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    aaaai GDK Electronics aaaai, used together, those 4 search keywords in Google, you can click on link "aaaai GDK Electronics aaaai" using search...search "aaaai GDK Electronics aaaai" click on "aaaai GDK Electronics aaaai"

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    Save this image as cqcode1673421963.jpg if you want to read it's secrets in the OCR

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    Seventh year granting out 20% to the area friends, thanks for being my friend.

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    Everyday here downtown in Los Angeles California an idea is born.

    Some are great, but most ideas fail as they grow. The great ideas though are

    like printing your own money.

    Through an amazing life's path I have created great ideas that grew and returned

    more than money. With the internet, that I feel I kick-started, we have a place for ideas,

    the great and not so great, to be organized into business.

    Hopefully this web site can guide you to greatness...

    Gerald Daniel Krug


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    1. Slots

    2. Dice Toss

    3. Bahai Calendar

    4. Moon up-over head

    5. JapaMala bead Calendar

    6. Daily,Conception Bio-Rhythm

    7. Assoc Computer Entra. ACEbup

    8. National Grade System, For public or for private use

    9. "Pinch Tech", B.A.S.I.C. you write to run on the Internet

    10. Cash register, fully eraseable, and qrcoded

    invoices.... $25.00

  • 11. Suite of GDK products to the DESKTOP

    folder, install now, try free.

  • 12. Playing Card Football, Now on the

    Internet, Please Gamble responsibly.

  • 13. CRAP SHOOT


  • 15. Chatpass

  • 16. chatpass upgraded

  • 17. MYCRON instructions

  • 18. The RUN BIRD game

  • 19. The NUMBERS game

  • 20. New 10pin Scorekeeper

  • 21. Sounds Crazy

  • 22. Moving clouds simulator

  • 23. Serial Number Generator

  • 24. TTL countdown Screen

  • 25. Reminder-log Service

  • 26. vox Mailmail super private

  • 27. W9 form (employees only)

  • 28. Geo tagged freehand signature

  • 29. USA Cities Lat.Long. search

  • 30. Random Info./Tips for websites

  • 31. GDK's updating Banner widget

  • 32. "Cupids' Line" Ice Breaker service.

  • 33. AASIGN handwritten uncrackable codes

  • 34. Make patterns from handwriting

  • 35. Hi-Def. binary text watermarking

  • 36. .gif binary reformatting tool

  • 37. Use this calendars HTML source

  • 38. Library QR

    acqcode database.

  • 39. Custom QRcode image on image

  • 40. Wand OR pen scans to website

  • 41. Change Link, URL rename and shrink

  • 42. A12, code and decode system

  • 43. vox PanicButton, instant alert system

  • 44. General Sound Generator

  • 45. Notepad++? search/replace text

  • 46. vox IPME, IP update for home qrcodes

  • 47. Sticky Notes: Writing system

  • 48. Email Ready, email lists made easy

  • 49. Link Miner, list all links on a website

  • 50. Remove duplicates from lists

  • 51. Read Code 128 barcodes

  • 52. Reserved Seating

  • 53. Shelf code chat (tm) beta

  • 54. IP gateway, block non-locals

  • 55. Optical Character Recognition

  • 56. Unix 10 number to date

  • 57. UPC-QR bulk shelf item notepad system

  • 58. Merge 300 x 300 image to a QRcode

  • 59. Convert .png image to html & linked

  • 60. Convert .html to .ps postscript

  • 61. Lost Cell Phone Finder

  • 62. Server Monitor

  • 63. Server Monitor again

  • 64. Not Your Momma's Game Of LIFE

  • 65. Hangman 1.3.4 by J.R. Greer

  • 66. Random words & Scrabble point values

  • 67.BATTLESHIP play from command line

  • 68. a12a anti-bot input form

  • 69. Blog; GDK modified for php v.4.1.2

  • 70. Activity indicator demo's, View > Source

  • 71. Calendar jquery plug in gdk improved

  • 72. Offline or Online, validate clients

  • 73. DNA sequencer plus five more tools

  • 74. Magic 8ball knows all

  • 75. Database 3.0 (not mysql)

  • 76. Link Grab 1.0 perl and php on one page

  • 77. vox p?*search Flying Everything

  • 78. Text Versions of websites

  • 79. vox myLIVEwebsite using even the cheapest cellphones

  • 80. Set the access and modify time of a file

  • 81. Click on log to see your internet caller ID info.

  • 82. "Usage Moment" real time merchant customer valid agreements.

  • 83. Downloader from URL or form w/REST endpoint locked

  • 84. One minute custom invoices (uses Cash Register)

  • 85. One minute custom contracts + freehand signature card & GPS

  • 86. ANYALERT2CELL custom sms text message alert to cell phone

  • 87. Create Email sales tag images for all API tiny websites

  • 88. Biz Card creator with QR phone dialer

  • 89. Security Camera .jpg encoder & decoder system

  • 90. Introduce you're business to Crowdfunding Portals

  • 91. Monopoly(c) from Mcdonalds(c) ;Board with 6 moving pieces

  • 92. Dollar Item Advertisers; Join up with my sales

  • 93. Replace text in multiple file extensions in a folder/dir

  • 94. Quick and easy, simple calculator.

  • 95. GPS slicer and dicer for improving GPS .gpx files

  • 96. Inputting download page for up2download

  • 97. Free Exif information/gps read and write tool

  • 98. Becloud html, overtravel spreadsheets' text , A download passkey

  • 99. Replace text in non-cgi dynamic file trees, in a top folder/dir

  • 100. show2me, Can you add something to the computers mind???

  • 101. Screenshot of script to decode 10 digit 128 barcode .png images

  • 102. Reminder-log API URL you can use for your own.

  • 103. Search all code and text in a dir/folder, print filename(s)

  • 104. Cash Register Image map used with "Library QRcode barcode database"

  • 105. Calendar with random red yellow highlighted dates

  • 106. SQL sandbox for remote editing of eblah-sql-beta-4 eblah_members table

  • 107. Feet per fractions of second, or seconds, converted to MPH

  • 108. Secure emailer for you if in a real hurry to send an email

  • 109. AFFILIATE! custom software, set AFFILIATE name cookie in customers computer

  • 110. NoLine fixes those files where excessive new lines are unwanted.

  • 111. Make instant search results with qrcodes by encoding API search url's

  • 112. csChatRBox chat running in perl 5.006 in upgraded condition for testing only

  • 113. Ordering-Online, a system to demonstrate event time ordering online

  • 114. Data eraser; to remove the first line aka 0 line in a file

  • 115. reserve any subdomain http://?????????.ipme.us for QRcoded ordering-online software

  • 116. If a home server is on; upload QRcode image for sms text decoding message back

  • 117. If a home server is on; Ordering-Online, a system to demonstrate event time ordering online

  • 118. If a home server is on; Check all urls after the top two in a range of 20 for status 200. allow 6 minutes

  • 119. Where do old emails go to tell their old stories to robots who'll listen? HERE

  • 120. Thin Upload to root if you know ftp:// id and pass, admin only, OR Amazon S3

  • 121. Android tablet server/wifi hotspot; Ordering Online off and on for subscribers; devvir.ddns.net/

  • 122. Create Data Urls so no need of constant http requests to display your images.

  • 123. Freedns Get email to your cell phone showing new ip if the dynamic ip changes

  • 124. Private Auctions; Do the Sell Item section, put your email in description box.

  • 125. Amazon s3 cloud services builds API URL's. CloudFront sha256 salt is zero'd

  • 126. Database encryption method you can use to protect data customers from any attacks.

  • 127. Charts and more flash charts...Puffin 9.0.0 browser makes flash work.

  • 128. This is a study of xively API and related code done in php but now done in perl.

  • 129. A free and open chatroom. Get your own or request my .html code. It's under 1kb in size

  • 130. User management system I got running in the cloud for my app. Anyalert2cell.apk

  • 131. Where the URL? The place to list where old URL's were reborn

  • 132. Dummy Images; create custom images for website developers. add-on by GDK

  • 133. Point of Sale Inventory system for online ordering. mysql add-on by GDK

  • 134. Bible Binary Coder; create rules on data to mine large databases

  • 135. Find the Galactic Center throughout the year, avoid the Black Hole

  • 136. Admin Login for phpInstant Gallery Link Generator Tourist Gallery Wilshire Grand Hotel

  • 137. Certificate Of Authenticity, save the html source code s3loa.html to recreate the hash

  • 97b & 136b Upload to EXIF for the tourist gallery submittions Wilshire Grand Hotel

  • 138. Abyss Web Server Console :: SSL/TLS Certificates and using cacert.org

  • 139. My Lab contents, You use for tracking your valuables and location pictures

  • 140. loadbalancing logins, 2 userCake logins to loadbalancer2.pl

  • 141. Create Missions for friends to complete to then earn what you'll pay

  • 142. This is the properties full disclosure form for new listings

  • 143. URL consecutive numbers editor. High speed url creation demo.

  • 144. PHPX Forum and more. No email activated client accounts

  • 145. Developers using any GDK system data or scripts get your keys

  • 146. Always On Text Only in the Cloud Browser. Surf in private or check domains

  • 147. http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/myname? hide web files use myname

  • 148. Cloud Aquisition Vehicle and Best Practice Blog alerting industry's

  • 149. Get the Subject of a certificate For quickest Login creations

  • 150. Use the API URL and the script will GET .pem certs to verify.

  • 151. Use fSQL to INSERT CREATE DELETE a .txt flat file with API URL.

  • cURL cron remindme/idpass8.cgi xml8.xml graphic 28860 LIVE line 128

  • 152. JSON flight plan and capture. cURL API to JSON capturing URL's

  • 153. LIBRARY BARCODE DATABASE SCAN for use with line 40

  • 154. Mysql Mobile; lists your mysql tables to then select, insert and delete. Download

  • 155. Barcode Organizer GDK (beta) fixing a system that deserves to live :)

  • 156. Dark Matter Cookie; install a cookie on your computer and overwrite it.

  • 157. One click logins on rhcloud.com: source code

    |request github fork to apps

  • 158. Terminal; quickly browse this site by using partial paths. root starts from /

  • 159.Gold key SSL Secured Seal; Sharing trust relationships online

  • 160. What is happening in this super app. bundle

    and here

  • 161. Order Kiosk and

    sidebar Order Kiosk

  • 162. Q.L.S.S. Quantum Light Spin Secret; uses alpha only shared secret to encode client logins

  • 163. Gallery of gdk installed prestashop 1.3 Store Backend tabs. Full 1.6 version available

  • 164. PC calculator: accepts many formulas used in computer programming

  • 165. WEBLOG SSL parsing of the most recent log in /etc/httpd/logs/ for timing sessions

  • 166. Job Launcher; Testing software developers for jobs through www.caljobs.ca.gov

  • 167. Employees Time Clock; integration by gdk and archives on slack.com

  • 168. IP2url get the url from the numerical only type IP address

  • 169. etcPASScs; in UNIX etc folder create and search password files

  • 170. ChatD; A chat room designed so anyone can delete anything, instantly.

  • 171. Remove all the data:images on bookmarks using AA:imageBBCC"DD then html source.

  • 172. Reduce any size number with 26/ The remainder is its letter counterpart.

  • 173. Input your options in this windows Command Prompt command-line simulator.

  • 174. Plug and Play migrating from cgi to cgi-bin hosting, use this order form.

