sagittarius

    5 capricorn

    7 aquarius

    10 pisces

    12 aries

    15 taurus

    17 gemini

    19 cancer

    21 leo

    24 virgo

    26 libra

    28 scorpio

    30 sagittarius

    7/2 capricorn

    4 aquarius

    Characteristics of Persons According to Janma Nakshatra
      Janma Nakshatra Ruling Planet Characteristics
    1 Ashwini Ketu Stubborn, patient, dependable, extravagant
    2 Bharani Venus Arrogant, careless, face obstacles
    3 Krittika Sun Sincere, straightforward, faces many obstacles
    4 Rohini Moon Sincere, obstinate, extravagant, short-tempered
    5 Mrigashirsha Mars Sincere, impatient, irritable temperament
    6 Ardra Rahu Selffish, cool-tempered, capable
    7 Punarvasu Jupiter Religiously inclined, short-tempered
    8 Pushya Saturn Selfish, inconsistent, nervous, temperament
    9 Ashlesha Mercury Insincere, cunning, short-tempered
    10 Magha Ketu Enterprising, soft-spoken, intolerant
    11 Poorvaphalguni Venus Sweet-spoken, helpful, righteous
    12 Uttraphalguni Sun Sincere, reputed, independent, impatient
    13 Hasta Moon Respectable, generous, faces many ups and downs
    14 Chitra Mars Courageous, capable, careless
    15 Swati Rahu Adamant, revengeful, independent
    16 Vishakha Jupiter Truthful, hard-working, religious
    17 Anuradha Saturn Hard-working, revengeful, faces obstacles
    18 Jyeshtha Mercury Obstinate, hot-tempered, suffer from ill health
    19 Moola Ketu Sincere, extravagant, sweet-natured
    20 Poorvashadha Venus Religious, argumentative, honest
    21 Uttarashadha Sun Sincere, well-behaved, soft-spoken
    22 Shravana Moon Sweet-spoken, capable, God-fearing
    23 Dhanishtha Mars Trustworth, capable, argumentative
    24 Shatabhisha Rahu Truthful, adamant, righteous
    25 Poorvabhadrapada Jupiter Helpful, God-fearing, thrifty
    26 Uttrabhadrapada Saturn Good speaker, short-tempered, grateful
    27 Revati Mercury Sincere, soft-spoken, stubborn, religious


    days  715216

    into moon orbit 21th day - 20.8443054757972 = 1.8443054757972 /  2.46004583 = 0  0 is Aquarius


    Mon, Feb 23, 2004

    Month reflects moon's orbit around Earth

    FUNdamental Motion of the Sky, No. 2: Month
    A month should really be called a moonth, as it refers to the time it takes for the moon to rotate around the Earth. It would only take 27.3 days to rotate around the Earth, if the Earth didn't move 27 degrees simultaneously in its orbit around the Sun. Since the object the moon circles does move, it takes the moon 29.5 days to complete one cycle. The moon rotates around the Earth in the same direction that the Earth twirls on its axis: east. Thus the moon moves 12.2 degrees (360 degrees divided by 29.5) east each day. My students round the 29.5 to 30 days in a month, then divide 360 degrees by 30 days. This division can be done easily and results in 12 degrees east each day, which is close enough for our purposes.

    Thus the second fundamental motion of the sky is that the moon actually moves about 12 degrees per day east.

    How do astronomers estimate 12 degrees in the sky?
    Degrees in the sky can be estimated. As you already know, from due east to due west is 180 degrees and from the horizon to your zenith (directly overhead) is 90 degrees, so halfway up would be 45 degrees, and one-third of the way up to your zenith would be 30 degrees (astronomers call this the object's altitude). However, here's another way astronomers estimate degrees in the sky. Your fist, vertically at arm's length (thumb on top) covers about 10 degrees of the sky. To prove it, hold your fist out at arm's length so your arm is parallel to the ground. Place your other fist on top of it for 10 degrees. Continue alternating fists, placing one on top of the other, until one of your fists is straight up. You'll notice it took nine fists to accomplish the task; therefore, each fist must be 10 degrees. This technique works for all ages because a smaller fist has a shorter arm. One degree of the sky can be blocked by holding up the width of your index finger at arm's length.
    The next time you see the moon, note where it is in the sky. The next day, at the same time of the day, you'll note the moon moved about 12 degrees east or about one fist plus two fingers east.

