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GDK Business Plan Updates...version 11.29.2003.0

continued from tomkrug5.htm Marketing efforts

To funding sources,Venture capitalists,Joint ventures,

Angels,Brokers,Intl.Financiers ect.

The Legitimate business plan is a properly capitalized

plan and a \\$500,000-$1,000,000 investment will animate

this corporation(working name )GDK Consumer Electronics Inc.

GDK systems will not be sold until capitalization from a

letter of intent or contract from a proven funding source

orders of 10,000 systems.Working capital will not exceed annual

interest from saved funds.

Once satisfied, GDK can buy out the investor(s) if

pre-arranged with the investor(s) before capitalization.

Currently employing "PUSH" technology

Comline Intelligent Transportation Systems

Sales agents being contacted to sell our product lines

Accounts receivable insurance

MSA Account 888-627-9800 888-367-6727

IPO on

searching net for infringements

Illustrate sensor to application circuit

Empowerment zones,Pacoima


Mirror site

Hi-jack buster logo/flyer scanned

Set up performance clauses for executives

Business cards included with serial numbers

Put "The Program Begins" software on the internet

Mercedes seat sensors,check their outputs

Negotiate sales deal

2-3% normal for bad debits

There are six ss614 systems made for study

Payback of financers for manufacture for orders 30 days

Join local chamber of commerce

Aquire directed electronics to gain distribution channel

V/C/U computer program and user copies random display

Parts supplier is not to be revealed

Demographics/trends/current focus

Media planner/media buyer/independent film in process

Marketing plan always under construction,focus,business to business

Jackmaster alliance

Focus on decision makers,(Who spends the money?)

Ford idea submittion of GDK Anti-hostage system accepted

Official name (---) Consumer Electronics Inc.

New products,mousetrap connectors

Limited partnership

Search L.A.Times archives

Retain lawyer,infringements have been found

Leverage buy out

Automotive research & consulting group 810-335-2579 fax 333-7999

Fundraisers being hired with and offering Founders stock.

Radio ads complete

GDK flyer with founder picture and past-up Brochure posted

Price waterhouse to handle global accounting needs

stealth packaging

Piggy back in related products packaging

business reply mailers in magazines

wiring harness pre-installed at factory GM-Delphi Parts

Manufacturing near largest customer and parts supply if possible

Film being made for educating the public through entertainment

Issue founders stock to deserving entities

create bank account for multiple investors signatures to withdrawl

Prospectus to be written for sec filing according to sec format

Sales script,qualify,present,close,deliver.Cold calls "Internet Guy"

Business appraisers


merchandise brokers

manufacturers reps.



gate operating devices

lecture and seminar bureaus

Gerald Krug-Product development & marketing

Personal shopper service

Tax shelters & investments

Telemarket Appointment setters via targeted white pages

Uniform rentals

GDK wireless HVAC thermostat

Pension funds invest if 20% r.o.i.

purchase and invoice financing

Ben Franklin Technology Center 215 382 0380

Mana Agency sales magazine

Norman-Spencer Inc. Product liability ins.1 800 543 3248

Internet events hosted for stockholders

Equiptment Leasing-Upland,calif

GDK Stock certificate displayed without Corporate seal and Auth#

Employee advertising

Package (box) designed directly from brochure.3 7/8 x 2 1/4 x 2"

drop 818-559-1886 from box & brochure,put space for sales agent #'s


Marketing Alliances

Basic to Visual Basic to active X to internet deployment

Custom Manufacturer

Global QA 1-800 500-7190 demand non-polluting manufacturing

Dow 30 Dividend approach

Excel Dryer Corp. Ma. supply them GDK repair kits.

Issue cease and desist to bowling centers using automatic scoring.

manufacturing center being set up and bonded warehouse.

p.18 market efforts #41 in GDK B.plan(readme),proof,Ford Anti-Hostage.

Speedometer delay adjust 1/20 of a mile to 1.Your car stops close.

Phone in triggering-P.I.T.stop card.\\$90.00 extra.No monthly $.

Motorola pager stops automobiles but is not automatic like GDKss614

Serial Number validation for anti-clone

Solicitors please check the GDK On-line daily appointment book.