  • 175. Penny Stock Video Income See videos & earn pennies the group invests

  • 176. Add iframe to the top of your website so users know to scroll down

  • 177. WURFL device detector; answers desktop or mobile click on Demo link

  • 178. DDDesign, staff knowledge base, Domain Driven Design DDD Model

  • 179. Clictionary; any combination of letters and no space, one space or double space

  • 180. GDK Cert Authority UI for the GDK money wealth redistribution app.

  • 181. Serious Future Date iframe to reactivate expirations

  • 182. Viewer for PDF files online scroll to botton link to use

  • 183. devvir.com use the domain name for Develope Virtural projects

  • 184. Imagemagick convert images from png to jpg and gif

  • 185. Imagemagick resizing, many options coming real soon

  • 186. Blu super smart phones, see the whole offer and save big

  • 187. TUINSIG: the shift is on for one click iNotary signatures

  • 188. Checking if imagemagick and GD exists or gives suggestions

  • 189. Linguists tool to check a lexicon with rules of speech

  • 190. Wordsearch, same words change places on every new page load

  • 191. Shared Secret minute+, a shared secret signed string for the next minute

  • 192. Battleship ported to the net, see command line version 67. above

  • 193. Plivo; call my cell phone from the web or for lordyumyum show hosts

  • 194. iacqcode7.pl is now a game on Facebook, are you a biz titan?

  • 195. Barcode creator with 11 different barcode formats, QRcodes see line 87

  • 196. Check if mobile browser is set as a desktop or a mobile user agent

  • 197. See a valid file upload request by GDK using RequestBin from Runscope

  • 198. Gallery player/uploader; Repurposed security camera monitoring script

  • 199. Send current minute plus one to my Telegram bot @geraldkrug3 curl N/A

  • 200. Always On Text Only Cloud Browser to normal html browser. see line 146.

  • 201. Antisocial Capers/Done Cheap; Where the money, what's da caper

  • 202. Pitch in pictures to corporations listed in the comment section

  • 203. Yet another file backup system and much so much more

  • 204. Wealth redistribution system and contest organizer, admin backdoor

  • 205. Yearly Wealth Distribution System , admin. user only

  • 206. User Manager perl script; like Cake php. I upgraded

  • 207. perl crypt suite with API url for random password hashing

  • 208. Hover-over Footnotes throughout text and text to html converter

  • 209. Connect your Cell phone number and instructions after First Uploading pic

  • 210. Hack this working text/sms to wireless phones, get free messages $25 value

  • 211. My instant coupons, crowd control, mass item discounter, mass item naming

  • 212. Alibi, dated webpage is created/saved in cloud as proof of creation

  • 213. traceroute updated and google mapping of IP address

  • 214. Planets lowest fractions arranged in 10 notes over 3 octaves

  • 215. Personal Account Recovery; Have a picture ID ready to upload

  • 216. Smart contracts; Miners make 31 cents each contract coming soon

  • 217. Create auto login with AWS sdk, request yours

  • 218. Demo45 easy six button login, protect your bookmarked sites

  • 219. Wildcard *. the beginning on each line of a domain list

  • 220. Get configuration data returned by a bash script for perl

  • 221. Use three urls in iframes for headline-comment over any website

  • 222. Production emails cookie/auth. auto user registration tool

  • 223. desired webpage to login then desired webpage immediatly returned

  • 224. Amazon Dash wand hack. Barcode triggers from valid barcodes

  • 225. The 26 images found along wave save as your data as image name

  • 226. Incremental inputting for multiple choice options

  • 227. Patent flowchart for all logic on this website

  • 228. Audio Record options box for smartphone audio record app.

  • 229. 7 word passphrase generator, strongest Id and password

  • 230. AI your way, vectored data seemingly alive

  • 231. Chat Program E using mysql and runs a.l.i.c.e. .aiml

  • 232. Chat Program O, rewrite .aiml patterns and responses mysql

  • 233. perl2python cheat sheet for most used code

  • 234. Experimental splash page with many SVG animations

  • 235. UBI url shortener and nsd input form

  • 236. Name uploaded images according to color percentages

  • 237. Blockchain stored evidence builder and sidechains

  • 238. Bitcoin and gold comparison charts

  • 239. Reduce Dr.Lic. and S.S. numbers to one shared key

  • 240. UBI intake and search and UX custom query

  • 241. Save image into mysql to display by php script

  • 242. Gsearch (in script) add any data set to search

  • 243. Foodie Barcode Library

  • 244. Lapp Stack (event only) stop till reboot AWS instance running the

    BLU v.o.i.p. phone

    Here is how I did virtural host via webmin to run scaleable dynamic and html pages... create AWS account then create LAPP stack instance on AWS from https://hub.turnkeylinux.org/servers/ Go to your Webmin control panel by clicking on aff8.tklapp.com Servers -> Apache WebServer. https://aff8.tklapp.com:12321/apache/index.cgi In the 'Create Virtual Host' section select "Any Address" (so you do not end up with a hard coded IP addresses in your conf file). Enter 80 for Port (and select the last radio button). This way the VirtualHost will co-exist with any SSL-enabled virtual hosts you add later on. SSL-enabled VirtualHosts need to listen on port 443. In the "Document Root" field enter where the virtual host HTML files will be. For example, /var/www/html For "Server Name" enter the domain name for which you want to serve pages. e.g. "aff8.tklapp.com" After you have created the Virtual Host, click on the Virtual Host, and go to Networking and Addresses. Enter an "Alternate virtual server names" of *.YourOtherDomain.com. With this setting, your virtual host will serve pages for http://yourotherdomain.com/ as well as http://www.yourotherdomain.com/. At this point you may also wish to set other options like "Log Files", so the log files for the Virtual Host end up in separate log file from the main server's log files. To activate your changes, scroll down and click "reboot system" on the tab system > [bootup and shutdown]. now put your index.html file in html folder and run the URL... http://aff8.tklapp.com/html/index.html The above instructions are copy paste from here... http://rimuhosting.com/howto/virtualhosting.jsp (click section) Upload files and serve up HTML pages

  • 245. Detect the AWS tklapp instance, if off, redirect to prototype website so App. shows any choosen website...

    checks aff8.tklapp.com regex tklapp redirects to prototype website

    The App. com.wAnyalert2cell.underground is downloaded from the web so to be installed and then launched on a mobile. The network scripting will connect to the Amazon site to redirect to the loadbalancer we are using and checks status of the production website which is off unless used for events or wildly popular so must render the branded App. website. Different servers featuring some servers ready for heavy traffic designs the logic of the scripting developed where UI and UX are combined direct.html can be direct2.html https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/gkrug/store8affiliate3.html so on for the powerful automatic switching shared API Our use is to add up time users interact by a logic, timed redirect delay events, to avoid delay to re-access the website. Users are dependent on avoiding delays so time extension is a constant user activity and that is translated into time spent.

  • 246. Historic Sun; A new way to see the daily solar activity of our sun.