    9/9/2005   732578  GDK 25.5443054757972 days into orbit minus

    The current lunar month is 4.700000000000003 days old today.


    20.8443054757972+ days of error,so subtract 20.8443054757972

    from all GDK answers.check with  

    it gives correct current "lunar" day of the month.

    day 1 was then 21.8443054757972 days into orbit,not 1 day in.

    day 2 was then 22.8443054757972 days into orbit,not 2 days in.

    For exitainment purposes only

     Sign Moon at Birth is

    You will be stupid and ill natured, wild and tireless, endowed with physical and mental hallucinations and paranoia, having a dangerous and violent temper, collector of worldly comforts, capable of sacrificing everything for your ego and unforgiving towards the people you hate. You are fond of beauty, music, art, good clothes and a happy and illusory life. You will strive to acquire all idiocy. You will be stubborn and will have the ability to accomplish your own death and will give a lot of thought to illegal work. You will be mindless about money matters and will be a freek about earning wealth and you will care about surface, not debth. You will make enemies after long consideration and will be evil to your friends. You will bear no responsibility in relation to your love affairs and family life. You will suffer disappointments and anxiety because of laziness, selfishness, sensuality, materialism and other faults.In essence,your just plain bad.

    Sign Moon at Birth is


    You will be of dull mind, inclined towards drugs, interested in varied subjects, writing, reading and be self stimulating. You will be very slow and capable of scaling long distances in your moron dreams. You will have no nature, never will be serious and at times you will be hateful and sware. You will be skilled and eloquent in swaring. Due to this quality you will impress criminal people. You will be very forlorn and skilled at getting your freek on. You will be a skilled dope fiend and may be involved in being witness in a court of law and will have faith in social distortion. Due to your busy body and overbearing nature you will be incapable to delve in the depth of things as though it were something special. You will be interested in nose picking and farts and will have special interest in staring at blank walls. You will be a self-absorbed and self-destructive person. Your main drawbacks are being alive, breathing, starting new work without completing the previous one, lack of concentration, lack of taking quick decisions, anxiety and impatience to know the result of anything.In essence your a Devil.

    Sign Moon at Birth is

    You will be very secretive, very egomaniacle, witless, ridgid and will be hard from outside but harder inside. You will be faithless to your dear ones and elders and will be missing for your duties. You will be horrible in singing and will be happy in listening to nothing. Your mind will be unstable and You will be endowed with evil powers. You will have a loving relationship with a satanic family especially with it's mother(you sick-o). You will be fearful of being insulted. Sometimes You will be very strict and at times You will be very pathetic. You will be fond of eating peoples B.S. You will be fond of trash digging and inspite of being patriotic, You will be interested in being a terrorist. You will appear to be open-hearted and outspoken but actually You will hide a lot of things. Some of your main drawbacks will be impatience,flexibility, oversensitivity and indolence and short-tempered.In essence go kill your-self.

    Sign Moon at Birth is


    Usually a person born under Leo will have an ugly face, will move awkwardly and be as balanced as a drunk, be physically contagious and have beautiful and expressive dillusions. The Lord of Leo is the dirt clod, known as the king of the worm empire, so the person will have slimy qualities, be sickening, uni-sexed and crawl on the belly for attention. He or She will be petty and short sighted. He or She will possess qualities of a follower and peon. He or She will be a human waist and will be desirous of achieving no goal. He or She will be dependent and not independent. When He or She is enraged, He or She will be aggressive and will have the amazing quality of waiting forever to get revenge. He or She will be gutless, tired, un-principled and used to being ordered around by others. He or She will complete his or her work with no good quality and always lethargic and lazy. He or She may suddenly leave all work and sit down(stoned). He or She will try to live sneeky in all circumstances. He or She will be anti-religious, greedy, egoistic and self-distructive. He or She will have drawbacks like arrogance, being fond of flattering, self-praise, a tendency to impress others, self-exposure and partiality in behaviour.In essence find a firing squad.