GDK announces an arming led remote alarm with the ss614

Magnadyne alarms couple with GDKss614

pain generator,interior siren,strobe light

GDK Distributorships available ForeverPage.

1-888-pagestar and Motorola in direct competition with GDK

Satellite ControlTechnologies, Inc.(Corporate Headquarters)

15060 Ventura Blvd. Suite 350

Sherman Oaks, California 91403

Tel: (818) 981-9850

Fax: (818) 981-9819


Web offices

Trigger over-ride push switch now included free.

Animated Digital T.V. commercial with radio commercial audio is done.

National Highway Traffic Safety,make ss614 an option for new cars.

Mascot Song for T.V.& radio ads "Axels song" from Beverly Hills Cop

performed by Horace Heidt and The Musical Nights.

His Father has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...

Heidt, Horace Radio 1631 Vine Street

Heidt, Horace TV 6628 Hollywood Blvd.

Email New car dealers,suggest ss614 as optional equiptment.

GDK insured by

No cost GDK Franchise includes 8 hour hand crafting training.

Iready,Emware,Metricom Ricochet wireless modem,GDK=Robo cop

Enterprise software and Supply-chain planning software

Government contracts require electronic transaction system.

Unlimited long distance in USA for \\$195.00 a month.800.777.6617

auto accessories 818.986.8881

GDK listed in

GDK is a Development Company to investors.

Message to 1-888-dash-2-dot...

Please help my company with mandating that

all auto manufacturers offer new car buyers

a safety option known as "Anti-carjack systems".


This system will stop face to face auto theft

known as carjacking and or hijacking.

Financing;Robert C. Rung-CEO, Bancorp

Mortgage, Inc. 816-459-9400 voice, 7400 fax.,"Save our streets",contacted.

Revolving credit line established with accounts rec. as collateral

See GDK in a Shopping Mall at

Automobile anti-theft catagory associate

On-line advertising brokers "content aggregators"

Privacy statement to customers

Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) 818-354-2503 1-800-419-0313 ext.1595 try 7 days free

Intelectron,miniature timers for home security,GDK forms alliance.

automobile accessories installers on-line

sst spyder kit car,GDK and Cell port labs

Miniature logic circuits for consumer electronics

GDK Software for Audio chat line

Personal Security & control systems

Gameboy camera,Nemonics "Team Leader"

Pools floating Motion Sensor alarm

Kid tracking,C.H.I.L.D,Cellular hailing individule locator devise

GDK Builds stealth into its systems via auto wire conduit.

Anti-hostage/carjack systems by GDK

Text only site for successors

GDK Cyber cash bank begins taking your yearly cash usage orders.


Get your own business model with patent and logos on internet

SBIR Contractor and mailing list was


GDK Flow control proposal to Army SBIR topics A98-008,018,036,064 Email pager,"Pagewriter 2000" and pager/chat suite

MCI click n connect

Directors and officers insurance GDK software compatable

Highway patrol T.R.A.P. system similar to ss614

Automobile wiring harness makers add value to product with ss614

target for merger/aquisitions,suppliers of parts to auto makers

Airball loan,bridge loan,IPO.Silicon Valley Bank,John Otterson

Product placement in Entertainment Industry,Dean Ayres 8188921700

The GDKss614 installation instructions and package are here.

Get two 614's by ordering one 614 system NOW!,free to qualified buyers.

Handicapped vehicles and corporate promotional item.

Giveaway pressure switch parts for the ss60 via free classified ads

see ,, section 213 and 242 for GDK news-stand ads.

1/22/99 9 "L.A.P.D. Life on the beat" airs the Founder

of gdk electronics, gerald daniel krug ,during a bust,talking about Anti-Carjack systems. Show #2002 - Sept. 10,1998 A woman attacks her boyfriend with a steak knife; a young boy is shot in the face with a pellet gun; a woman calls police claiming her husband gave her a fat lip; and security cameras catch a gang murder on tape at a gas station.

Gerald Daniel Krug 7650 Balboa Blvd # 38 Van Nuys, CA 91406

Autosource,Manhattan Beach

New Breakthrough system,"The GDK stealth remote starter switch"

New,"Unique Use Planning Consultant",available to Anti-carjack system buyers.

Test forms for press release recall of counterfit uninsured systems.

