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    If your a paid user,when a pop up asks you to install Windows Media Player Add-on, it's ok, do it.

    Did you hear the yum yum logo sound? No? Then fix sound and refresh this site. Also don't have pop up screens blocked. (What?)1024 X 768 resolution.

    You will also need a microphone with headphones.

    ...Please wait for the telephone keypad to load...

    ...I'm being paged right now that your here waiting...

    ...So create a Public Alternate Chat Room, I'll be paged again...

    ...I'll meet you in a few minutes, you'll hear a sound as I enter chat...

    LORD YUM YUM SOCIAL NETWORKING>>>Mobile/landline phones called. All Hosts and Guests world wide.

    LORD YUM YUM (socially networks) the host and his guests (requesting to talk). Host can input cell or landline phone number by appointment privatly.

    All rooms have text messaging for you to text chat on....................................................Directory (Current host=Lord yum yum, status ok,all on)

    There are two live chat services with many people now ..................................................both in ALTERNATE CHAT ROOM↓ scroll down ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

    How many people here now>>>>

  • Basic Chat

    If no-one shows in "Basic or Public Alternate Chat Room" in 15 minutes then please come back later or schedule ahosting session or call on New tool below or use video room 2 or create ID PASS for private Chat.

  • Public ALTERNATE CHAT ROOM use ID 422 PASS 452

    There are 4 chat rooms, 2 video rooms and 1 live "audio only" room for windows media player on this site.

  • ___________________________________________60 sec.AUTO REFRESH ACTIVE WHEN HOSTED_____________________________

    Now you can host an audio room (one hour hosting) that people see on our directory above and (Current host=Lord yum yum, status ok,all on)

    Book one hour of hosting NOW or FUTURE, Toll FREE, Cell phones air time may apply...Simple as



    During and after hours please use phone/email below for the booknow form...After hours please book appointment for anytime tomorrow to use now.

    Input your real phone/email instead if you want better service...

    Demo;Phone/Email-->8184302452 gdk@geraldkrug.com

  • WHAT? Make an Online Appointment
    Online appointment scheduling for Personal Services
  • (2)

    Check list; by appointment configure your mobile/landline phone number for use on step #3.

    Call Host only if you know the current Host

    To Host immediatly book an appointment for now with a real phone number keep checking the directory to see your name.

    In 10 minutes or less you can be called by guests or send live audio to windows media players.

    If you want this all in a tool bar then download it, it's at the bottom of this page

    If all fails and you need "LIVE" Lord yum yum now then use "GDK New tool" green button below...


    Now Guests, you know your HOST awaits so click on "GDK New tool" green button and you are connected, all private, right now.

    If there is no current HOST then use the "GDK New tool" green button for PARTYLINE, Try it NOW !!!

    Call me direct at 1(DAD)NET GATE or...


    Show on? then use this New tool...login is automatic...

    Click " New tool" green call button, first "Allow",

    you will not be on camera

    it just wants to use the camera microphone :)

    Click to call and click to hang up...

    turn up your volume for touchtone keypad to work...

  • What?

    And for best results unblock your caller ID.

    New tool callonclick

    Can New tool remember my microphone access permission?

    Certainly! It's very simple. Just right click on "GDK New tool" green button,

    click on Settings menu item. In the Settings dialog, please select the "Allow" button

    and check the "Remember" box and click "Close"

    PARTYLINE(Used with "GDK New tool" green button) Listen to messages OR Call 1(641)715 3900 759759# to record a message...

    Telephone Keypad; click on >'s

    (1) (2) (3)

    (4) (5) (6)

    (7) (8) (9)

    (*) (0) (#)

    Back-up phone tool from Kall8...Enter number and press enter on keyboard.

    Use simple voice box with Plivo... 16417153900 759759#

    Now that you've connected...

    Video room 1 go

  • 1 here

    Video room 2 go

  • 2 here--> click a check in box "login as guest", then click login


    Honored guests check in here first if instructed.

    If video room 1 is filled I will start another as we speak. The new video room name is "yum2" "yum3" and so on

    Video room 2 is more secure, unexpandeable.

    +++++++++Hosts broadcast live (audio only room) to your windows media player with appointment through a New tool call+++++++++++

    ===========Your broadcast is saved for you for Free and your scheduled events are announced here too on request.============

    > Example announcement... Lord yumyum will be live every Sunday at 9:45 am pacific,ORB

  • Use this TTL countdown screen for your Live stream...
  • Station information, live stream player...

    Gallery LIVE to your audience Gallery uploader

    Use New tool talk and stream live with the current host, Listen on this player-->> '); ');

    OR listen on these players in order or jump to the last player...

    Here are your players, you need "windows media player" installed for this to work.

    Leave a message to the show by calling 18776192277 or email gdk@geraldkrug.com

    Player 1

    Player 2

    Player 3

    Player 4

    Player 5

    ↑ ↑ Press arrow on player above to listen...

    Hey Star, this is better than mainstream media...Host now!

    Single-conferences, currently FREE

    $19.95 Monthly

    $189.95 Yearly Save $49/year

    5-person conferences

    $89.95 Monthly

    $895.95 Yearly Save $183/year

    10-person conferences

    $149.95 Monthly

    $1495.95 Yearly Save $303/year

    50-person conferences

    $695.95 Monthly

    $6995.95 Yearly Save $1355/year

    CONSULTANTS SPECIAL get your speaking engagement (donation) fees through this paypal account.

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    Lordyumyum.info combines tools from various sources and you can't find them all on one page except here.


    For cash rewards please report copyright infringement if you see a site running like this one.

    (c)2008 Gerald Daniel Krug

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