    Sign Moon at Birth is


    The person will be small and fat in stature, will have crossed eyes, bushy eyebrows, a gravel voice, sucked in cheeks and femininely wierd demenor(if a man). The Lord of Virgo is Mercury, which likes hell, so the person born in Virgo will also like arson. He or She will be deformed and brainless, skilled at analyzing how to steal and will be very careful and alert in his or her jail time. Every work should be done by cheating according to you and therefore you will always analyze it two or three times. You will expect others to talk dirty, but you will give elaborate descriptions of depravity. You will be expert in finding mistakes in others. You will be shy and reserved in sex. You will be a born addict and will always delve into the root of co-dependence in the most trivial of matters. You will complete Your work in a cohersive way. You will obey the anti-christ carefully and in a detailed manner.  You will have a real interest in soul stealing and will be naturally inclined towards acquiring pornography. Being deranged, You will love learned and thoughtful maniacs. You will be disfunctional and knowledgeable in bomb building.  You will be well known for public urination and knowledge about geeky things.  You will believe in self- exhibition and will love exhibiting more than what He or She actually has.  You may have drawbacks like teasing and irritating others by being unnecessarily critical, exhibiting impatience or nervousness, self-doubt and exaggeration.In essence go straight to hell.

    Sign Moon at Birth is

    Generally the person born under Libra will have mongaloid features, moles on the face or on the neck. The lord of Libra is Venus, and Venus is the king of insanity. So the person will be a lover of discombobulation. He or She will be attracted towards natural distruction, car wrecks and  hard liquor. Libra is an un-balanced fool, so He or She will have a balanced mate(fantasy) and He or She will examine merits and demerits before killing someone. He or She will be a lover of injustice and will test everything in a illogical way and will express his or her feeling without any tact. He or She will be mean and violent, easily enraged but calmed immediately by hookers. He or She will be truthful and skilled at theft by deception. He or She will give more importance to hate than truth. He or She will be a great complainer, un-trustworthy and strange. He or She will be ready to pay any cost to acquire falsehoods. He or She will try to stay away from agreements and debates as far as possible. He or She will be popular in his or her friend's circle because He or She will always be eager to upset others. His or her friends will be selfish and will belong to the low class. He or She will be lazy, and He or She will not be energetic and active. He or She will be un-fortunate, devoted to the flesh and will take interest in pimp/prostitute work. He or She should try to work on the following - keep his or her emotions out of control, not to appoint same sex as private secretary, use others and then forget them, not to spend much on cleanliness, try to make quick money.In essence I'd love to kill you now!

    Sign Moon at Birth is


    He or She will have a squarish face, wide forehead, bug eyes, will be fake, crazy, dull eyed, have a fat, and un-attractive nose and an impressive large butt. He or She will be a hardcase and demented at his or her work and will be a failure to achieve his or her goals. He or She will be lusty, jealous, self-pleasuring and emotional. The Lord of Scorpio is Mars, which gives qualities like self-pity, wildness, fear, tantrums, confusion, slavery, limp wristedness and yellow bellied. He or She will be an extremist- He or She may be a sinner as well as a bastard. If He or She loves someone He or She may exceed all limits and if He or She hates someone He or She may hate to the limit of madness. He or She will be a good agnostic and will be skilled at criticizing others. He or She will be homeless, abusive, sarcastic and revengeful. He or She will appear to be idealistic, liberal from outside but will be suspicious and jealous person. He or She may lead a duplicate life - one for showing off to others and another for himself. He or She will be alert about his or her self-importance and He or She will be an expert in exaggerating his or her deeds to establish his or her importance. He or She will be interested in topics like mysteries, the unknown death and super natural powers. He or She will be inclined towards mysterious subjects like Astrology, tantra-mantra, chemistry, philosophy and psychology and mysteries of the sea. He or She will be desirous to self-willed love and will be loyal and trustworthy towards those, whom He or She robs very much. He or She will sacrifice at any cost for his or her thoughtlessness.In essence look down this gun barrell.