GDK Elect. Standard Classification Code S.I.C.3714

GDK (CAGE) Commercial and Goverment entity code 1kk56


now find GDK by clicking on "search"

GDK improves the patent 4866296

GDK informes Coca Cola Co. of a new promo using a Stealth remote starter switch cut out on it's bottle labels.

Fulfillment express 800-700-9295 or Fed x

Call center 310-552-6000

Plastic manufacturer,Stealth remote starter switch Leading Industries, 818 407-0100 fax 818-407-0200

credit card acceptance through Gerald Krugs' day job.

Ben Krug mentoring at L.A.U.S.D. Project Target helping youth

Ifilm network does GDK Film

Anywhere "The Club" is sold is where GDK will be also.

"Safety is equivilent to no risk"

"Our salespeople make house calls" got bid of 1 cent per click-through from GDKs'unique listing. ixl USweb/cks Sagemaker

Radio Shack Unlimited Solid state stamping inc.



GDKs' new address that forwards to the origional web site


GDK is now in the Zshops

Business Owners Policies BOP insurance,Dept.of insurance

csswitch is an ignition kill/anti-kidnap system supplies New car dealers national mailing list to GDK

link a browser within the email you'll send to targeted customers

internet patents...1-212-944-1515 Brown,Raysman & Millstein

Directed email to retail food stores and certified grocers

Chilton automobile repair books


saw horse posters outside retail food stores

High end trucks now favorite targets for theft.

product placement in the GDK movie is better than TV ads

GDK software is now considered an investment value by the USA.

gdk has created an autosecurity store

Jewelers sites

CIA funding Arm "In-Q-It" 202-220-0220

Vendor/parts supplier links:Ford-Autoexchange


Calif.Manuf.Tech Center 1-800-300-CMTC IBM DB2

upgrades to car alarms by using the csswitch to hide the valet sw.

3 minute GDK video digitized and posted by

gdklabl2.gif is in the anti-counterfit format has gdkwork-.gif gdkwork1.gif gdksell2.gif registered

firstuse search...gdk installation instructions gdk sales brochure

gurunet xdrive quicktime

order a second csswitch as a valet for the Hidden remote starter csswitch

and save \\$5.98.

Use the GDK wire locator of automobile manufacturers toll free numbers

to find the ignition 2 wire for csswitch or any other wires to connect to.

GDK gets its executives from

GDK now has to be paged to the web site and chat as needed.

gdk's north american industries classifications see gdknaics.html

3344197 3 Switches, mechanical, for electronic circuitry *[report switches

for electrical circuitry, including vehicular switches, in industry 335931]

Competitor to gdks' csswitch is

gdk beats their effectiveness and prices by over \\$30.00

gdk online business incubator with guaranteed funding

upc barcode gif's uploaded 0-4.....gdkupc0.gif gdkupc01 02 03 04

upc barcodes ready for 5 products csswitch-ss604,ss60, ss61, ss614, ss619

gdk part numbers aka item numbers... 202361 202378 202385 202392 202408

gdk maker id 208679

globalonline invensys 3i cliffordchance mysap tivoli

cisco i-b-net office esouk ft

internet investment funds=new media investors,oxygen holdings,jellyworks

internet indirect,A.I.M stock market,internet capital group,cmgi

yoyomail dialpad msdw idealab bplan gorillapark ibusiness

getronics imdb tom photonet iomplc softbank arthuranderson

need 300,000-1,000,000 to finance growth curve of 1 gig per second

ccr2000 yet2 venture catalyst livecapital umagic razorfish

Invest in mutual funds having GDK outsourced vendors in mind

futurethunder oneco xdrive loadtv scient viant loudcloud

Micro-business friendly banks---



HANMI BK Los Angeles CA





NARA BK NA Los Angeles CA




WILSHIRE ST BK Los Angeles CA running on whois.

up-dated "associates" account to "advantage" "advantage" site orders "The Program Begins" purchased by gerald krug.Now "whois" listed. scriptmania and netopia custom 404 not found page merchant poll added to order receipt page

New product Bid list auction with matching stock value for winning bidder

winning bidder is sent a list of product contents to decide to order.

re-stock charge 22% on returns needs research state by state sister site

wareforce guru ariba freestuff myaladdin bestregister

backflip basement productopia justwebit incpad smalloffice

purchasepro ondisplay freemarkets futurestep rightsmart

L.A.Regional Tech Alliance

200 million cars on the road today

pink sheets bullitinboards fund screen mfea maxfunds moneycentral

efile on2 ebay billpoint kozmo

GDK and Barbados Foreign Sales Corporation FSC

up-dated "associates" account to "advantage" "advantage" site orders "The Program Begins" purchased by gerald krug.Now "whois" listed. scriptmania and netopia custom 404 not found page merchant poll added to order receipt page

New product list auction with matching stock value for winning bidder

winning bidder is sent a list of product contents to decide to order.