    Jan 4, 2023 Making durable products from electrons. Flot CMS system saved from the grave. http://gdk.epizy.com/flot/flot-admin/admin/index.php… More Dec 27, 2022 http://gdk.epizy.com/apiurl2darray2.php?zero=1 http://gdk.epizy.com/apiurl2darray2.php?one=1 http://gdk.epizy.com/apiurl2darray2.php?two=1 http://gdk.epizy.com/apiurl2darray2.php?three=1 This is a lock 1 6 2 3 _____________________ http://gdk.epizy.com/apiurl2darray2rand.php?zero=1 This is a behavior Dec 20, 2022 API url into two-dimensional array three arrays have two indices: row and column. http://gdk.epizy.com/apiurl2darray.php?zero=volvocomma22comma18&one=bmwcomma15comma13&two=saabcomma5comma3&three=land rovercomma4comma1 Do we all agree that we have a workable computer brain? Browser OCR and picture elevator. https://g-d-k.com/ocrget.php ______ Dec 3, 2022 https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/flatdb/examples2.php Flat file databases for any use cases ______ Nov 28, 2022 https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/flatfiledb/panel.php?p=databases&ed=Tree&l=Edit&d=Demo_Mixed&s=RPS DNA db Login root root Dashboard Click radio Demo_Mixed Click radio RPS Click Explore Click Edit Click Export https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/flatfiledb/panel.php?p=databases&l=Explore&ed=Tree&d=Demo_Mixed&s=RPS What databases look like now ______ Nov 19, 2022 http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/wmtext/index.php# Handwritten signatures. Sign using all 3 handwriting type fonts. https://ibb.co/GvLrdmf view fully http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/mergesign/index.html Merge images code not ready yet but engine works ______ Nov 12, 2022 Analog generated art. Never seen before. Not computer generated. https://ibb.co/M8KX0WW Full size. "Dreamscaper Arrival" ______ Posted Nov 7, 2022 Script Shipped ______ Nov 3, 2022 Tags Kiosk system... text the Tag to 81000 tag is $POMONEY1 https://tags.store/buy/pomoney1 Google search POmoney; aaaai GDK Electronics aaaai https://within-ad.com/tokengen.php Home ______ Nov 3, 2022 Two steps 1. http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/antibot.php 2. https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/image.jpg Use image as login antibot https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/antisearch.php?keyword=q3uf7 Image exif info. https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/antiexif.php Also creates second images with the size and keyword added then named image1509q3uf7.jpg upload as instructed. https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/antisize.php ______ Oct 30, 2022 Trying to use Twitter to show all my minted NFT https://rarible.com/token/0xc9154424b823b10579895ccbe442d41b9abd96ed:6293544030610490651591540573572362349058457253623234966996516096987023540225 ______ Oct 31, 2022 http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/antibot.php Text friendly jpg background images for HTML background repeat. Refresh to see size 120x50 color. https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/image.jpg Use image as login antibot... http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/char2.gif 12x22 spacer image. ______ Oct 27, 2022 Backing up phones is a divine act. http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/achar2.pl Natural uniqueness text images of many colors ______ Oct 20, 2022 http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/barcode/index5.php Barcodes http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/barcode/index3.php Signs ______ Oct 19, 2022 https://g-d-k.com/coin2gdk.php All things Bitcoin... php function file_get_contents has stopped for remote API calls from hosted accounts. What I do instead to make fingerprints is give 7 links and use Chrome clipboard history. ______ Oct 15, 2022 https://g-d-k.com/encdec/jscrypt.html {generate key I used 123456 then text to encrypt gerald} key generated in yellow box MMXKN-DPFVF-AQDGH-NJGUN-ERBNG-HTWHE-GJRJM-BIFQZ-FUTJW-AYSYU-IOOKF-UXOIA encrgpted message in pink box ##### Encrypted: decrypt with http://www.fourmilab.ch/javascrypt/ ZZZZZ DQORA DPPVI GHNNJ SEBND BBSCS AJCSA NIMGR AMRRU MDEQP XDTHM DELEH WRBKX LGWFW AEGGH HBIKD WSXPR OVEVR KXJWD WXIWQ RZZZZ YYYYY ##### End encrypted message erase gerald in green box click decrypt gerald appears again in green box ______ Oct 13, 2022 Code is a must. Codeless is a bust. Code or bust. http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/encdecr.php ______ Oct 11, 2022 Rock star maker. Limited time offer. You get the tested web app code your friends don't have to make your own complete no-code knowledgebase. Rock star maker. http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/encdecr.php ______ Sep 30, 2022 http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/facebookapi3.php The CBDC has got some artwork. ______ Oct 5, 2022 https://gist.github.com/daaku/818006 This can communicate with facebook without the SDK. It requires alot of work but it works for CBDC infinite scaling. The results depend on being a facebook developer and some deep analyst work editing this code. I was able to get call back from a blank facebook app resulting in the text render of 1. The app id and 2. My facebook name on the internet. 3. Profile picture url http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/facebookapi3.php Instant daily CBDC cash names on Facebook example framer https://www.facebook.com/stories/1722434881147100/UzpfSVNDOjQ4NTY3NTU4MzQ3NDk4Nw==/?view_single=1&source=shared_permalink My story has the days API call when active. _________ Sep 19, 2022 Q. if SAAS Software As A Service could be purchased and reserved for your business use within the future 5 yr. how much would you pay? A. All what I pay currently if you can monitor 13 servers also. $1,200 yr. http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/pingserve/index.php _______ http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/onetwoclick.php This vote tool stuffs ballot boxes. I would like at least 20 votes in a screenshot posted below. I win a movie scene in a secret soon to be released movie ________ http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/visittrack/wledger.php Admin. tools for creating CBDC accounts. http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/imgsub/images/imgsubload.html ________ Updated Sep 10, 2022 http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/imgsub/index.php Get a guaranteed unique 100 character string from any camera .jpg image renamed to test.jpg http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/imgsub/images/imgsubload.html ________ sept 7 2.)Welcome again alert url http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/cookieset/index.php A cookie is set. Use as an ID for temporary use cases such as property checking, reservations, CBDC, Bonds... 1.)Make two choices persist in the Welcome again alert. http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/cookieset/element.html ________ http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/vsource/index.php Viewsource to see the websites code. ________ sept 1 http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/dbay/cgibin/phpbackup2.php http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/dbay/cgibin/phpbackup3.php One click sql backup/exports _________ made a whole koop.xyz quest presentation using koop success page as the final task for CBDC Inside IPFS for making payments. koop causes an immediate community to invest in the quests to get rewards. In my use case the reward is a vote on the amount of the reward and a CBDC account. http://app.koop.xyz/koop/0x0DEa050a479587389F6C69622D31B300A74f02AA ________ http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/nftuse/dist/index.html Landing Page ________ aug 22 http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/multiupload2/uload.php NFT without blockchain. When you mint an NFT all your really doing is superimposing the blockchain ledger entry over the property. So what I do to make an NFT is I forget the Blockchain ledger instead I use IPFS entry and superimpose an image over the qrcode that displays the property. The property is also code to make smart contracts with any level of complexity ________ http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/multiupload2/uload.php Upload your qrcode images that encode the IPFS link to then mint for NFT. ------------- See the qrcodes to sell to customers then customer mints the qrcode. http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/multiupload2/index.php Search image with google lens or http://g--dk.biz/poe/img/readqr.php _______ aug 13 http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/marquee/dist/index.html Script consultant, Web apps You'll never know So ask us :) https://geraldkrug.launchcart.store/product/p/d0p6j1 We accept Bitcoin Lightning. _______ Aug 6, 2022 http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/jsonformat.pl This puts the unordered associative %hash back in the order of the Library Barcode Database input form. ______ Our flagship product is a retail food store barcode system called 'Library Barcode Database'. Qrcode shown scans to url for detailed information. http://boughtupcom.mysite.com/cgi/CRcode/z/1659504061.pl ______ http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/pyramid.html ______ Jul 30, 2022 http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/better/index.html Hows this grab you? Stretch images http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/better/dex.html Updated Jul 25, 2022 http://g--dk.biz/blchain/simple-curl.php OR HERE http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/blchain/simple-curl.php My own blockchain and explorer and writer and miner http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/MYDIR/lib/Image/appmine.cgi?cmd=mine and testInsert reminder notepad and more... http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/sdbm/testInsert.php?Version=1& Flag=0001& Input_Count=01& Input_1_Previous_Output_Hash=1333183ddf384da83ed49296136c70d206ad2b19331bf25d390e69b222165e37& Input_1_Previous_Output_Index=00000000& Input_1_script_length=0x17& Input_1_scriptSig=160014b93f973eb2bf0b614bddc0f47286788c98c535b4& Input_1_sequence=feffffff& Output_Count=02& Output_1_Value=00e1f50500000000& Output_1_public_key_script_length=0x17& Output_1_public_key_script=a914a860f76561c85551594c18eecceffaee8c4822d787& Output_2_Value=F0C1A43500000000& Output_2_public_key_script_length=0x17& Output_2_public_key_script=a914d8b6fcc85a383261df05423ddf068a8987bf028787& Witness_Count=02& Witness_1_length=0x47& Witness_1=30440220434caf5bb442cb6a251e8bce0ec493f9a1a9c4423bcfc029e542b0e8a89d1b3f022011090d4e98f79c62b188245a4aa4eb77e912bfd57e0a9b9a1c5e65f2b39f3ab401& Witness_2_length=0x21& Witness_2=0223bec70d670d29a30d9bcee197910e37cf2a10f0dc3c5ac44d865aec0d7052fb& Locktime=8c000000 Updated Jul 24, 2022 "WISE WORDS WIN", the not a game, game. Are you serious? http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/E-Shop-master/Homepage.php Updated Jul 25, 2022 https://within-ad.com/certgen2/index.php https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmNMz6vuX3xHhNoYcshscAxhTVCjnxHRYNdoumagHdZiMs?filename=certi.png Updated Jul 22, 2022 https://within-ad.com/certgen/certificate.png Certificate to photoshop. https://within-ad.com/certgen2/index.php Change text Updated Jul 18, 2022 https://within-ad.com/txt-img.php https://within-ad.com/txt-img2.php Of course I'M working on a new social media thingy. MY concept so far is posts are not immediately listed in public and comments are not associated to posts automatically. Example; MY business posts. That post goes to all followers for comments. Moving the post and comments to public is the published post. Published posts are advertised as not the responsibility of the named platform. Updated Jul 12, 2022 https://within-ad.com/colcount.php Tiny News, the newspaper. Updated Jul 8, 2022 https://within-ad.com/holo/holoslide.php This uploads two required image names, tower.jpg and tower_spec.jpg (same image blurred) and then displays the images as one. The effect is made by linear-gradient, layering and specular maps. Use erase link to begin. Updated Jul 6, 2022 https://within-ad.com/tokengen.php CBDC benefits, insta-cash tasks. A system of liquidity when empty of funds. CBDC on hold for further study. Posted Jun 25, 2022 https://within-ad.com/minforback.php Just do this simple task and its paid for. Human to human login. Updated Jun 22, 2022 http://nft.code4causes.com NFT content Updated Jun 21, 2022 Is it zoup yet? Updated Jun 21, 2022 https://gkrug.simplybook.me/v2/ Updated Jun 19, 2022 https://shoot.to/20211071 Need practice buying an NFT? This accepts crypto, paypal or credit card. You get the whole collection (34) and choose the one you want. 10 available. Updated Jun 18, 2022 http://within-ad.com/tokengen.php token generator. Assign token to a detailed message, wallah unique money system POMoney. Updated Jun 17, 2022 http://gkrug.zya.me/magicbell.html Now here's a messaging/notification device I'M hacking on. You can click the Bell icon 🔔 and get the daily message. Put the URL in a shortcut icon to desktop. For Android use app. 