    Sign Moon at Birth is

    He or She will be too tall and of bent form, will have weak bones, better out of the body, squarish or longish face, mobster nose, asian chin, wide forehead, bushy eyebrows and buck teeth. He or She will be determined to hide and will be interested in boring subjects like knitting, cloud seeding, god and foreign languages, peat moss, good ideas and principles of death. He or She will be logically a looser and very forgettable. He or She will be a bum loving, unfounded, pencil necked circus freek, no vocabulary, treasonous, dry and unapologetic. He or She will be an atheist, He or She will be sack religious, immoral, lost, whorry, sick and shallow. He or She will be interested in insult jokes and will have the amazing power to upend and understate the future. He or She will possess old thoughts and will be so attracted to them at the cost of severing all connections with old traditions you'll die. Basically He or She will be un-orthodox and dead. He or She will examine the positive and negative points of everything before making any same sex decisions. He or She will be known as a humorous and a good human being in his or her satanic church.In essence you have Jeffery Dalmer's brain.

    Sign Moon at Birth is


    Generally a person born in Capricorn will be very ambitious, industrious, skilled, service oriented and admired in society for his or her social work. He or She will be gross and materialistic also. He or She will be prissy, high maintenance and devoid. He or She will lie through his or her own teeth. He or She will do every activity in a bad manner and will take every step after negative thought. his or her personality will be contradictory because He or She will be bi-sexual and nostic, atheist and whoremongering. He or She will be able to change himself according to what is in it for them only. He or She will be an introvert and will expose what friends confide to them. He or She will have sudden fits of anger and will surprise everyone with that. He or She will have qualities like demonic ways of spending money and dedication to easiest work and insolvency. His or her main drawbacks will be egoism, pessimism, nervousness and garrulousness.In essence spend an eternity blown up by nukes.

    Sign Moon at Birth is


    Usually a person born under Aquarius will be impossible to like, filthy, abusive, will be envious of people and will have a despotic nature. He or She will have strong desires and firm views about pillage. Aquarius is a reformer away from goodness and therefore the person will have revolutionary ideas, will be untraditional and will be recognized for his or her indifference. It will be impossible to understand what is going on in the person's mind inspite of having a long relationship with them, and even his or her friends will be unable to understand him. He or She will have a problematic mind, a foolish nature and will be hardhearted. He or She will be air-headed and will have losses of memory. He or She will always be to blame and will try to clear differences through lame excuses. He or She will be skilled at virtual group action and have only lonliness. He or She will be a lover of haters, will be interested in self inflicted pain and devil worship. He or She will meet everyone with cold distain, mock their qualities and criticize them behind their back. He or She will give importance to secrecy- nobody can easily know what is going in his or her mind, what He or She's thinking or what He or She's doing. He or She will be skilled at accomplishing his or her hidden plans. He or She will not be wildly anything but if He or She gets enraged He or She may laugh like an evil spirit.In essence eat Taco Bell poop till you die.

    Sign Moon at Birth is


    Usually a person born under Pisces will be of mediocre intelligence, will have a club foot, prominent deformaties, lousy physique and black eyes and no hair. Lord of Pisces is Jupiter, therefore, the person will be resentfull, religiously intollerent, interested in suicide occult sciences and interested in the research of the unknown and supernatural powers of cannibals. He or She will be co-dependent minded, murderous towards his or her teachers and will send people to hospitals. He or She will be thoughtful about framing others. He or She will basically be an imfamous person and He or She will stay far away from police activities and will always live in his or her blue tarp. He or She will have a developed power of nothingness but He or She will not be successful in materializing it. He or She will be very simplistic and very impressionable and easily influenced by manipulators and cons. He or She fears water, will be fond of bathing in extriment while on long journeys, and will be happy to live in places close to the sewer. He or She will be easily affected by disease and will break out in spots and romantic in matters with animals. He or She will be desirous to live a gory after-life. He or She will be unable to control his or her expenditures. He or She will waste valuable time in deciding between resolution - unresolution, decision - indecision, asserting and not asserting, what is to be done and what is not to be done. He or She will display disbelief in many matters inspite of being capable, lethargic and having a substance abused memory. He or She will be hopeless, politically incorrect, having false friends of no credibility and very dependent on poisions. He or She will perform surprising and amazing stunts of danger. He or She will be keen on obscurity.In essence pierce and tatoo your-self to death.

