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The GDKSS614 created from the 555 timer Mono stable (one shot) circuit.

Our design needed a plus or minus car door triggering voltage so we used a 12v d.c. mini spdt relay

to negative voltage trigger the 555 at pin 2.

The 12v d.c. voltage output to the ignition connect relay 12v d.c. 10 amps from pin 3 is held

off till reset by releasing the one shot button connection.

Logic: open door, mini relay holds on the one shot connection and sends

negative trigger to 555 causing pin 3 to start output (in time) of 12v d.c. spst to ignition relay.

Ignition relay disconnects ignitions' power wire.

Only a hidden switch resets 555 by unholding the one shot button connection

and pin 3 connects ignition power wire.

The two circuits below illustrate using the 555 timer to close a relay for a predetermined

amount of time by pressing a momentary N/O push button. The circuit on the left can be used

for long time periods where the push button can be pressed and released before the end of the

timing period. For shorter periods, a capacitor can be used to isolate the switch so that

only the initial switch closure is seen by the timer input and the switch can remain closed

for an unlimited period without effecting the output.

In the idle state, the output at pin 3 will be at ground and the relay deactivated. The trigger

input (pin 2) is held high by the 100K resistor and both capacitors are discharged. When the

button is closed, the 0.1uF cap will charge through the button and the 100K resistor which

causes the voltage at pin 2 to move low for a few milliseconds. The falling voltage at pin 2

triggers the 555 and starts the timing cycle. The output at pin 3 immediately moves up to near

the supply voltage (about 10.4 volts for a 12 volt supply) and remains at that level until the

22 uF timing capacitor charges to about 2/3 of the supply voltage (about 1 second as shown).

Most 12 volt relays will operate at 10.4 volts, if not, the supply voltage could be raised to

13.5 or so to compensate. The 555 output will supply up to 200mA of current, so the relay could

be replaced with a small lamp, doorbell, or other load that requires less than 200mA. When the

button is released, the 0.1uF capacitor discharges through the 100K and 2K resistors. The diode

across the 100K resistor prevents the voltage at pin 2 from rising above the supply voltage

when the cap discharges. The 2K resistor in series with the 22uF cap limits the discharge

current from pin 7 of the timer. This resistor may not be necessary, but it's a good idea to

limit current when discharging capacitors across switch contacts or transistors.

From Inventors workbook, Shows proper flow of logic for circuit.

Start from Door + Door - input wires. DPDT relay is to constant trigger 555 at rest and when door opens

it will unhold the oneshot then countdown and disconnect ignition power wire.

pressing unit reset opens a reed relay and unlatches the Door + Door - relay so it relaxes and

triggers 555 constantly which connects the ignition power wire.

Now,choose from a variety of cool GDK systems at the same price.

road warrior,body guard,defcon-5,logicar,co-pilot,under-cover,

over-lord,secret service,good samariton,robo-cop,gate-keeper,pro-tech,chore baby

monitron,ss60,ss61,ss614,ss619,hi-jack buster,n1z cars

First I'd like to assure the future of the GDKss614

as related to personal security using "Web cameras"

which I call,ROBO-COP.

Privacy issues and personal security is being lumped

together to form a block to the progress of such

devices.Please consider that privacy is always open

to crime. To be safe,a private person must give

away some privacy to use a body guard or an electronic

device etc.

We at GDK agree that a camera on everybody will send

a clear message to all that crime cannot ever pay.

The GDK device can turn a "Web camera" on,in the event

that the body exhibits high stress,and such stress

does occure in a crime situation.(more later)Even if thieves

know you have an anti-carjack system in your car

counter measures are ineffective against our systems

because the systems are not installed or used in the same ways

because of accessories like proximty switches,odometer trigs,

vibration trigs,cellphone trigs,reset and valet dual modes,

and fingerprint/stress i.d's on reset and valet switches.

The GDKss614 connects just like a car alarm but is not

a car alarm.

The unique thing about the GDKss614 is the unit needs

no effort on your part during a carjacking.