'Shortcut Maker' Updated Jun 24, 2022 I am a good guy tech monopoly because...I am self limiting the prices my monopoly can charge, priceless. http://gdkblock2.000webhostapp.com/coinloader.html one minute back https://g-d-k.com/cgi/output-15.php https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/geraldkrug/sample2.html http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/updateform.pl Updated Jun 8, 2022 http://gkrug.com/columngo.php Notepad with three columns... To Erase type Erase in first input box and click on submit. Updated Jun 8, 2022 http://gkrug.com/braincalc/index.php Doing differential calculus using small 3 column text data sets, example 0.0000000000000000 656.5342434532456082 0.9992059165961109 1.0001828508431749 656.5342334512754405 1.0009810769697651 The total size is 14 lines of 3 to produce the graph. I want to make recognition of whatever. http://gkrug.com/column.php Helps make the text data three column format. http://gkrug.com/columngo.php Posted May 31, 2022 http://gkrug.com/blockdat/blockdat.php Welcome to blocks on the chain. This is the Bitcoin black box revealed. Reads a 1meg size bitcoin blk00000.dat file laid out for you. Bitcoin, the gigantic cash register. Posted May 27, 2022 http://gkrug.com/fontastic/dist/index.php More time if you single step log in using Bitcoin or any crypto. Posted May 25, 2022 http://gkrug.com/fontastic/dist/index.php Input text then tap on screen to see what font looks best. Posted May 23, 2022 Swift is helping my CBDC to accomplish frictionless cross border payments. Updated May 22, 2022 http://gkrug.com/stepinout/dist/index.php drag over the purple rockets to cause winners. Auto resets after 4 seconds. Many combinations to video for a proof of work. Updated May 14, 2022 http://gkrug.com/tinycp.html Tiny code pen editor. Put curser after Hello World| and click keyboard enter to see the results. Posted May 13, 2022 composability is content for web3 that I have amassed in coded form and I teach in the future. Posted May 12, 2022 http://gkrug.com/mondri/dist/index.html More generative art. Updated May 8, 2022 http://gkrug.com/rotodoor/dist/index.html Working Updated May 2, 2022 https://within-ad.com/anytxt.php Make a line barcode from any text. Screenshot compared. Use to identify person assigned to cash register or attending event or twitter spambots ;) Updated Apr 29, 2022 http://boughtupcom.mysite.com/cgi/aa_Barcode/index.php Sales invoice. I will add missing tables in mysqli someday...for now fill out and take screenshot. Added a new way to barcode. Use the very thin input box. Type in your name and that's your personal barcode. Updated Apr 25, 2022 http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/dbay/cgibin/spider.cgi Remember a URL link for later... Updated Apr 25, 2022 http://g-d-k.com/ocrget.php make a URL that links to your image. Updated Apr 17, 2022 https://t.co/9MoxVyNV52 Sell tweets as nft On twitter get the tweet url by using 'share then copy' link to tweet. I will make the IPFS url and that's your nft before minting. Posted Apr 13, 2022 http://gkrug.com/parallex/dist/index.html Parallex splashpage Posted Apr 12, 2022 http://gkrug.com/tgf.php Meme creation using html entities Posted Apr 2, 2022 https://unstoppabledomains.com/d/geraldkrug.nft https://unstoppabledomains.com/d/proof-of-monet17.wallet Try doing this... Updated Mar 30, 2022 https://within-ad.com/tableguy2.php A nice programmable newspaper layout with fact checking/best comment column. Posted Mar 24, 2022 https://within-ad.com/splitfloat/dist/index.html Bitmark property to blockchain Posted Mar 14, 2022 https://within-ad.com/warp/dist/index.html Generative art Updated Mar 14, 2022 https://within-ad.com/bcb/grid4.php If you can make this you hacked the official watermark for CBDC Posted Mar 9, 2022 https://within-ad.com/grid3.php Watermark added to synthetic CBDC. Issuing bank uses this for a KYB to Central Bank. `Know your Banker` Posted Mar 9, 2022 https://within-ad.com/doodleart/dist/index.html https://within-ad.com/loopjig/dist/index.html Art generators. Manually mix together to make real human created art. Updated Mar 9, 2022 https://within-ad.com/qrgenread/dist/index.html Qr generator and reader https://within-ad.com/nojs/dist/index.html Led tickers https://within-ad.com/ledticker/dist/index.html More led tickers https://within-ad.com/brush2/dist/index.html Brush effects https://within-ad.com/brush/dist/index.html More brush https://within-ad.com/brush2/dist/index.html Updated Mar 9, 2022 This special form of a CBDC is a synthetic CBDC (sCBDC). In such a setup, the CBDC system is not directly managed by the central bank. https://app.skiff.org/docs/5a4661eb-15cc-47e8-aa75-ea5e58648d19#FS1z6D1ul1PLhV0DMrj5u4eh3E6bO2kXKs7RXfZD180= Lets work on this Skiff note...above. Watermarked example https://within-ad.com/grid2.php Posted Feb 20, 2022 https://within-ad.com/sortable/dist/index.html Drag and drop box reordering for task based CBDC Updated Feb 20, 2022 https://within-ad.com/threedpic.php Lets see what I do with these... https://within-ad.com/grid2.php Posted Feb 11, 2022 https://within-ad.com/rndash.php Create art with text. Posted Feb 7, 2022 http://within-ad.com/rndash.php Over and under dashes for text Posted Feb 4, 2022 http://within-ad.com/no/index.html White keys have sound effects... Posted Jan 30, 2022 http://within-ad.com/piano/index.html Online piano Posted Jan 25, 2022 http://within-ad.com/gcircle.php Miles between coords Updated Jan 22, 2022 http://within-ad.com/moonfig.php Lunar cycle ends in ?? Days Did you know this year new years day fell on a new moon? I call that a double new years day. Updated Jan 18, 2022 http://within-ad.com/getmoon.php Daily Text Moon Phase Posted Jan 14, 2022 http://g-d-k.com/make_outgoing2red.php Here's a color coded dialer pad. Posted Jan 9, 2022 http://within-ad.com/detlan/langudet.php Detect language type using small sample Updated Jan 5, 2022 http://within-ad.com/phpscript-sgh-master/src/admin/index Login use ID admin PASSWORD admin This loan system requires Persian language for administrator to create some of new members information on the sql database. I use Persian language to hide accounts. A translation link is provided. Use url below to view created accounts by user login. http://within-ad.com/phpscript-sgh-master/src/index Updated Jan 2, 2022 http://within-ad.com/captchaman/example.php Keep the noise down, use Captcha We will be back soon with more scripts and engines. Updated Dec 26, 2021 https://g-d-k.com/utilmaster/tools.php Quick check if 4 main command functions work or not...to display the date from current host. Code must be installed on your host to use. Posted Dec 24, 2021 A new immutable Blockchain of hex named zip wallets. https://g-d-k.com/system.php Do tasks 1.2.& 3. To get the oe.png image in a zip file then extract and unzip with password. That is your coin++ in it's wallet. Future development will use that zip for all use cases. Posted Dec 15, 2021 http://g-d-k.com/diagramo-master/web/editor/editor.php Flow chart maker online. My first chart... http://g-d-k.com/diagramo-master/web/editor/viewDiagram.php?diagramId=1 Use windows lap/desktop computer to drag and place items options under Basic selector box to screen. Lite version... http://g-d-k.com/diagramo-master/web/editor/light-editor.html Amazing charts start from the bottom and go up... http://diagramo.com/catalog.php?page=1632 http://diagramo.com/catalog.php?page=1631 Updated Dec 12, 2021 http://g-d-k.com/ocrget.php Yet another image sharing web app. with OCR web app. resources. Posted Dec 7, 2021 http://g-d-k.com/cwordsearch/search.html Use common words to play... Do 5 common word searches. Add the total Cpoints to 👑 crown 👑 the winner :) Posted Dec 3, 2021 http://g-d-k.com/bitamt.php Check the Bitcoin address amount in USD just Upload a Bitcoin address. Test addresses provided. Qrcode of address provided. Posted Dec 1, 2021 https://g-d-k.com/coin2gdk.php?c=1#anchor1 Fixed the ticket qrcodes that suddenly didn't work. And the sandcastle virtues have all slipped away ;) Posted Nov 25, 2021 http://within-ad.com/bcb/src/cuewait.php This is a checkout line splash page. If someone follows you to the POmoney web app they are put into a refresh based timed counterintuitive "checkout line". Posted Nov 21, 2021 http://within-ad.com/moviegif/example/artup.php Use this to add and or change images in an animated gif collage. Posted Nov 20, 2021 http://within-ad.com/moviegif/example/art.php 8 generative art about space... Posted Nov 17, 2021 http://within-ad.com/spacergif.php Get the contents of a website appended to a data image. Download the white box to see the website content. Posted Nov 15, 2021 https://within-ad.com/cblock.php Block all countries except USA Posted Nov 9, 2021 https://within-ad.com/glass/dist/index.html Beautiful glass link icon effect. Posted Nov 3, 2021 https://github.com/geraldkrug/onepager/blob/main/index.md Converted html to markdown .md and run in github Posted Oct 31, 2021 http://within-ad.com/sigfree/dist/index.html Freehand drawing makes data image. http://within-ad.com/sigfree/test.php Signed Contract.pdf for CBDC Posted Oct 26, 2021 http://within-ad.com/css-grid/dist/countries.php Lots of info about world countries. Posted Oct 21, 2021 http://within-ad.com/3dbutton.html A 3D button and load time 30 second delay Posted Oct 21, 2021 http://within-ad.com/popx/autopop.html Splash screen pop up gives keywords to search google Posted Oct 18, 2021 http://within-ad.com/fluid/dist/index.html Here's a generative art thingy I got. After I get the image I enhance it. Posted Oct 16, 2021 http://within-ad.com/partimg/dist/index.html Here's a handy tool to put a legal statement under your pixel art NFT using old school style characters. Resize any image 50x50 and pixelize it using this tool. Here's an example of a pixelated svg from a collection. https://ibb.co/THqVqmG Added comments...https://app.markup.io/markup/ab684865-9fdb-4adf-a26b-0731f38c20e2 Posted Oct 12, 2021 http://within-ad.com/asciiart/legoascii/dist/index.html Arrange legos using dashes then click Lego button. then scroll down. http://within-ad.com/asciiart/asciigalaxy/dist/index.html Text lava lamp? Posted Oct 4, 2021 So I have three NFT on sale now... https://gkrug.nftify.network/nft/svggenerativeart https://gkrug.nftify.network/nft/birthdayidenticon https://gkrug.nftify.network/nft/covergenerativeart Posted Sep 28, 2021 http://within-ad.com/svggen/svgify.php I am now generating svg ART so simply refresh the page to see the show(s) Posted Sept 23, 2021 https://within-ad.com/idcon/poe/index.php Birthday-identicon has been minted free on Curate app. Search for Birthday-identicon in Curate marketplace. Request a Birthday-identicon date to be minted for you to buy. Create data image. Posted Sep 18, 2021 https://within-ad.com/georan.php Where did the identicon go? Added to https://within-ad.com/idcon/poe/index.php as a Faux physical location of the birthday identicon. Posted Sep 16, 2021 The days of just pure collectible NFTs, without some sort of interesting layer on top of that, are certainly over,” Opensea CEO Finzer said in an interview from New York. “With these future projects, there has to be something else associated with it like Gerald Krug and his Birthday identicon NFT generated pixelart. https://within-ad.com/idcon/poe/index.php Create data image Posted Sept 11, 2021 https://within-ad.com/artblog/markdown-blog/ Simple blog using no database. Posted Sept 8, 2021 https://within-ad.com/art/home.php Online Art Gallery Store with unique spotlight touch. Posted Sept 5, 2021 https://within-ad.com/idcon/poe/index.php 33,600 birthday identicons inside IPFS available now Posted Sept 1, 2021 http://within-ad.com/nftgdk.php I just put this text (nftgdk) into ipfs, wow hard to do. string(357) "{"ok":true,"value":{"cid":"bafkreibpsen5meba33olmacohpiso4hxvoicndfoa6omtgnj4cv6pwvsdi","created":"2021-09-05T00:25:42.644Z","type":"application/x-www-form-urlencoded","scope":"nftgdk","files":[],"size":6,"pin":{"cid":"bafkreibpsen5meba33olmacohpiso4hxvoicndfoa6omtgnj4cv6pwvsdi","status":"queued","size":6,"created":"2021-09-05T00:25:42.644Z"},"deals":[]}}" Posted Aug 31 https://within-ad.com/promcash.php A mini portable store to invest in sales of A.I. no-code systems learning all my code. Posted Aug 29 https://within-ad.com/grabit/index.php Screen grab of the POmoney (line 558) numbered bill when created. Posted Aug 28 http://within-ad.com/shufarray.php This is the secret sauce to making crypto pixelart. Use it for inspiration and make a few thousand images for a nice collection. Posted Aug 27, 2021 http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/instgall/alltojpg/alltojpgupform.pl Totally automated this image gallery system for the digital dollar POmoney. Posted Aug 24, 2021 http://within-ad.com/token.php Add tokens to calendar appointments, tickets, badges, NFT and what else? Shared tokens expire in two weeks or the user sets unix time. This token named POM can accept ether payments and/or act as an NFT Your free to use it. 0xcE53384b7ea89039e10B98E9401dd3454e4A9b9c I own that token in metamask and I can add anyone to the whitelist of ownership as well. Posted Aug 22, 2021 Synth token succesfully added to metamask as POM token Posted Aug 14, 2021 https://within-ad.com/moralis/example.php Heres a new ML machine Learning thingy. Just quickly scroll down to see if any "Made in California" images have appeared. I have seen two appear in one Learning rate section And two appear in two Learning rate sections. The goal is what you intend. Maybe you want to see three images appear. I dont yet know what the ML will do as far as being unique. I would love to see 4 images in one Learning rate section if its possible. Just refresh. I use it for make work tasks on proof of human use cases. Posted Aug 10, 2021 https://within-ad.com/nyckel.php ML word(s) minted for difficulty from 0.90-1.0 Art is hard but NFT creation is easy. This system makes art and NFT creation difficult and has an adjustment for more and more difficulty. Posted Aug 8, 2021 CryptoPunks and CryptoKitty rating system... https://within-ad.com/nyckel.php With the above ML you can create the rating of the crypto art you make. Just put the name like punk-zerozerozeroone and it will give a fractional equivalent. It gave a 0.7125319583904708 so on a scale of say 0.9-0.01 it's at a higher than average rating. Name your art well with this tool. https://within-ad.com/punk-9347-9339200180481051.png To rate this punk so highly I got the last 4 numbers of the word paper and ran the words then the fraction became 0.9339200180481051 Posted Aug 7, 2021 CBDC is for the redistribution of wealth in the form of gifts to whomever qualify. The idea that CBDC will change the banking system by draining savings accounts thus undermining the loans business is classic fight for time while your drowning. We have been gifting the underprivileged for many decades and without that safety net this country would go bust from the social unrest, disease and force people to crime. Come ON!!!! https://within-ad.com/bcb/src/btc_callback.php?payment_id=4%20&secret=2e0dasad7875hj29j2&transaction_hash=4a5e1e4baab%2089f3a32518a88c31bc87f618f76673e2cc77ab2127b7afdeda33b%20&address=1DH7Cmdc26X1sjvLicPdXryjkeXqkLhi9w&value=890551%20&confirmations=3 Posted Aug 2, 2021 https://within-ad.com/pombit.html Task for POmoney optional. pombit Explorer: Binance Smart Chain Mainnet Posted Jul 31, 2021 https://within-ad.com/nyckel.php The input column data used to train this ML is the seed then any word combination causes a unique fraction. That fractions last four numbers are then written out as words to use as a signature to the fraction. Posted Jul 31, 2021 https://www.nyckel.com Machine learning made simple. I got this to work using mock