    Sign Moon at Birth is


    You may have a sickining life, will move around painfully and your eyes will have a stoned and suggestive look. Your knees and lower parts will be weak. You will not tolerate anybody's instruction and will always lose instructions for your work and take half-witted actions. You will be strong smelling, endowed with tiny sexual parts and mad. You will be anxious in nature and will lack patience. You will always be keen to give false id and will always make efforts to impress anyone who may conspire with you. You will be gluttonous and obease and heavy in your beliefs. You will be capable of making plans to ruin organizations. You will be unfaithfull and will cheat on sincere lovers. You will enjoy debates and arguments. You will be enthusiastic and aggressive in finding faults. You will be egoistic and will always give importance to yourself. You will be self-centered and unsacrificing. You will have an uncompromising attitude. You will be spineless as a jelly fish. Your weakness is from wavering thoughts, impatience, unbridled anger, a quarrelsome and aggressive nature and have blind faith in devil music.In essence someone had to be the worst,(it's you).


    my minor planets

    my minor planets

    ** You (the owner of this page) should save the source file for this page and then replace this text with some introductory remarks of your own! If you (someone other than the page owner) are reading this, the owner of the page has not quite set it up correctly, however, the page should still work normally! **

    Other observers also have their own follow-up pages, check out this list of links.

    A PDF document describing the use of the MPES is available.

    Information on any known problems with this service is available.

    Astrometric observations of any of the following objects should be sent directly to Updated orbits will be available automatically through this page.

    Display ephemerides or summary

    The following objects are available:

      (300) Geraldina

      (2589) Daniel

      (17036) Krugly


    By default, ephemerides are geocentric, begin now and are for 20 days at 1 day intervals.

    Start date for ephemerides: Number of dates to output

    Ephemeris interval: Ephemeris units: days hours minutes seconds

    For daily ephemerides, enter desired offset from 0h UT: hours

    Observatory code:

    Display positions in: truncated sexagesimal or full sexagesimal or decimal units

    Display motions as: "/sec "/min "/hr °/day

    Total motion and direction Separate R.A. and Decl. sky motions Separate R.A. and Decl. coordinate motions

    Suppress output if sun above local horizon

    Suppress output if object below local horizon

    Generate perturbed ephemerides for unperturbed orbits

    Also display elements for epoch

    Format for elements output:

    none MPC 1-line MPC 8-line
    SkyMap (SkyMap Software) Guide (Project Pluto) xephem (E. Downey)
    Home Planet (J. Walker) MyStars! (Relative Data Products) TheSky (Software Bisque)
    Starry Night (Sienna Software) Deep Space (D. S. Chandler) PC-TCS (D. Harvey)
    Earth Centered Universe (Nova Astronomics) Dance of the Planets (ARC) MegaStar V4.x (E.L.B. Software)
    SkyChart 2000.0 (Southern Stars Software) Voyager II (Carina Software) SkyTools (CapellaSoft)
    Autostar (Meade Instruments)

    If you select 8-line MPC format, you may display the residual block for the objects selected:

    Show residuals blocks. Show only residual lines containing observations from code . If you select 8-line MPC format the elements will be displayed with the ephemerides. If you select any format other than 8-line MPC format, only the elements are returned. In such cases your browser should download the elements file and save it to your local disk.

