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    Chili Sauce Switch,Pat.5360997 ORDER NOW!

    Formally known as Uswitch

    Unique user set pressure adjustable switch is for all sensory needs

    Carjackers can steal your car using On-Star, Lojack or Teletrack but not with csswitch...

    csswitch is the easiest security system in the world to install.

    SWITCH to csswitch, even astronauts have back-up switches handy... be a real MAN,get sub surface mounted universally applied csswitch.

    Upgrade any existing Car Security System with "Hidden valet and Starter kill/anti-kidnap csswitch",two for \\$20.00,save $79.00 on Hi-Jack Buster or ss60 Anti-carjack systems.

    csswitch,a valet cloaking device,anti-hostage interactive for,anti-terrorist use. The csswitch "wedge press",that over-rides your alarm,can be customized by your local installer.

    GDK PRODUCTS ARE VALUED,BUY TODAY! "NEW coded valet/override systems SUCK! and customers know it." Hide your Car alarm systems VALET with one csswitch for \\$19.95 instead.

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    "You'll rest easier with a csswitch around."

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  • See starter interrupt installation information

    The csswitch has obvious value to any "one shot" or "manuel clamp down" type switching breakdowns.

    csswitch is made to take targeted push pressure and thieves find that too difficult to win over.

    csswitch needs no mounting,you can just,"Let it hang."

    Let csswitch UP-GRADE your Car alarms (valet over-ride),then the valet is totally hidden from thieves.

    csswitch is perfect as a simple car ignition interruptor.Just press it's hiding place to start the car.

    csswitch can start your cars if your employees lose keys.

    Dont get taken n' shot! csswitch anti-kidnap,just turn off the key.

    Limo's need custom csswitch that shows quality and care.

    GDK state of the art limo installs \\$300.00

    Protect your delivery drivers before they ask,when Carjacked,

    why there wasn't a csswitch Anti-carjack in the company vehicles.

    Use csswitch to safely redirect the power to stop household systems from being used,"for kids sake".

    Value the csswitch to watch over product and people with the add on csswitch on/off tracker.The csswitch monitors guards attention,or lack of,and can stop false accusations.(see richard jewell story)

    S.P.S.T. csswitch makes a remote starter switch when setting that Auto timing or for emergency key failures via S.P.S.T. starts the car.

    Use it to switch on a failed electric water cooling car fan.(must add heavier contacts to csswitch for this use)

    Back up csswitch with another csswitch for failsafe operations.

    Fix flashlights,make alarm triggering switch mats for computer security.

    I can go on...

    GET csswitch "before" you need one.

    The csswitch® is 1" inch by 2" 1/2"

    inch with a double dome over another dome of plastic

    membranes example ((gap)) the gap is 1/2" inch and the radius

    ( is same as a 1-2 liter soft drink plastic container you see

    in supermarkets,also the same thickness of plastic container

    3 thousands to 5 thousands.a 1/4" hole is needed at 3/8" in

    from end of any side____(()) through all four

    membranes,centered.(()) all ends close to 1 point on both

    sides based on radius and gap.The ((--inner--))

    membranes of the four must have two 1/4" half round cut outs

    on the end opposite the 1/4" hole side on both inner edges at

    1" inch in toward zenith of inner domes.------- (()) ------




    --------------------------Top view



    1/4"half rounds----------- )-----(



    1/4"hole centered--------- O


    Guaranteed 50,000 depressions or 25 years of normal usage.

    Mil/Gov customized csswitch for any sensor, touch screen, replacement upgrade, industrial modernizing...

    Soon on private sector store shelves, readily available = csswitch measures one inch by two inch and can be put flat on or under any surface.

    csswitch can handle up to 5 amps@12 v.d.c. continuous.Push on release off configured.

    csswitch comes with wire to handle 5 amps@12 v.d.c.

    To run Higher than 5 amp. loads Call GDK 1-877-619-2277.

    Do not use for alternating current!Suggest a d.c.power supply and csswitch to turn on a d.c.relay for switching on a/c.

    Installing csswitch in cars is a custom hand crafted job so consult a local car alarm installer or GDK for ideas and solutions.

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