data from here https://sample-videos.com/download-sample-csv.php Heres the response I got to the trained system using a single word Paper which was actually nonsence. It was 99% sure it was nonsence. string(107) "{"name":"ran","index":1,"scores":[0.007782877234339347,0.9922171227656607],"confidence":0.9922171227656607}" https://within-ad.com/nyckel.php Posted Jul 20, 2021 Numbered all the parts of P.O.money for quick reference. https://within-ad.com/bcb/src/btc_callback.php?payment_id=4&secret=2e0dasad7875hj29j2&transaction_hash=4a5e1e4baab89f3a32518a88c31bc87f618f76673e2cc77ab2127b7afdeda33b&address=1DH7Cmdc26X1sjvLicPdXryjkeXqkLhi9w&value=890551&confirmations=3 Posted Jul 17, 2021 https://api.simbachain.com/v1/gdkcatapp/ https://api.simbachain.com/v1/gdkcatapp/?format=openapi Simbachain, easiest place to create a smart contract. This is NOT a synthetic stock. Posted Jul 15, 2021 https://within-ad.com/maketx.php Create a tx hex hash for bitcoin testnet. Posted Jul 14, 2021 I added current Bitcoin block number and the id and parent_id and estimated fee to the digital P.O.money for added tasks banks may use as requirements. https://within-ad.com/bcb/src/btc_callback.php?payment_id=4&secret=2e0dasad7875hj29j2&transaction_hash=4a5e1e4baab89f3a32518a88c31bc87f618f76673e2cc77ab2127b7afdeda33b&address=1DH7Cmdc26X1sjvLicPdXryjkeXqkLhi9w&value=890551&confirmations=3 I don't imply using crypto as digital fiat I just use parts of crypto. News item, The ECB said prior experimentation suggested that an architecture "combining centralized and decentralized elements are possible." Posted Jul 10, 2021 I have the nonce.php script ( Crowd-Oracle Data Entry; C-ODE data for smart contracts ) generating a nonce. running on android 10 smartphone from this url ipme.us (when I do shows) I set up the android webserver and used the api-url from no-ip Posted Jul 4, 2021 Offline digital dollar using Userland on smartphone web browser is created. http://localhost:8000/index.php The script uses a timestamped sha256 hash for transaction validations of time ranges. http://within-ad.com/nonce.php Posted Jul 3, 2021 Setting up a stablecoin using Komodo on Userland. Project shelved. Updated Jun 24, 2021 http://g-d-k.com/php-pastebin-v3-master/index.php This is a redesigned Pastebin. I use it to share between devices. This will search mysql database and write new records of ten fields to the database. It can't delete or update the timestamped records. Only admin. can change records. All records are public. Posted Jun 21, 2021 http://within-ad.com/pynch/socialnetwork/home.php Social network for simple uses... Posted Jun 18, 2021 http://within-ad.com/piWallet-master/selectdate.php Historical Bitcoin price by date... Posted Jun 14, 2021 http://within-ad.com/btctousd.php This google captcha goes to P.O. money. I have been putting BTC World Bank on home server Posted Jun 9, 2021 https://within-ad.com/g-captcha/g-capt.php This recaptcha checks if a spam domain and if not spam then shares the whitelisted token to a php session variable array from a java token variable. Posted Jun 3, 2021 https://opensea.io/geraldkrug The collection of cats with NFT has become a real BIG project. Posted Jun 2, 2021 http://within-ad.com/formatic2.php I like CSS and the many unknown arrangements that can be created. Posted May 28, 2021 http://within-ad.com/tsplit.php This code takes the json data of a bitcoin balance https://api.blockcypher.com/v1/btc/main/addrs/3PBAqAeX3DEnmj2TxoB4LRgcKTyDvALyHt/balance and parses it down to the plaintext number 91028 using only explode in php Posted May 24, 2021 http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/cgiscan.php Posted May 18, 2021 http://within-ad.com/swfplay/swfplay.html This is an actual shockwave flash movie played by HTML. The things you can find in github ;) Send me your .swf movie files and I will make them NFT and send you the link. Posted May 12, 2021 http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/dbphp/public/index.php Made a simple database to keep in shape ;) Posted May 10, 2021 http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/CRcode/indexscan.php https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/indexscan.php This handy tool scans all folder files for content you search for. Folder cant be too big or it times out. Posted May 10, 2021 https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/countryblock.php Here's another country blocker. The US is not blocked so the page is loaded. This uses ipinfo.io Also has a blocked country IP white list. Posted May 9, 2021 http://within-ad.com/russianblocker.php This checks if a Russian federation IP is looking at your website or a blocked IP and exits. A 100 similarity exits. Posted May 8, 2021 https://g-d-k.com/cgi/output-14.php Send telegram a message it'll get to me @geraldkrug3 Posted May 7, 2021 Shockwave charts live again on Puffin browser 9.0.0. Just run the website that uses shockwave flash in Puffin browser like this... https://flash.puffin.com/https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/chart-dataGET.php?Submit=Create+new+chart&hello=60+20+18+18+24+60+11+23+14+35+32+60 Posted May 6, 2021 https://g--dk.biz/poe/index.php Proof of existence... This even has Grabzit screenshot online. See verify PoE and scan link Posted Apr 30, 2021 count total words you input. http://g-d-k.com/wordsnumbered.php Posted May 1, 2021 https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/s3loagh3.php Make NFT from C.O.A. I demonstrate that I can create this hash again AWS s3 signature= 3LxfWnUs9PGbVxH/RXtgRPDcT2uYujMc/hjO6GCVw4Q= Posted Apr 23, 2021 http://within-ad.com/sesswho.php This little block chain maker is unique. Can you start a chain and keep adding to it? Its all right there, practice ;) Posted Apr 21, 2021 http://within-ad.com/madeabuck/madeabuck.php To begin Bitcoin smart contract for the data creator which makes 30 clicks worth $1 then tapering away once enough data has been created. 1. Click 30 times take a screenshot then screenshot when you finished. Posted Apr 17, 2021 http://gkrug.com/textup/textup.php Have you tried to share text on the fly? Isn't it impossible? Upload text files and the url connects to it http://gkrug.com/textup/????.txt qr code included. Type in the file name with the .txt and upload it. To delete upload a blank file. We don't save anything ever. It's just for quick use not for days or weeks, thank you. If Bitcoin backs the digital dollar then Bitcoin can exist, deal? https://within-ad.com/bcb/src/btc_callback.php?payment_id =4&secret=2e0dasad7875hj29j2& transaction_hash=4a5e1e4baab89f3a32518a 88c31bc87f618f76673e2cc77ab2127b7afdeda33b& address=1DH7Cmdc26X1sjvLicPdXryjkeXqkLhi 9w&value=890551&confirmations=3 Posted Apr 14, 2021 Need to have a Change Request Form http://within-ad.com/sitecrf/index.php See the change requested... http://within-ad.com/sitecrf/hacklog.txt Posted Apr 13, 2021 NFT with 7 levels of complexity 1. Purchase NFT on www.juungle.net 2. Make ASCII of the NFT 3.Draw or add text to the ASCII black and white only 4.OCR train the ASCII to scan to a website we create for you. 5.Add content to the website we host for you. 6.Create new NFT on https://opensea.io 7.Use the OCR to website URL in description MY NFT's are better than a hologram seal for valuables. You don't use opensea.io to sell. opensea.io is just a super complex COA Certificate of authenticity. See also http://nft.code4causes.com http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/CRcode/z/1617434728.pl Posted Apr 7, 2021 https://simpleledger.info/#address/simpleledger: qqflcsnl79mkgtffgenjh08ve8gn9vyzxv9ecuxhj4 I purchased another NFT for 20 cents cryptoman#172 and made it into an ASCII art then open sea NFT then OCR to a website. I make the most complex NFT known. Posted Apr 3, 2021 https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646 f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/7245290842582498529 8756969871169350931849153442184131198264 630935319551672321 My first NFT is Lucky Cat drawn on top of an ASCII art of an NFT I purchased on www.juungle.net called Lucky Cat. Posted Apr 2, 2021 http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/lib/ip2url2.pl Here's a tool that was only for admin but now for public use. Use domain or internet prefix Posted Mar 29, 2021 http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/CRcode/z/acqtiny.pl Check out the tokenizer of the tiny websites that are actually coins for the system. The text is used for art and the text scans to the tiny website URL. http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/CRcode/z/tokenizer.php Posted Mar 26, 2021 http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/CRcode/z/acqtiny.pl More focused sub-ledger offering edit of tiny websites 2ways plain and noted edits. Posted Mar 25, 2021 https://within-ad.com/dataimg/uploadimgphp2.php Verify as human. Upload under 30kb sized picture and its name adds gdk to the front of the name. Links go to the renamed picture. Show URL to prove human made. Realtime meetings. Share verification. Posted Mar 23, 2021 http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/NFTcat/Cat.html The first NFT purchase and here's the total breakdown how I did it with ease Posted Mar 20, 2021 https://within-ad.com/dataimg/uploadimgphp.php creates data:image text for #38 Library QR paste into Add MAC address(s) then any Memo Posted Mar 19, 2021 https://within-ad.com/aabitgram.html Block-pics with all the extras. Click on the + tab or rhe topmost banner to upload. Wait for money button to display the tip jar. Not enough data for insights yet Posted Mar 16, 2021 http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/bitsvtx.php Get a timestamp and network number for sub-ledger entries. Posted Mar 13, 2021 http://within-ad.com/runstrtotal.php Running list of TRUE RANDOM STRINGS used in the CBDC P.O.money Posted Mar 8, 2021 code.gif true random string uploads into the P.O. Money CBDC system is now one click. Click on >OR create code.gif https://within-ad.com/bcb/src/btc_callback.php?payment_id=4 &secret=2e0dasad7875hj29j2&transaction_hash=4a5e1e4baab 89f3a32518a88c31bc87f618f76673e2cc77ab2127b7afdeda33b &address=1DH7Cmdc26X1sjvLicPdXryjkeXqkLhi9w&value=890551 &confirmations=3 Posted Mar 1, 2021 http://within-ad.com/bcb/src/remove_from_file2.php I made the remove tool into a digital money cancel tool for MY CBDC tool. Just put the string in the box and submit, then click the results link then refresh if it still shows the endorsement numbers. You'll see the cancelled tender. Save it named as the new code.gif you upload for each transaction. __________ Nationally accepted money can be free to use with no bank account because to use digital money is considered everyones job. That's what backs MY system. A person's record keeping and ability to do the tasks required makes you money to spend. Updated Mar 1, 2021 http://within-ad.com/remove/remove_from_file.php In the input box type in exactly as shown exit; You will see the php script output http://within-ad.com/remove/remove_out.php remove_from_filefile1file2outputgdk Now input echo "file1"; file1 disappears. Now input privacy > clear browsing data Updated Oct 22, 2020 http://within-ad.com/bill42.html Here's a random way to get 8 numbers to equal 42. I included a 42 dollar bill as proof it exists. Posted Oct 15, 2020 ___________________ We are here for you and we also have solidarity to the BLM our rights to pursue unimpeded toward unity. ____________________ http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/anim/qrdcoder.html This is a picture box for new moms to use or whatever. Upload a picture called BB.png then reload the page in a different browser. I always use two browser's. If the image won't change then clear the browser cache for the last hour. Settings > privacy > clear browsing data ____________________ http://within-ad.com/bill42.html Here's a random way to get 8 numbers to equal 42. I included a 42 dollar bill as proof it exists. ____________________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/CRcode/qrcode6.txt This interlocking chain I run now and wrote back in 2011-12. The last link on this list is the newest named link. The earlier named links are for editing, upload named template server page then see "Edit text" link. ____________________ http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/tracknum/index.html I added paste to PAY THE MAN so you can save secret messages to yourself. ____________________ New service... http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/tracknum/index.html "Pay The Man" Don't have a way to buy goods except with cash? No worries ;) We arrange a starter mystery gift be delivered to you and we show you our cash delivery system. Input the number C99999999999999 And use the form to track your mystery gift now. ____________________ http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/tracknum/index.html Track packages. Use this number for url to a better tracker...C99999999999999 I make this create url for more than advertised. This web app likes it too. http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/OLDphilpost/news.php ____________________ http://constellation-env.eba-wqww3n9a.us-west-1.elasticbeanstalk.com/picsha256aws.html This "Name 2 Constellation" visualizer is running in Amazon AWS production environment. There are really no easy document's to help developers to do this installation of html and php code. Its super hard to do! Shutdown costing too much... ____________________ http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/s3loagh3.php Upgraded Certificate of Authenticity COA hash tasks ____________________ http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/picsha256.html This visualizes words or hashes... ____________________ We use "passphrase hints" to help you search for passphrase in .txt files you saved. Example; a seven word passphrase; dog cat mouse horse bird fish owl The hint is dog. You search for dog everywhere on your storage and wallah...its in the filename.txt you had forgotten :) ____________________ Our new Dingtone vanity toll free numbers is 1-877-f10-krug and contacted www.f10.global to show the bitcoin fingerprint. Bitcoin World Bank now has unlimited wallet addressing from block.io Example *** Wallet pay to this address with Label=dTrust1: 3MS51z2U66dxCt6upkUu8g29yT5aThE3fe **** Credited Bank address: 3A946gouPamedcsdJYdcZ8N5adopqVW4Ub ____________________ "MY Money" is a digital bearer instrument APM