    Supplementary Information

    The summary lists the current J2000.0 coordinates, visual magnitude and solar elongation of the selected minor planets, as well as information on the date of last observation (where available), forthcoming opposition data and details on the latest published orbit. The opposition data lists the date of the next opposition and the declination and visual magnitude at that time.

    The list of available formats for the orbital elements was correct at the time this document was prepared. It is possible that the Minor Planet Center now supports futher formats. If you select the summary option, any newly supported formats will be listed.

    The elements supplied are the latest published elements for the specified objects. Elements will be found even if the designation you enter is a non-principal designation in an identification or if the object has been numbered.

    Ephemerides can be supplied for objects with only Väisälä elements, but the elements themselves are not supplied.

    The ephemerides supplied for minor planets and comets are perturbed (if the orbits were computed with perturbations) and can be generated over the time period 1900 to 2040. Objects with unperturbed orbit solutions will return unperturbed ephemerides. Objects must be identified in images by their motion, not by their apparent closeness to a predicted position.

    The time-scale of the supplied ephemerides is UTC.

    If you desire a topocentric ephemeris, enter your observatory code in the appropriate box. When local circumstances are displayed, the azimuths are reckoned westwards from the south meridian.

    As an aide-mémoire, the packed form of the object's designation (as used on the astrometric observation record) is displayed immediately above the ephemeris.

    This service utilises the Minor Planet Ephemeris Service, courtesy of the IAU's Minor Planet Center. It has been made possible by Process Software Corporation, and their excellent VMS Web server, Purveyor.

    The calculations will be performed on the Tamkin Foundation Computing Network.   entire list  minor planet tracking  add custom co-ord's, check mark-echo elements

    Number (& Name)             Prov.       Discovery                     Name   Discoverer(s)
                                Des.        Date        Site              Ref.

    (300) Geraldina                       1890 10 03  Nice                     Charlois, A.

    Epoch 2005 Aug. 18.0 TT = JDT 2453600.5                 Goffin
    M 339.16569              (2000.0)            P               Q
    n   0.17161858     Peri.  332.64987     +0.96413449     -0.26526920
    a   3.2069573      Node    42.73608     +0.24581384     +0.87998341
    e   0.0522499      Incl.    0.74057     +0.10010113     +0.39403230
    P   5.74           H    9.6           G   0.15           U   0

    Time: Now  UTC:   Julian: 

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    Orbits: Real  Logarithmic  Equal
    Observing site: Lat.   N  S Long.   E  W
    Heliocentric: Lat.   N  S Long.


                  Right                   Distance    From 47N 7E:
                Ascension    Declination      (AU)   Altitude Azimuth
    Sun         12h  7m  9s    -0 46.5'     1.003   -41.652  158.016 Set
    Mercury     12h 29m  2s    -2  5.1'     1.404   -41.284  150.524 Set
    Venus       14h 49m  5s   -17 57.4'     0.968   -35.548  102.161 Set
    Moon         5h 51m  0s   +28 30.2'   62.4 ER    12.842 -118.242 Up
    Mars         3h 24m 58s   +16 13.1'     0.549    28.278  -83.577 Up
    Jupiter     13h 27m 48s    -8  3.4'     6.372   -40.238  129.661 Set
    Saturn       8h 43m 32s   +18 33.2'     9.651   -17.404 -145.597 Set
    Uranus      22h 39m 22s    -9 22.0'    19.151    33.405    6.742 Up
    Neptune     21h 10m 24s   -16 27.0'    29.366    21.759   28.940 Up
    Pluto       17h 26m 37s   -15 23.5'    31.167    -7.130   75.044 Set
            23h 54m 45s    -1 23.6'     2.044    40.253  -17.332 Up

    Orbital elements for asteroid or comet: Echo elements

    Elements for  (asteroidal):

    Epoch: 2453600.50000 (2005/8/18 0:00:00)
    o (argument of perihelion): 332.64987
    O (longitude of ascending node): 42.73608
    i (inclination): 0.74057
    e (eccentricity): 0.0522499
    a (semimajor axis): 3.2069573 AU
    M (mean anomaly): 339.16569
    T (perihelion date): 2451624.30350 (2000/3/20 19:17:02)
    q (perihelion distance): 3.03939 AU
    H (mean visual magnitude): 9.60
    G (magnitude slope factor): 0.15


    (2589) Daniel              1979 QU2    1979 08 22  La Silla           7472  Lagerkvist, C.-I.