GDK research has shown that during a carjacking there

is no time to reach for a button to activate a system

so the GDKSS614 was designed to automatically trigger

(activate).(more later)

The activation or trigger is a positive or negative

of 12 volts from the car doors,hidden pressure switch,

and or cellular phone.(Pressure and phone type extra \$$)

The Reset is a hidden push button,voice recognition,and

or key-chain remote controll.(voice,remote extra \$$)

(more later)

The GDKss614 is built with the environmentalist approved

manufacturing techniques invented by GDK.We use no acids,

leads,rosins,fiberglass etc. yet our electronics is solid

state and repairable,thus allowing GDK to offer life-time

guarantees on the GDK line.(more later)


to be used in any language and re-connects your cars

vital function via saying four digits or four words.

The current Anti-carjack units on the market require the

driver to trigger the unit but the GDKss614 is automatic,

so the driver can just leave the scene of the carjacking

quickly and not seem to be resisting the carjacker.

(more later)

**For our engineers the technical jargon for the GDK devise

is that it is a customized user reset or reset one-shot

combined + or - constant or + or - single pulse activated

adjustable timed current interrupt and or timed interrupt

over-ride and current provider.AC and DC compatable.

The normal state is un-reset with power connected.

The i pin is the input.The f pin is N.O. The c pin is N.C.

Normally Open=Circuit disconnected while un-reset

Normally Closed=Circuit connected while un-reset

(more later)

GDK is currently using a manufacturing agent to push the

ss614 to new levels of marketing and legislative purpose.

Legislators are being called upon to create a bill making

mandatory all new cars connect to an Anti-carjack

devise.The insurance industry has realized they'r position

in auto security by offering discounts to they'r customers

that install an ss614,and all related fields that benefit

from the devise described at**of which there are over 20,

making the GDKss614 very attractive to corporate sponsors,

private investors,philanthropic individules,and public

inquires,such as you.(more later)

GDK electronics has improved the patent 5360997 and is now

filing another patent.GDK is submitting the GDKss614 to

industry and have received excellent response from the top

Auotmobile Manufacturers.(more later)

Investors are encouraged to Email GDK to see our Business

Plan.GDK is looking to develope more of our 20 different

uses for the GDKss614.Our Email was gdkss@ix.netcom.com

now you can just click on the "Email c.o.d.address" link

on our first page.(more later)

GDK has been negotiating with a CEO in Canada to be named

on our Business Plan.Our investors will be assured of a

Management Team fully qualified to execute the GDK Plan.

Our European Initional Public Offering (IPO) on The A.I.M.

Stock Exchange for Start-ups will be announced soon in a

Press Release and here on the GDK Homepage.(more later)

Recent R&D has made the GDKss614 function totally hands

free.(more later)

GDK sensors are made to up-grade many products on the

market today and the exclusive non-polluting manufacturing

process assures our investors there will not be any future

lawsuits.(more later)

Anti-Hostage and Anti-Kidnap Technology has arrived from

GDK,your Automotive Aftermarket supplier.(more later)

GDK will soon be matching investors with our Common Stock

offerings here on the GDK Home Page.(more later)

Our Spanish translation is now available and other

languages will be comming soon(more later)

Check out the copyrighted "Graphical interface word

processing"for the internet from GDK.(more later)

Comming soon,the exclusive GDK upholstery switch.(more


GDK D.P.O.(Direct Public Offering)in construction(more


Introducing the Weight Authorization Verifier W.A.V.

(more later) Automobile sensors are big news and GDK

has patented sensor drivers aka circuit up-integrators

and aka sensor to application connections.

(more later)GDK is now 10 units in one with our new

select switch and watch for the Anti-sleep unit comming

soon that actually knows if the yaw in your yawns are

too dangerous.(more later)Now if you want a private channel

get the GDK PGP encryption software.(more later)

The PNGV Program,ISO9000 and QS100 ect.,is recognized by

the big three automakers as vital to our countries future and GDK

is fully involved.(more later)The founder of GDK is currently

doing speaking engagements called "Maximum Dividends".These lectures

inform investors on the best investments to gain the most money.

(more later)The new safety feature on cars that keeps headlights on

during the day can run your battery dry if it isn't charging right.