22% re-stock charge on returns needs research state by state sister site

wareforce guru ariba freestuff myaladdin bestregister

backflip basement productopia justwebit incpad smalloffice

purchasepro ondisplay freemarkets futurestep rightsmart

L.A.Regional Tech Alliance

200 million cars on the road today

pink sheets bullitinboards fund screen mfea maxfunds moneycentral

efile on2 ebay billpoint kozmo

GDK and Barbados Foreign Sales Corporation FSC

The gdk links

  • GDK favorite links

    The pocket computer museum up-dated by GDK

    Handspring Visor expansion slot runs "The Program Begins" basic source code

    The code 39 barcode and gdkseri#.exe Anti-counterfeit all web content

    Pay for anything on the web without a credit card,use the gdk smart card

    AutoZone & "connect-tite","GDK low profile switch having high amp cap."

    GDK web site index page,code 39 barcoded,for future uses.

    GDK biz incubator portal vertically integrated to answer all biz details.

    the ss614 computer aided schematic created by hand without any CAD program read by a web enabled cell phone using HDML,thats right!HDML

    burned cd to back-up all GDK origional internet artwork.

    manufacturing process to mass produce csswitches is designed.

    web enabled cell phone purchased for GDK founder.

    GDK can now be found by using the minibrowser on web ready cell phones.

    Email your number to my cell phone,i'll call back in 15min.,use Humanclick

    GDK files converted to .ppt so web ready cell phone sends files to any fax

    La times-Highway 1 weekly auto show listings

    GDK warranty now on-line linked in Headquarters gdknow.htm

    5%-10% rebate from manufacturer,if distrib. sells 10,000 units to retailers

    Alpha Technologies Group,S.Pasadena,Electrical connectors

    Host mirror site in Sealand principality via Haven ltd.

    slotting fees

    bidder must time stamp boughtup bid or bid is invalidated

    create a senate bill for mandatory installation of products

    shared gdk sales files for web phone ready salespeople on

    gdk .gif material locator

    GDK FAX 1-509-562-3557 and "The program begins"

    Tekelec inc. early 1990's uses gdk electronics, gerald daniel krug program "Numbers" as a "signal transfer point" on SS7 giving services like Caller id,900#'s,roaming....

    nervewireless messageasap efax eproject buybuzz tellme

    tagtag rocketcash phone oraclemobile myalert go2online

    alertsite citifi ureach

    Jobber to outlets,sales campaign scripted,see franchise.html

    US gas stations given Ref# to order.GDK sells only

    via Ref# from outlets(outlets on pay commissions fairly and avoid chargebacks & returns.

    Limo services & auto makers targeted for GDK high end installs.

    sales effort,csswitch is a tool to add to your tool box.

    New year of 2000 press release in release 1

    Brew wireless language 3.0 puts "the program begins" on cell phones.

    new display card/package on index page 2

    Government & Banker contacted to legitimize GDK to retail outlets,give credit

    line for manufacturing csswitch for any large retail outlets purchase orders.Factoring.

    new wedge clamp for use on csswitch applications.

    applied for NSN (national stock number) for csswitch via defense logistics agency. to partner with GDK to put "The program begins" 56 programs

    on cell phones.

    mathML 2.0 to make XML of the 56 programs.

    PRODUCT OR INVENTION TO BUY army 703-697-2564 navy 703-695-6915 air force 703-693-2775

    DBA gerald daniel krug

    90 day warranty,re-stock charge

    fax contact found on will license AST corp."johnnyblaze" private lable.