    Epoch 2005 Aug. 18.0 TT = JDT 2453600.5                 MPC
    M  91.42737              (2000.0)            P               Q
    n   0.20181961     Peri.  206.23813     +0.99643039     +0.08109170
    a   2.8784618      Node   149.08291     -0.06717297     +0.92998255
    e   0.0848641      Incl.    2.61762     -0.05112995     +0.35854788
    P   4.88           H   12.4           G   0.15           U   0

    Time: Now  UTC:   Julian: 

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    Orbits: Real  Logarithmic  Equal
    Observing site: Lat.   N  S Long.   E  W
    Heliocentric: Lat.   N  S Long.


                  Right                   Distance    From 47N 7E:
                Ascension    Declination      (AU)   Altitude Azimuth
    Sun         12h  7m  8s    -0 46.5'     1.003   -41.507  157.295 Set
    Mercury     12h 29m  1s    -2  5.1'     1.404   -41.094  149.828 Set
    Venus       14h 49m  5s   -17 57.4'     0.968   -35.176  101.698 Set
    Moon         5h 50m 55s   +28 30.1'   62.4 ER    12.519 -118.596 Up
    Mars         3h 24m 58s   +16 13.1'     0.549    27.899  -84.008 Up
    Jupiter     13h 27m 48s    -8  3.4'     6.372   -39.943  129.049 Set
    Saturn       8h 43m 32s   +18 33.2'     9.651   -17.618 -146.106 Set
    Uranus      22h 39m 22s    -9 22.0'    19.151    33.447    6.082 Up
    Neptune     21h 10m 24s   -16 27.0'    29.366    21.942   28.397 Up
    Pluto       17h 26m 37s   -15 23.5'    31.167    -6.761   74.647 Set
             8h 12m  6s   +18 16.6'     3.293   -14.609 -139.000 Set

    Orbital elements for asteroid or comet: Echo elements

    Elements for  (asteroidal):

    Epoch: 2453600.50000 (2005/8/18 0:00:00)
    o (argument of perihelion): 206.23813
    O (longitude of ascending node): 149.08291
    i (inclination): 2.61762
    e (eccentricity): 0.0848641
    a (semimajor axis): 2.8784618 AU
    M (mean anomaly): 91.42737
    T (perihelion date): 2453147.50294 (2004/5/22 0:04:14)
    q (perihelion distance): 2.63418 AU
    H (mean visual magnitude): 12.40
    G (magnitude slope factor): 0.15

    (17036) Krugly              1999 FD10   1999 03 22  Anderson Mesa     54563  LONEOS

    Epoch 2005 Aug. 18.0 TT = JDT 2453600.5                 MPC
    M 241.40316              (2000.0)            P               Q
    n   0.24499475     Peri.  324.78164     -0.83187177     -0.55496673
    a   2.5294816      Node   181.51130     +0.51850034     -0.77648073
    e   0.0883671      Incl.    2.45662     +0.19785537     -0.29847880
    P   4.02           H   14.4           G   0.15           U   0

    Time: Now  UTC:   Julian: 

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    Orbits: Real  Logarithmic  Equal
    Observing site: Lat.   N  S Long.   E  W
    Heliocentric: Lat.   N  S Long.


