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    Newest {Library CQ/QR database} code text decode/encode barcode images and use hotkey F6 if using quickmark decoder



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    Click on your CronIPchanger.cmd icon OR run Wincron and load CronIPchangerWCron(2).tg to update IP in blue forms below.

    To validate IP address updates from no-ip, form below should match the IP Address : xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx under that before adding :4001

    IP Address : :4001
    For service copy (IP Address : xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:4001) above and add it anywhere on form; File > Create
    To change the HostName= in pms_config.ini file use Edit > APIedit Base filename 7777788888.ini
    See what HostName='s in 7777788888.ini and 7777788888.pl click here
    Change the 7777788888.ini and 7777788888.pl with Edit > APIedit click here
    Rename 7777788888.ini to pms_config.ini and copy to folder in C drive Users gerald Desktop LIVEcqcodeCD2, restart server2go

    Add your data into mysql database, admin. only

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    Add company to GDK venders NOW

    Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="7777788888.ini" Content-length: 7025 Content-Type: application/x-download [general] ;--- If you use the ShowTrayIcon Parameter, you can define a name that is used in the Menu and Tooltip ServerName=Server2Go ;--- Shows a splash screen at startup. If here is no value, no splash will be shown. You can set a grafic file ;--- name for images in the Formats: BMP GIF JPG PNG TIF ICO TGA PCX PSD at the moment UseSplash=splash.png ;--- Show progress bar at startup ShowStartupProgress=1 ;--- You can set a color that will be shown transparent. You need to define a RGB Value ;--- in the style SplashTransparencyColor=128,128,128 SplashTransparencyColor=128,128,128 ;--- Set this to true if you want to keep the server running after browser close or if you user NONE as browser type ;--- Please note that the only possibility to shutdown the server is to kill him over the taskmanager if this is true KeepRunningAfterBrowserClose=1 ;--- If the following parameter is 1 Server2Go shows a tray icon for shutting down the server. If you dont like a tray ;--- icon just left this parameter with value 0 ShowTrayIcon=1 ;--- Server2Go needs write access to the servers configuration files. For that all config files will be copied to a temp folder ;--- if StartLocal is 0. If you like to use Server2Go in a writeable environment (i.e. harddisk) you can use the value 1 ;--- instead. Please note that StartLocal=1 on a CD-ROM will NOT WORK!!!!! StartLocal=0 ;--- You can restrict the amount of running instances of one application to a single instance. That means that a user just can start one ;--- instance of your webapplication based on server2go. If you set the following parameter to 1 only one instance is allowed AllowOnlySingleInstance=1 ;--- Allows to set the shutdown message that is shown when Server2Go is closed, {SERVER_NAME} is replaced with the name you set at the ;--- Beginning of this file ShowShutdownMessage=Shutdown {SERVER_NAME} [http] ;--- Defines the hostname that should be shown in the browser url and that is used for the apache server ;--- At the moment only IP addresses or the placeholder {local_ip} is allowed. HostName= ;HostName= ;HostName=bizcoupon.no-ip.biz ;--- Defines the port that should be used. If this port is in use a unused ;--- port will be searched automatically Port=4001 ;--- The start html/php page, so you can define any page in your document root folder as start file (i.e. pages/start.php) ;--- If empty a huge variety of default handlers is used (index.php, index.html, index.htm...) DefaultFile=cgi/CRcode/geraldkrug.pl ;--- defines the root directory in that all webfiles are saved DefaultRoot=htdocs ;--- If value is 1 all temporary files of the http server (sessions...) will be deleted after ;--- Server shutdown DeleteHttpTemp=1 ;--- If HideTempFolder is set to 1 the folder will created as hidden folder HideTempFolder=1 [Browser] ;--- The browser that