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GDK Developers API clientID and secret

Just create in form below and email me the subdomain and I'll create it for your testing pleasures.

Use this email

Generate 2 API key's for this form or send them to me

OR try to use these test API key's and follow directions...

ClientID 4c1bab6c093c6aff494c893fc6d70e13

Secret 66c942612e26663a34a00bc385c08907

Note: I change the test API key's so please get your own :)

Generated Two Keys, ok

clientID: e89729257a92577123a712392578972c9257
secret: c6539806a98067069a70699806653e9806
Click here for Edit > CQupld ready code 128, save as cqcode2056743643.jpg decodes as API website 1714664158
Directions...generated OR test API key
right click link above, properties, copy address(URL), paste in browser, change text= (API website number) and change kp= (test OR generated API key), Go
This is the most recent API website URL.....

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GDK barcode (c)2011
Subdomain clientID is;
This URL
^forwards to > API Apps. Access using clientID and secret and accessID and secret.
Checking if 2) valid keys system saved 1ok 2ok


subdomain clientID


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