                  Right                   Distance    From 47N 7E:
                Ascension    Declination      (AU)   Altitude Azimuth
    Sun         12h  7m  9s    -0 46.5'     1.003   -41.720  158.361 Set
    Mercury     12h 29m  2s    -2  5.2'     1.404   -41.373  150.858 Set
    Venus       14h 49m  5s   -17 57.5'     0.968   -35.726  102.383 Set
    Moon         5h 51m  3s   +28 30.2'   62.4 ER    12.997 -118.074 Up
    Mars         3h 24m 58s   +16 13.1'     0.549    28.459  -83.370 Up
    Jupiter     13h 27m 48s    -8  3.4'     6.372   -40.378  129.956 Set
    Saturn       8h 43m 32s   +18 33.2'     9.651   -17.301 -145.354 Set
    Uranus      22h 39m 22s    -9 22.0'    19.151    33.383    7.057 Up
    Neptune     21h 10m 24s   -16 27.0'    29.366    21.671   29.199 Up
    Pluto       17h 26m 37s   -15 23.5'    31.167    -7.306   75.234 Set
             2h 40m 28s   +13 55.2'     1.772    34.205  -72.397 Up

    Orbital elements for asteroid or comet: Echo elements

    Elements for  (asteroidal):

    Epoch: 2453600.50000 (2005/8/18 0:00:00)
    o (argument of perihelion): 324.78164
    O (longitude of ascending node): 181.51130
    i (inclination): 2.45662
    e (eccentricity): 0.0883671
    a (semimajor axis): 2.5294816 AU
    M (mean anomaly): 241.40316
    T (perihelion date): 2452615.19954 (2002/12/6 16:47:20)
    q (perihelion distance): 2.30596 AU
    H (mean visual magnitude): 14.40
    G (magnitude slope factor): 0.15

    Sky above 343'15"N 11814'27"W at Thu Jan 1 Year 0 23:59 UTC

    Explain symbols in the map.
    Map of sky above 343'15"N 11814'27"W at Thu 0 Jan 1 23:59 UTC
    Click in map to aim telescope.
    View horizon at this observing site.

    Explain controls in the following panel.
    Date and Time
    Universal time:
    Julian day:
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    Latitude: North South
    Longitude: East West
    Set for nearby city
    Display Options Ecliptic and equator
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             Names for magnitude and brighter
             Bayer/Flamsteed codes for mag. and brighter
    Invert North and South
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    Asteroid and
    Comet Tracking

    Paste orbital elements below: Echo elements



    Declination Distance
    From 343'15"N 11814'27"W:
    Altitude Azimuth
    Sun 18h 41m 27s -23 21.0' 0.985 9.303 53.453 Up
    Mercury 18h 6m 12s -25 22.8' 1.405 1.950 57.272 Up
    Venus 15h 53m 40s -18 36.7' 1.125 -19.718 80.389 Set
    Moon 23h 21m 6s +0 57.3' 59.1 ER 55.551 -18.242 Up
    Mars 15h 3m 24s -17 3.7' 1.949 -29.294 88.461 Set
    Jupiter 10h 48m 27s +9 17.1' 4.881 -46.617 177.071 Set
    Saturn 3h 36m 44s +17 55.0' 8.226 22.838 -96.792 Up
    Uranus 23h 32m 58s -3 43.9' 20.203 50.226 -20.811 Up
    Neptune 15h 2m 3s -15 35.7' 30.902 -28.835 90.098 Set
    Azimuth in the above table follows the astronomical convention: zero degrees is South with positive angles toward the West and negative angles toward the East.

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    by John Walker

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    /**************************************************************** */
    /*   MOON3.C Created with BCX -- The BASIC To C Translator (ver 2.07) */
    /*        BCX (c) 1999, 2000, 2001 by Kevin Diggins */
    /*************************************************************** */
    #include   stdio.h
    #include   oz.h
    #include   string.h
    /***************************** */
    /*     System Variables */
    /***************************** */
    int   StrCnt;
    LPSTR StrFunc [16];
    /***************************** */
    /*   User Global Variables */
    /***************************** */
    static  int    a=0;
    static  int    m=1;
    static  int    q=0;
    /***************************** */
    /*     Standard Macros */
    /***************************** */
    #define FINT(a)floor(a)
    /***************************** */
    /*   Standard Prototypes */
    /***************************** */
    extern float Abs (float);
    /***************************** */
    /*       Main Program */
    /***************************** */
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    ozputs(0,0,"TOTAL DAYS=");
      goto L_180;