GDK's "Headlight Minder" can help.(more later)The gradually decreasing

power feature of Delco Electronics Anti-Carjack system is adopted

by GDK(more later)Criminals will always try to be a step ahead

of theft deterrent systems.The GDKss614 is designed to stay one step

ahead of carjackers by our unique installation instructions and

automatic triggering system.(more later)GDK realizes that Anti-

Carjack systems can cause thieves to take hostages for the

purpose of over-riding Anti-carjack systems if the car dies while

it is being stolen,but GDK has answered that problem,and Ford

Motor Company agrees,that the Anti-Hostage system from GDK will

end carjacking.The Anti-Hostage System is the only way available

to stop and catch a kidnapper.The A-H system is run by a computer

program written by Gerald D.Krug and the outside components are

designed to fit in easily with the automobiles interior.

Enter the car and begin driving.If others become detected in seats

a Verify/Capture/Unanimous release takes place.If V/C/U isn't done

in time the car gradually loses power and stops and all occupants

will be detained,Police called


GDK hopes you can understand we will not give out more details

about the A-H System Verify/Capture/Unanimous release process.

(more later)The GDK Business plan is back

Readme(more later)GDK introduces the "REEL REMINDER" the

fishermans automatic line tensioner and bait check alarm.

(more later)To reset the ss614 with your remote alarm system

from inside the car use the chirp of the alarm set to a 12v

relay to give neg. to the ss614 reset push button or get the

GDK arming led light signal remote alarm for stealth resetting.

(more later)GDK announces the break only stop accessory.This

accessory,to the ss614,delays the ss614 from stopping your car

until a break is pressed.(more later)Hey!GDK fans NOW...

if a timer isn't your idea of an effective delay then how

about the NEW...Speedometer sensor for the GDKss614.

adjustable to as low as 1/20 of a mile before stopping

your car.(more later)GDK locator system is so easy to use,just

call police and report carjacking then call GDK and give us

the police dept. phone number and ss614 serial number and

police crime report case number.(more later)Remember when

calling GDK before our grand opening,ring 20 times.

(more later)Now!remote resetting of the ss614 with alarm or

without.Check out our super low prices.(more later)Remember

don't put your keys on to your arm/disarm remote key chain

controller when used to reset your gdkss614.(more later)If you

don't feel good about disabled systems on your car then use

a Pain Generator interior siren.(more later)Imagine calling your

car and having it stop automatically,well you can with the GDK

P.I.T.stop card system.(more later)Due to the success of

tracking systems,thieves park stolen cars legally and return

days later to finish the theft.You won't have to worry about

thieves hiding your car soon after it is hi-jacked,that means

with the ss614,recovering your car is easy.Thieves don't

have time to legally park your car.(more later)The floor mat

pressure switch to over-ride the door triggers makes the

ss614 a dream to operate.(more later)Automobile electrical

certification AEC does not account for future lawsuits based

on pollution.GDK does not build with polluting processes.

GDK hand crafts its systems and insures its products.

(more later)The instant kill GDKss60 is 99.95 and the 3 minute

factory set timer GDKss61 is 129.95.(more later)

GDK has a hidden audio count down warning voice for added value.

(more later)If you can't put your car in neutral,reset GDK,re-start your

car,and put it in drive while your driving,we don't recommend purchase.

(more later)Is your security guard asleep at his post?Then use the

GDK guard report recorder.Random intentional beeps must be noted on the

guard report then check if it matches the Guard report recorders printout.

(more later)A kidnapping becomes a hostage situation when the thief has

run out of options for escape.The GDK series 60,61,614 stops the kidnapping

so in turn stops a potential hostage situation.(more later)

Get free assessments of your security needs call 1-877-619-2277(more later)

The T.R.A.P. system used by police to lock carjackers in a stolen

vehicle has made carjackers flee a stopped car so they wont look for

ways to defeat the system.(more later)Air bags have saved 3000 lives

from 2.4 million deploys and the ss614 saved a car on its first test

deploy.(more later)If you think you may have a counterfit AT&T

pressure csswitch please register with the GDK recall program so you can

enjoy product liability coverage.(more later)GDK does not suggest using

a valet toggle to over-ride any system.(more later)Use the AT&T pressure

csswitch to block ignition 2 on all cars.(more later)Tap reset and kick trigger

in "Panic mode" instantly kills the engine unless used to kill the electric fuel

pump.(more later)

Simply lift constant pressure on the csswitch when it is used as a

valet,examples,heavy object,clamp,magnet and the alarm stays off.

(more later)