Digital Government

Go to

Begin click here

click on

Help > C.Service



and introduce your self with a cqcode 10 number image, created here

click on

File > Create button


File > Create button

enter as much info as you want before creating cqcode image.

Then you get a detailed message on how to spend the paper money

and create a "Frequented merchants eMoney account".

GDK EXCLUSIVE(qrcode with auto-IP address refreshing)

This service has a place in your software tool kits.

No matter how on the move you are your IP address will find you.

Run dynamic content dedicated servers while in orbit for all we care

Simply make a qrcode .bmp copy with the three names like so...

first name is the ten from the GDK shrink link URL

Images are named 1687254645.plcqcode1685992261.1687254645 but must be changed.

When the shrink link is created rename image filenames first ten numbers to the shrink links ten numbers 1307589347.

Then the cqcode ten number a . then the API website ten number then .bmp

qrcode is encoded to

qrcode scans to then reveals the url needing

1687254645 at the end where the ??????????.pl is.

Customer enters in the 10 numbers and by a browser goes to the qrcode API website

or uses our automatic system form to create the final link to the API website.

If you want to change the GDK shrink link to the automatic system form then

re-encode a new qrcode with

and change that to be the new url replacing the old internal GDK shrink link URL.

start everything here...

GDK Money...

Within script fun2.php for GDK money change the box32 to your own number,

from 1-96, as validation the bill is yours (change frequently).

So the POS point of sale checks atest.png at URL example here...

by scanning the qrcode then clicks on SubmitQuery Then

view source of the qrcode that is shown

  • Example Here to see box32 then looks at grid on bill itself if box 32 is blacked out the bill is valid :)

    working bill...

    subtract from yearly total amount $50,000

    write merchant name on bill


     1     OK

    qrcode to URL address

    or always on home server.

    qrcode to URL address

    or always on home server.

    Refresh Page to double check activity spinners.


     2     NO



    Webmaster/owner recertify by changing the countdown timer code of this site.

    Code 128 now used on GDK money

    view source example here... to see box32 then looks at grid on bill itself if box 32 is blacked out the bill is valid :)

    It will scan number 1679270401 into the QueCat decoder (aka SPeC) and read out box32 also.

    /cgi/atest.txt update form for always on home/mobile server

    get this code and run from always on server

    The current always on server IP is sent to by an API url

    If home server down use web server API url