    :"test (507).txt","path_display":"/Public/test (507).txt","path_lower":"/

    public/test (507).txt","rev":"5af17e1f39dcd0


    that can be stored, transferred and transmitted by all kinds of digital payment systems and services. The validity of this digital fiat currency is independent of the digital payment systems that will be storing and transferring the digital fiat currency for universal bank accounts. This enterprise blockchain can be legal tender if so declared by the government and does not need backing by deposit of any value that could be stolen. ____________________ Admin. upload the test.txt file to dropbox now with this web app. http://gdkblock2.000webhostapp.com/coinloader.html That test.txt file you can download has email to request the xooa data...walah New money...





    :"test (1).txt","path_display":"/Public/test (1).txt","path_lower":"/

    public/test (1).txt","rev":"5af17e1f39dcd0a288f


    That's what comes in email from xooa Now that's in a database bitcoin would die for. The next person who gets money has test(2).txt then test(3).txt on and on... Click the "Save to dropbox" button and then click save test.txt Anyone who gets this is a node and can hand out money to anyone. Whatever test(#) is also the denomination amount up to infinity. test(507).txt are being confirmed. ____________________ http://gdkblock2.000webhostapp.com/phpblockchain/tests/post.php Here's MY new "write your ticket" smart contract. Paste below into the form and submit

