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"GDK,Upgrading Auto Security Worldwide"

That's Right! With purchase of a GDKss614 system at \\$159.95 OR after each GDK test form submitted,

You will receive \\$100.00 Dollars

in stock rebates,to earn dividends,with our,

  • GDK Stock Certificate

    Free insurance against loss from \\$200.00 & up if a GDK system fails.


    ___"I'm excited knowing|"Because of the ss6's___|"This is the way to

    _with GDK I'm safer than|my car can't be used for_|begin a drive,the 6's,

    __________other drivers."|a high speed chase."____|my secret protector."

    Now,automatic door exit locking comes Free!
    THE GDKss6 series ARE NOT ALARMS
    Carjackers can not hi-jack or defeat the GDKss60,61,614,619 or K.F.C.I.Hidden remote starter switch(csswitch)because the system hides.
    "Phone in Triggering,P.I.T.stop" and the "smart charge card",has no monthly charges."
    Be ready for anything. Get the
  • GDKss614,pat.5360997!It's an invisibly mounted electronic Starter kill/anti-kidnap switch that stops your car,automatically, minutes after being hi-jacked face to face by carjackers thus eliminating need for tracking systems. \\$159.95
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  • "P.I.T.stop system,extra\\$""Anti-hostage system,extra$"
  • "Franchise and csswitch available for Salespeople/Affiliates"
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