is started after server start (possible values: IEXPLORER, FIREFOX, PORTABLEFIREFOX, MOZILLA, DEFAULT, EXTERNAL) ;--- Please take a look at the www.server2go-web.de/wiki pages for a documentation how to use PORTABLEFIREFOX!!!!!!!! BrowserType=IEXPLORER ;--- Browser command options like -k (NOT IN USE AT THE MOMENT) BrowserCommandOptions= ;--- Path to an external browser that is used instead the browser above BrowserPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\SlimBrowser\sbrowser.exe ;--- Specify caption text of Work Offline dialog box. You can use mor than one captions (seperated with ;) ;--- The captions for german, english, french, dutch and spanish are build in by default WorkOfflineTitle= ;--- The size of the started browser. Can be a pixel dimension (1024x768) or the values MAXIMIZE and KIOSK (Internet Explorer only) BrowserSize=1281x768 [database] ;--- 1 if MySQL Server should be started UseMySQL=1 ;--- 1 if the database files from the dbdir directory will be mirrored to ;--- a directory of the local machine LocalMirror=1 ;--- 1 if the mirrored database should be overwritten at each start of the ;--- the server OverwriteLocalMirror=0 ;--- The path to that the database should be mirrored (e.g.. c:\MyS2GApp\Data\) , if empty the ;--- default temp directory is used MirrorFolder= ;--- If value is 1 all files of the database server will be deleted after ;--- Server shutdown DeleteDatabaseFiles=0 ;--- The port that should be used for MySQL. If empty the default mysql port is used MySQLPort=7188 ;--- Commandline parameters (i.e. skip-innodb) MySQLCmd=--skip-innodb ;--- If HideMirrorFolder is set to 1 the folder will created as hidden folder HideMirrorFolder=0 ;--- MySQL Mode. If set to NETWORK the MySQL Server is reachable via network. Default is LOCAL (only available from local machine) MySQLMode=NETWORK [AdditionalParsing] ;--- You can define additional file that will be parsed at startup for replacement string. You can use it i.e. to add the ;--- current server path to a htaccess file or changing configuration files of your webapplication at startup ;--- PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU ARE NOT WORKING ON A WRITE PROTECTED MEDIUM LIKE A CD!!!!! ;--- You can use this on harddisk or usb stick... File1= File2= File3= File4= File5= File6= File7= File8= File9= File10= [Startup] ;--- You can add additional EXE files that will be started in the startup process of Server2Go ;--- At the moment the EXE files will be started invisible and right AFTER the webserver ;--- and MySQL-Start Startup1=C:\Program Files (x86)\No-IP\DUC20.exe Startup2=C:\Abyss Web Server\abyssws.exe Startup3=C:\Users\gerald\Desktop\CronIPchanger.cmd ;Startup4=C:\Program Files (x86)\WinCron\WinCron.exe ;--- if not dedicated IP address load into WinCron.exe ;--- C:\Users\gerald\Desktop\LIVEcqcodeCD2\Cron\CronIPchangerWCron (2).tg [Shutdown] ;--- You can add additional EXE files that will be started in the shutdown process of Server2Go ;--- At the moment the EXE files will be started invisible and right BEFORE the webserver ;--- and MySQL-Shutdown Shutdown1= Shutdown2= Shutdown3= [Path] ;--- You don't need to change anything of the below settings if you work with the out-of-the box Server2Go download package ;--- But if you like to use Server2Go with another webserver package like XAMPP you can change the pathes to your special ;--- Server package. ;--- Please ensure that you read the FAQ before starting to adapt your Server package ;--- The path to the apache EXE file for starting and shutdown ;PathToApache=server\apache\apache.exe ;--- The path to the httpd.conf file of apache ;PathToHttpdConf=server\apache\conf\httpd.conf ;--- The path to the mysql bin folder ;PathToMysqlBin=server\mysql\bin ;--- The path to the my.ini file of mysql ;PathToMyIni=server\mysql\my.ini ;--- Path to the data directory of mysql ;PathToMySqlData=server\mysql\data ;--- Path to the share directory of mysql ;PathToMySqlData=server\mysql\share ;--- Path to the php.ini file ;PathToPhpIni=server\apache\php.ini Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="7777788888.ini" Content-length: 7025 Content-Type: application/x-download