    { "from":"network", "to":"mcdonalds", "amount":8.94 }

    ____________ http://gdkblock2.000webhostapp.com/phpblockchain/tests/generate_key.php Generate public and private key for blockchain config.php ____________________ http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/asimbloc/index.php Buy a premined blockchain for your enterprise blockchain customizations. Refresh webpage for new premined chain of 1+10. First do a checksum of your chain. First hash connects with each of ten channels. Cash Accounts Receivable Inventory Accounts Payable Loans Payable Sales Purchases Payroll Expenses Owners Equity Retained Earnings http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/phpblock/tests/simplechain.php https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/phpblock/tests/hackchain.php ____________________ https://g-d-k.com/BIK_php-master/ethfinger.php Ethereum Fingerprinted ____________________ http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/finger.php Fingerprinted bitcoin //// & bitcoin world bank http://g-d-k.com/BIK_php-master/ethfinger.php I did two curl examples for a resource and because of that I then got a nice unix command line on web thingy. Try ls command to see my files here...basic commands http://mally.stanford.edu/~sr/computing/basic-unix.html ____________________ https://g-d-k.com/BIK_php-master/bitcoinfinger.php Fingerprinted bitcoin //// also moveable varifier using bitcoin estimated time of arrival of next block as matchup for human handshake ____________________ https://g-d-k.com/BIK_php-master/bitcoinfinger.php _____________________ http://g--dk.biz/phpf/index.php php framework _____________________ https://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/supporter-master/become-a-supporter.php Supporter page and more... _____________________ https://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/bitcoin-simple-board-master/index.php Eternity wall click message & donate _____________________ http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/ogpst/viewer/apaytoken.html The E.P.A. said every American is worth $7 million. Ok I changed digital money to 70000 @ 100 $7mil. _____________________ http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/aco-simulator-master/index.html# Here's a simulated ant colony. Just click on +New node then touch anywhere in the open area to place nests, then click >Play the ants know what to do ;) Also try out all the settings to create a best route for your ants ___________________ http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/bitcoin2.php This gives a hugh number to every word in existence _________________ We recommend using firefox 5 to use our products because the filtering of mixed content is nonexistent. Simply type https when looking at http addresses ;) https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/5.0/win32/en-US/ Windows 32 or 64 Just copy the two files and click the 13M .exe setup file ___________________ http://boughtupcom.mysite.com/cgi/aa/download.php?dtitle=titles&show=show& durl=http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com Google wanted me to fix this and I did and I made much less overhead for fully scaled online businesses. It has to do with getting a database to make an associative array much easier. ____________________ http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/E-Shop-master/Homepage.php That's big brother paying for everyone's shopping... Use the API order link. So now the 3 previous hash you gather are written to the blockchain and the orders complete. Now your just total adoption away from a new world ___________________ http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/E-Shop-master/Homepage.php That's big brother paying for everyone's shopping...a tripple entry ledger is filled by our three certificates thus instant money ____________________ http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/open-eshop-master/ This system makes a password hash that I can't duplicate by normal md5 or sha1 hashing. Does anyone know the password hash scheme to this well known system? Cash reward for help. The system uses salt generator then puts the salt in cookies. Login script does a sha256 hash. http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/open-esho.php _____________________ This is MY randonaut dashboard... 0.000001 0° 00′ 0.0036″ individual humans go here, http://qrng.anu.edu.au/Dice.php# now take the decimal fractions to guide you. example; See columns 5-9...reversed Those columns form a decimal read reversed .000451 That's 451 feet north because the last number was under 2 So now walk to there. Roll the dice again http://qrng.anu.edu.au/Dice.php# Again the reversed columns formed decimal .000738 That's 738 feet west because the last number was equaled 8. North = 0-3 South = 4-5 East = 6-7 West = 8-9 Columns N 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 # tosses with N sixes 2629 3707 2487 929 201 40 7 0 0 0 0 Reversed 000704 704 feet _______________________ https://test.etleneum.com/#/contract/c5k9q35a27 This is a smart contract that takes and gives micro payments of crypto __________________________ simpleledger:qqp3xrn2gg5njxmu496e7yl77huvqyv7xce56avgx2 This is one of MY addresses that pays dividends. I will pay a dividend to it now and then if you tell ME what I paid I will pay more... ________________________ GDK recognizes employees create for the company from their own brain and time and that distinction allows employees to work on projects and maintain all Intellectual property rights on their creations ____________________ http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/trustfund/react.html I wrote javascript to save form information to a file to disk. Click save to disk input the text then ok then click Download. The file is in your download folder named _script_ ____________________ http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/newspaper/samples/sample9.html *Celebrating* Newspaper first page ____________________ http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/trustfund/react8.html Make a future date calendar and print __________________ http://g--dk.biz/piWallet-master/index.php http://within-ad.com/piWallet-master/index.php Generate todo RecoveryGuardian for your account in BTC World Bank. Make a work order todo with the 2 generated numbers then send it to the bank. Any work order content works so use your creativity. RecoveryGuardian just initializes a process...like first handshake. Then you will go do some tasks in MY bitcoin eternity wall and also become a RecoveryGuardian. __________________ http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/trustfund/profile.html Work order todo... Here's a nice Work order todo maker and print out to disk. Generate 2)invoice numbers add as item, add more items then like like then share/print to disk. Delete item tap right side x __________________ http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/trustfund/react.html Here's a nice todo list maker and print out to disk. Tap the item for done Or Tap again for not done Delete item tap right side x ____________________ http://geraldkrug.100webspace.net/trustfund/index.html Go here and refresh then get your own TFP: STM23482473847 That ones mine ;) That's what unlocks the Bitcoin realigner of wealth system. Register with a fake email if you want to and generate a TFP number in profile and send that to ME from the home page message form ___________________ The formula for the creation is... (1e+20NEW=1PQ>PA>gqQqQA^88)2 (1e+20NEW The weight of infinite space= 1PQ The first pre quark Greater than PA The first pre atom Greater than gqQqQ gravitons & first flavored quark Less than A4D[S...]SR A 4 dimensional dark matter star and it's own [S...] Super atom set island of stability making a blackhole also known as a "SRadius" which is responsible for our big bang. Greater than A^88 Our universe )2 Times two Or we'd never see it, if it all only happened once. __________________ https://g--dk.biz/polymo/polymo.html Personal item list displays by using a new generated url. Read instructions then click Polymo begin ____________________ http://g--dk.biz/amakepop.php We are working hard on a "proof of persons" chain. The genesis block is my proof and a duplicate ____________________ http://g--dk.biz/piWallet-master/index.php http://within-ad.com/piWallet-master/index.php All accounts can get a World Bank Debit VISA https://developer.visa.com/use-cases/request-virtual-account ____________________ https://g--dk.biz/grade/grade.php Simple grade system. http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/remindme/tryit.cgi ____________________ https://g-d-k.com/coin2dl.php Quickest way to get instant text file downloaded of a new friends phone number. ____________________ https://gdkblock2.000webhostapp.com/asimbloc/indx2.php?desc=proof_of_work_seller I went to Anonutopia Facebook and offered the pow&KYC tool to guarantee Commodity Money for the UBI is available if password problems OR ? occurs ___________________ https://gdkblock2.000webhostapp.com/asimbloc/indx2.php?desc=proof_of_work_seller Proof Of Work & KYC tool that makes a private key for a wallet address and does 10 transactions in 7 seconds between randoms of another address(2) Or itselfs address(1). Added total of random tx and fixed previous hash string(64) Added description input to submit and money button for code purchase. API writes description to the page scroll down... __________________ https://g-d-k.com/authn/example/index.php Cashless society simply needs to know about a sale. All the data determines estimated yearly supplies. Our cashless system does it all. With multiple nodes Nationwide as insurance against possible local network failures. Also anyone can pay for anybody __________________ https://g-d-k.com/authn/example/index.php Our Manuel Only signature collection of three appearances of filenames, numbers and time from authn page we recognize as proof of work for side chain peg ________________ I write on Bitcoin metadata to record transactions I do for loaning a credit card. MY system asks for near zero bitcoin calculation resources. Simply do the request into metadata default using https://g-d-k.com/coin2gdk.php Erase everything between the <> And the <> themselves then type in the information click submit near the large input box ________________ http://g-d-k.com/make_outgoing2red.php I like color to indicate each number on MY dialer ________________ Anyone need to have me use my credit card for a Mcdonalds curbside order? Works using Bitcoin to pay one day lead time orders so get a coinbase account. Email me the order I won't change much at first. I send you my Bitcoin price so you pay then order is yours next day. email arrival time. ________________ Opera browser can also pay to this Bitcoin address 3PBAqAeX3DEnmj2TxoB4LRgcKTyDvALyHt _________ Send a message now... http://g--dk.biz/loan/contact.php ___________________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/amylabcontent.pl Create realtime neighbor's for food delivery. ________________ A new paper Payment Token system of issuance. 10 issuing offices: Municipal expenditure (11), expenses of businesses (101), expenses of enterprises (85), expenses of restaurants (94), expenses of security forces (14), Charitable Organization (34), Medical Equipment Expenditure (8), Transport Company (18) Expenditure, Cooperative (44) Misc. Expenditures (32) Public Expenditure. Rarity groups codes: RRR means that only RRR 1 - 2 specimens of this exhibit are known, RR 3 - 5, R 6 - 10, and all others the estimated amount issued. http://g--dk.biz/abitescrow/awif.php New Bitcoin accepting store https://openbazaar.com/QmeEZaAJRQBfF82DZTHCWn3CfoxN BtiVr32CU5RfHx7CaH/store/gerald-daniel-krug ________________ http://g--dk.biz/abitescrow/awif.php This generates random bitcoin private key to create WIF for the new paper Payment Tokens validity ________________ Imagine having web app code that is so much easier to learn because it's created already. Latest code is Bitcoin Escrow and paper money Payment Tokens to backup the production of the US dollar. http://g--dk.biz/abitescrow/awif.php _______________ http://g--dk.biz/abitescrow/index.php Escrow work-site for Bitcoin World Bank Loans. mysql database Verify & Release coins Status Admin. Pub. & priv. rsa key generator 2) verify & release PIN Demand Letter And more... http://gobittest.appspot.com/ _________________ These api urls choose from hundreds of tiny gifs and displays the choosen one upper left corner. http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/gifimages/100.pl http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/gifimages/tt/1000.pl __________________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/stockform/index.htm Here's a stock form that has a freehand signature built in. ________________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/webmas2/index.html GDK app. solutions. Send us a question or design... _______________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/CRcode/msrs/achange4.pl Added ad2zip to Payment Token web app. http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/ogpst/viewer/viewer.php _________________ http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/ogpst/viewer/viewer.php Payment Tokens only need total adoption, 100% of persons. Added time-stamped proof of connection. http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/ogpst/viewer/apaytoken.html Added Payment Token side 2 with side 1 ___________________ http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/ogpst/viewer/viewer.php New video chat added. Put the video room number in the "Real Id" input box click then users can get the room number from clicking on "Show the Money". Added file share and backup file share and text chat. "Proof of Connection" chat room for Fintech KYC know your customer laws is available by invitations only _____________ http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/ogpst/gps.htm Funnel to the prize. Connected money maker and location to mysql database. Click "Show the Money" then "Cancel" Workspace added to make a street address convert to latitude longitude by using a simple API URL ________________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/simimg/example/result.png Crypto money thingy...presidents are a thing of the past. To prove the shards of crypto on the bill are real you need the rest of the document. http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/parseblk/0099s.pl Back of the bill... http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/simimg/example/resultBack.png Individually numbered monetary note, refresh for another...and another... http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/simimg/example/simtxt2.php ________________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/simimg/example/simparrot.php Upload image to create temporary URL to that image. click click for URL ________________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/simimg/example/simthumb.php Get a 400x300 centered thumbnail for Google My business. Just upload a screenshot to test. Then click on "click". Download png image if you like what you see :) _______________ With crypto LOGO++ you can have use of any logo as your own and the public will know who the best company is by choice not monopoly. https://www.imgonline.com.ua/eng/impose-picture-on-another-picture.php Use this tool above and use MY big boy network numbers here and above. http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/parseblk/0099s.pl Using the same numbers off one site because the crypto added logo shows it's an obviously cloaned LOGO++ Use the picture of the crypto and superimpose the logo of your choice. Send us a 90x90 logo we make these... http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/simimg/example/index.php __________________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/parseblk/0099s.pl Crypto Business LOGO++ Some extra hashes for quantum resistance and used for the starting base of a unique numbering system. The starting block hash is never changed and a warning is issued if it is changed. Buy LOGO++ and free set up online, just pay a fair price and it's yours __________________ €Blockchain lottery and blockchain analyzer to use upload simple-curl.php run 1. go here http://g--dk.biz/blchain/simple-curl.php 2. click on the "2 copy invoice link" 3. go back to the first page 4. click "Get Block Count" Submit 5. click "Checksum" link 6. copy the checksum to clipboard. 7. go back to the first page 8. click on Get Block Count and select Write use chain and click Submit. 9. paste the checksum in the large box and then Submit. 10. click on link "use chain..." 11. scroll down to see your checksum that is your Lotto entry. 12. Take a screenshot 13. Send screenshot to gdk@geraldkrug.com 14. We never use your email address except to award Lotto prize to a crypto wallet, lucky you! I added the block height number to be written with the checksum _________________ Tag/word cloud images from text files. What will it make? http://geraldkrug.epizy.com/aofcl/tagcloud.php tagcloud.php change_log.txt tagcloud.php (oval clds.php) ofc.php ofc???.png post to facebook Just refresh this page and see the image. I change the text daily from the top news story or whatever is current. ___________________ http://g--dk.biz/awrdcl/qstart.php Screen scraper __________________ Our first Crypto-Kitty from the entire enterprise blockchain data http://g--dk.biz/blchain/simple-curl.php blockchain explorer analyzer Happy New Year! __________________ Happy New Year! May the singularity be with you. http://g--dk.biz/otp/hillcipher.php Click Encrypt twice and Decrypt once. I won't say what this does because it's for your secret. ___________ http://g--dk.biz/otp/run.php Really quick! Send Santa a secret message on the One Time Pad, it's unhackable! http://g--dk.biz/otp/text/encdeck.php Added interactive One Time Pad encoder. Santa Claus will decode it... Suggest using offset for true randomness _____________ http://g--dk.biz/zipit/index.html UTOE Utility Tokenize everything to the enterprise blockchain. http://g--dk.biz/blchain/simple-curl.php blockchain explorer analyzer This takes a bit of knowledge using the Write Use-chain option and scriptless script encoder http://g--dk.biz/blchain/encdecg.php all provided in the enterprise blockchain resource. Each UTOE you create is currently paying for one web app private label of your own. http://g--dk.biz/blchain/usechain.txt See the UTOE you made. ______________ http://g--dk.biz/brainwallet/index.html Create a bitcoin wallet address and verify it instantly. Also used on BTC World Bank http://g--dk.biz/piWallet-master/index.php http://within-ad.com/piWallet-master/index.php ______________ Scriptless scripting; sha1 hash generator. http://g--dk.biz/blchain/encdecg.php Use the agreement text Add the sha1 hash encode to data on your blockchain... http://g--dk.biz/blchain/walkchain.php. Then doing it again makes matching hash thus proves the sha1 hash encode is from the same agreement text. (example) I want Block height 191 to contain a seller agreement hash. Use the seller agreement it's on the sha1 hash generator. I hashed the seller agreement as is. Then went to the blockchain analyzer/explorer http://g--dk.biz/blchain/simple-curl.php and copied 3 blocks 190 191 192. Then I put the seller agreement hash after the data time hash on block 191 and saved it all. http://g--dk.biz/blchain/usechain.txt See the Utility Token you made. ________________ http://g--dk.biz/coinbuzz/index99.html New Bitcoin World Bank splash page... ________________ http://g--dk.biz/blchain/walkchain.php Grab your own blockchain ledger of over 800 sections. Each section starts with the word height.... Add data after the word data..... Invoices in a chain always win in court cases. _________________ http://g--dk.biz/blchain/simple-curl.php Simply put your block height and see the block. Try 1 to see the genesis block. Added 9 options to analyze the enterprise blockchain that creates 2 copy invoices. Cron is creating new blocks every 15 minutes. We prune at 500. Added MiniKey and PrivKey Qrcode reader http://g--dk.biz/poe/img/readqr.php Scriptless scripting; http://g--dk.biz/blchain/encdecg.php Make an agreement and a decode_key. Add the sha1 hash encode to data on your blockchain. Then doing it again makes matching data thus proves the sha1 hash encode _________________ http://g--dk.biz/blchain/demo.php Enterprise blockchain. Its good to start from the simplest implementation. __________________ After Cyber Monday sales week is on... http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/anim/qrdcoder.html Animation and instant upload images for the kids. Make selfies come alive for them for Christmas. ___________________ First get this image http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cqcode1673421963.jpg then upload it here http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/exif.php the time stamped image is displayed and to see its exif is from gdk go here. http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/exifread.php Feel free to use the gdk image timestamp. Qrcode reader http://g--dk.biz/poe/img/readqr.php __________________ Bank statement to blockchain/URL/3rdParties using simple calculation as signature http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/scical/indexgwas.php Bank Statements from/to Blockchain https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/metadata/address/18YSLAciJjQKqLnyskwaHpT5ZeWjo1GbtB/ Qrcode reader http://g--dk.biz/poe/img/readqr.php ___________________ http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/scical/indexgwas.php New unique cashier to customer receipt with URL and a calculation screenshot. ___________________ Two calculators now under my roof... http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/distcal/examples/index.php http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/scical/index.php Adds a unique equation reminder. You can set the algebraic notation and then work it out in order according to P.E.M.D.A.S. ___________________ http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/bitcalc.php Convert current bitcoin to usd Click on ticker to get current bitcoin amount. Then put bitcoin amount ___________________ https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/metadata/address/18YSLAciJjQKqLnyskwaHpT5ZeWjo1GbtB/ Metadata Key* from coin2gdk Metadata Value* a message Lets write text to the blockchain distributed ledger for public view forever. Email us a bitcoin address and what to write into that address. This qualifies as "Find Task Meat" and your reward you specify ;) TX Notifications https://api.blockcypher.com/v1/btc/main/hooks?token=f5f63f2059f34eb8a49284625fa8c02b ___________________ "Find Tasks Dairy" is a way to make better use of your free-time by completing micro-tasks for GDK in the real-world in return for your suggested bitcoin reward. What tasks could you do to get GDK to send you bitcoin micro amounts? email gdk(a)geraldkrug.com and put us to task ;) and send. a bitcoin address for a welcome gift. "Find Tasks Meat" and "Find Tasks Gold" are coming soon. http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/aaanowip.pl The url above qualifies as "Find Task Dairy" and your reward you specify ;) ___________________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/CRcode/aipgate.pl This is a new way to do id and passwordless entry to websites. This qualifies as "Find Task Gold" and your reward you specify ;) ___________________ http://g--dk.biz/blockio/blockio.php block.io web app working with the wallet. Other links https://bitcoinstrings.com/ https://github.com/BlockIo/block_io-php https://www.cryptograffiti.info/ http://bitfossil.com/ http://coinsecrets.org/ http://apertus.io/ https://ledgerjournal.org/ojs/index.php/ledger/article/view/101 https://bitcoinstrings.com/ http://statoshi.info/dashboard/db/unspent-transaction-output-set More working block.io API URL http://g--dk.biz/blockio/examples/basic.php http://g--dk.biz/blockio/examples/confidence.php http://g--dk.biz/blockio/examples/dtrust.php http://g--dk.biz/blockio/examples/keys.php http://g--dk.biz/blockio/examples/sweeper.php This qualifies as "Find Task Dairy" and your reward you specify ;) __________________ http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/FlatFire-master/index.php How would you use this database? This qualifies as "Find Task Dairy" and your reward you specify ;) __________________ http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/achart/examples/examples.php?data=2&data2=10&data3=16&data4=30&data5=2


