ition vehicle

Cloud Aquisition vehicle;

1. Guide industry's to world webpage scaling capacity.

2. Best Practice Blog and access industries databases.

The drop down box below requires fees.

First, you certify with our staff that you know Amazon AWS s3 storage systems is akin to


Amazon AWS s3 storage systems needs you to create an account.

You will need to know how to edit html code.

You will need to set up a mobile developers site so learn the basic buttons of android smart phones.

You will buy an API url to android smartphone website for discounting and all other services.

You will need a trained staff  selected to go over offline data storage so not needing security.

We offer cloud code tools in perl php java html & Have you learned b.a.s.i.c. language logic routines ?

If you don't want to be a developer and need dynamic world deployed programs in the cloud, lets email now...

The Best Practice Blog is where industry publishes, current discounts, new policies, innovations...

Accept the Login cookie from here, Demo Online Order, easy access daily page uploading and get support deploying cloud code tools.

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Paypal API integration to offer discounts

PayPal mass pay report