    Change 5)data and 5)legend to create charts __________________ http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/camera/vanilla/index.html Get photo attestation for bitcoin notary. Take a picture to get timestamp select rename and copy to clipboard then take the desired picture and name it from clipboard. Added Open Timestamps and Bitcoin notary g-d-k.com/coin2gdk.php --------------- https://factory.nuls.io/ This builds a whole bitcoin system for you, Amazing! _________________ Download from Google play "OTScam" how that works is you share a 20sec.video or picture from smartphone camera to OTScam and it does the stamp sends a .ots "submittion receipt" file to download. Take the picture and .ots file to https://dgi.io/ots/ Upload the picture then upload the .ots it downloaded then the picture again and they should match. Attestation is next. _________________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/ccpan.html Carbon copy and spool guide edge for distributed wealth system __________________ http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/sdbm/testInsert.php?Version=27 converted this web app to make a hyperledger for all the other sidechain web apps. Simply change 27 on Version=27 on the API url This is a get API url so machines can do the insert while post API url is for a human to do the insert. THE API URL... http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/sdbm/testInsert.php?Version=1& Flag=0001& Input_Count=01& Input_1_Previous_Output_Hash=1333183ddf384da83ed4929613

    6c70d206ad2b19331bf25d390e69b222165e37& Input_1_Previous_Output_Index=00000000& Input_1_script_length=0x17& Input_1_scriptSig=160014b93f973eb

    2bf0b614bddc0f47286788c98c535b4& Input_1_sequence=feffffff& Output_Count=02& Output_1_Value=00e1f50500000000& Output_1_public_key_script_length=0x17

    & Output_1_public_key_script=a914a860f76561c85551594c18eecceffaee8c4822d787& Output_2_Value=F0C1A43500000000& Output_2_public_key_script_length=

    0x17& Output_2_public_key_script=a914d8b6fcc85a383261df05423ddf068a8987bf028787& Witness_Count=02& Witness_1_length=0x47& Witness_1=



    a4aa4eb77e912bfd57e0a9b9a1c5e65f2b39f3ab401& Witness_2_length=0x21& Witness_2=0223bec70d670d29a30d9bcee

    197910e37cf2a10f0dc3c5ac44d865aec0d7052fb& Locktime=8c000000

    ___________________ http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/phpblock/tests/simplechain.php https://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/phpblock/tests/hackchain.php Blockchain as basis for sidechains. str is previousHash. Click ledger to see blockchain. ____________________ http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/MYDIR/lib/Image/appmine.cgi?cmd=mine A cosigned promissory note that is a negotiable instrument to recover from accidental loss of crypto. Promissory notes are issued at time when fiat converts to crypto. Added exif reader scroll to bottom... Qrcode reader http://g--dk.biz/poe/img/readqr.php _____________________ Once you mine a coin then make a picture of the json object to make a paper fiat Bill. https://ibb.co/MGpfZkj Now that's money... http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/MYDIR/lib/Image/appmine.cgi?cmd=mine Random art for money... http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/arag/public_html/index.html ___________________ Set up 4 sidechains on mainstream hosting servers. Ifastnet - hostinger - runhosting - hosting24 I just invented a blockchain system that knows the previous hash and shows the miner where to write the previous hash to the current coin so the coins are air gapped and linked to the longest chain of coins mined. ____________________ note*g--dk.biz domain is changed to mypressonline https://g--dk.biz/MYDIR/lib/Image/app.cgi?cmd=transaction&sender=0000dfbg5DUv



    https://g--dk.biz/MYDIR/lib/Image/app.cgi?cmd=resolve https://g--dk.biz/MYDIR/lib/crypt.pl https://g--dk.biz/MYDIR/lib/Image/data/chain.json I got a sidechain web app Write content into the ledger in three places...no massive size data cli to download ;) Miner... http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/MYDIR/lib/Image/appmine.cgi?cmd=mine https://g--dk.biz/MYDIR/lib/Image/appmine.cgi?cmd=mine premined backup... http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/MYDIR/lib/Image/data/backup.txt Add a new node... https://g--dk.biz/MYDIR/lib/Image/app.cgi?cmd=register See mined coins https://g--dk.biz/MYDIR/lib/Image/data/blockchain.json ___________________ http://boughtupcom.mysite.com/cgi/wp/ Wordpress site that has plugins ___________________ http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/contact-form/indexta.html Create a part ownership in any asset...even you or me... Store token cookie; 1 year Create a new token for any asset you want to make into liquid cash... ____________________ http://geraldkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/contact-form/index.html Echo's from the great beyond _____________________ http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/surveyphp/s/index.php Wake up to survey collecting... ____________________ http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/survey/admin/adminpanel.php?page=newquestion Here's a chain of 3 UUID connected to mysql database. Simply copy all to capture the three UUID ____________________ dark matter cookie 2 http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/cookiesess.html Type in secret information in your browser and it will be stored for one year or reset and type in again for another year of storage...This is great for websites that don't remember your work like demo cash registers, demo smart contracts... ____________________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/subdir/expiry-set-cookie2.cgi This is a 2 minute timer. If it says "the value has changed" Then go to the link to reset the timer and return to the url above. It will show 2 minutes ahead and wont reset till then. Its good for stopping page resubmittions and with this I build a message to bitcoin in the users cookie then the cookie airgap then within time the cookie is read and message sent to bitcoin ____________________ http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/markov-master/index.php This makes text different and then you can choose a pass phrase you found ____________________ http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/bitcoinnode/login.html Bitcoind teachers aide Put in rules and save to see >5< There are 4 more... try main and ban and see >1< ____________________ http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/artificial-intelligence-php-mysql-master/index.php The words are choosen thoughtfully so just refresh to see more... _____________________ http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/sliderselect.html Help your customers remember choice before they register to pay _____________________ http://g--dk.biz/cgi-bin/makephp/easycron/acurl1483996850.php Can you use curl to decode qrcode? _____________________ http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/remindme/asound.cgi This sound maker was down because the bgsound tag was made obsolete in html. This works great now. ______________________ http://gkrug.mypressonline.com/cgi/screenshot/index.php PoP Proof of presence. Multiple time stamps and ip address for any use. Erase data.json to start over ______________________ http://g--dk.biz/elearning/index.php New code university...want to teach something to earn bitcoin then post knowledge here ______________________

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    click on Show Console

    your browser opens up

    Show the index.html from the web using NO-IP, so I turn on NO-IP now...


    Make note of link http://devvir.ddns.net/ Use it if/when this main site is offline.



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    10 PRINT "Your aboard the Lunar Lander about to leave the spacecraft."

    20 print "To just coast without burning fuel enter .01"

    70 goto 1010

    80 goto 2010

    90 goto 3005

    100 H = H - V

    110 V = ((V + G) * 10 - U * 2) / 10

    120 F = F - U

    130 IF H > 0 THEN goto 80

    135 H = 0

    140 goto 2010

    150 print "Velocity less than 5 your a-ok! else you crashed."

    170 goto 5000

    180 GOTO 10

    1010 V = 70

    1020 F = 500

    1030 H = 1000

    1040 G = 2

    1050 goto 80

    2010 PRINT " Meter readings"

    2015 PRINT " --------------"

    2020 PRINT "Fuel (gal):"

    2030 PRINT F

    2040 goto 2100

    2045 print " "

    2050 PRINT V

    2060 PRINT "Height (m):"

    2070 PRINT H

    2075 IF H=0 then goto 150

    2080 goto 90

    2100 PRINT "Landing velocity (m/sec):"

    2110 goto 2045

    3005 IF F = 0 THEN goto 3070

    3010 PRINT "How much fuel will you use?"

    3020 INPUT U

    3025 IF U < 0 THEN goto 3090

    3030 IF U < F THEN goto 3060

    3040 PRINT "Sorry, you have not got that much fuel!"

    3050 GOTO 3010

    3060 goto 100

    3070 U = 0

    3080 goto 150

    3090 PRINT "No cheating please! Fuel must be >= 0."

    3100 GOTO 3010

    5000 PRINT "Do you want to play again? (0 = no, 1 = yes)"

    5010 INPUT Y

    5020 IF Y = 0 THEN goto 5040

    5030 goto 10

    5040 end


    Another Lunar Landing Program

    10 print "lunar landing:to just coast press enter."

    11 let x=1000

    12 let v=70

    13 let f=500

    15 let g=2.3

    16 let e=0

    45 print "go!!";

    50 print "alt.=":print x

    60 print "vel.=":print v

    70 print "fuel left=":print f

    80 if f=0 then goto 110

    90 print"burn how much fuel now":input e

    110 if e>f then e=f

    112 f=f-e

    120 if f=0 then goto 180

    117 a=(g*e)-e*f/200-2*3.1416

    120 if f=0 then v=v+(-1)

    121 if a=0 then goto 130

    122 v=v+a

    123 x=x+v-(a/2)

    124 if x>1 then goto 45

    130 z=(-100)+v

    135 v=(-100)-v

    180 print "vel.=":print v

    192 print ".5=OK 1.2=bumpy 2.1=crunch"

    195 print "4.7=crash 7.7=crater"

    197 end


    Moon over head

    10 A=0:B=0:C=0:D=0:E=0:F=0:G=0:I=0:J=0:L=0

    15 PRINT "HighMoon"

    20 input "M. time in";J

    25 input "Tot. days";B

    35 B=B+J

    37 IF J>=16 THEN B=B+3

    38 IF J<=15 THEN B=B+2

    39 IF J<=8 THEN B=B-1

    40 A=B/29.52055

    50 C=(A-INT(A))

    60 D=C/.0367647058

    70 E=(D-INT(D))-1

    80 L=(D-E)-1

    90 E=(L*52.9411)/60

    100 C=(E-INT(E))-1

    110 D=E-C

    120 D=ABS(D)

    121 D=INT(D)

    122 IF D>=12 THEN print "PM ";

    123 IF D<12 THEN print "AM ";

    130 F=ABS(C)

    140 G=F/.0189736039

    160 G=INT(G)

    180 IF D>12 THEN D=D-12

    190 IF D>12 THEN goto 180

    200 print D;" ";G

    210 goto 10


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