    AST corp.-"johnnyblaze" lable for csswitch & spokesman & .com & singer & actor

    & cartoon character licensed to gerald daniel krug

    negotiating with model that has investors

    Johnnyblaze private lable usage on hold. remains with the origional owner,WIPO decision. rapid prototyping gives GDK a quote on 10,000 market ready csswitches.

    Uswitch aka csswitch mentioned within this "Washington Post" news item click here

    "" registered by gerald krug 6-1-2002.""registered 6-14-02 expired 9/15/2006,

    Forwarded to

    6-14-02-Filed complaint with California Attorny General "ALL computer firms not licensed to use GDK software." Supreme Court patent decision may 29 2002

    csswitch giveaway,a public service,on now

    Homeland Security Agency contacted about mandating GDK anti-hostage csswitch on all cars.

    GDK listed as "GIFT" on the new and as a switch on

    Microsoft opens "Windows" source code to Government agencies,GDK can now prove theft of

    GDK copyrighted software since all made in the simplest form of b.a.s.i.c. possible.

    Looking for lawyers to sue all copyright infringers.

    see gdk contents on

  • pages.html program begins found at $6.95 for hardcover this is an infringement.

    Capt.Andrew Rogers marine corps in charge of systems command Quantico,VA for

    procurement for humvee A2 fleet.

    Inter-con security systems,Pasedena CA.Securitas Sweden.Group4Falck danish,Wackenhut corp.palm beach FL. for proposal writing to government contracts,pressure switch,800-227-1592

    Killer switch,improved mounting (easier and more mission adaptable)1/3/2006

    Texas Instruments studies the GDK idea for the "High Moon" wrist watch.

    "The program begins" converted to .pdf and uploaded to

    Europe studying software patent issues

  • click here

    The Program Begins "3rd printing" finished on 12/27/05 with

    "High Moon" Demo running on internet, estimate to make "High Moon" a product $50,000

    Digital DJ complete and custom T-shirt made

    Kodak C330 Digital Camera, Won 3rd place in Lycos MYtv contest.

    The Program Begins goes "LIVE" on google

    The Program Begins,HIGHMOON.EXE,LIFTOFFX.EXE,xdj.html all live on

    Register domain vox 8/25/06 point to index.html

    11/04/06 1 am, call in to radio show via KFI 640 am L.A.

    Joked about

  • "The Big Bounce" with show host George N. "search inside the book" finished

    Hosted a 5 minute T.V. Show at L.A.C.C."The Couch Potato Show" 4/8/07 posted on

    Hosted a 10 minute T.V. Show at L.A.C.C."The Couch Potato Show" 5/10/07 posted on Google video

  • 1st show

  • 2nd show

    Listed on the Handmade products site

    Doing live internet show

    2/13/08 register domain point to gdkuses.html

    Working with to qualify for grant to compete with imports.

    7/10/2008 registered point to lordyumyum.html

    8/4/2008 broadcasting LIVE to any "windows media player" from

    4/16/2009 register domain point to

    Create "Association for Computer Entraprenurs" ACE

    Aquired .biz .net .info .org web site 5/2009 cancelled 2010

    Programming Internet Applications with Perl...2008-2010

    Bus TV Ad. ran from 5/22/2010-6/22/2010

    Making most GDK web domains .info cancelled; registered point to

    Bought cancelled registered point to

    Bought registered point to /cgi/remindme/pcfootb.cgi

    Aquired and .info thanks to Michelle Verran registered point to

    Bought registered point to lordyumyum.html cancelled

    Registered as new site/logo from GDK of course

    Domain name branding the extensive overall website contents.

    Faxed Google about worldwide post card system and private lable barcode systems price tagging

    Google requests new format and takes reformatted "The Program Begins" (Google sued, project still in the courts)

    Book started to cronicle my Perl coding discoveries and QnA to pick my brain(India)

    President of the USA endorsed "Startup America Partnership" GDK barcodes price tagging propelled by strategic posts there.

    At&t announces "Mobile Barcodes". Plays right to the barcode type reader GDK uses.

    Many domains dropped except vox "" and vox "" using vox "godaddy" hosting

    Expensive Toy gun for upgrading to real gun the puzzle challenge is on youtube geraldkrug. bill gates database, I chatted to joe about getting my resource out to teachers and students, he said, interesting.

    He took my credentials cage code 1kk56 into

    database of schools I can process data mine

    Emails of journalist and news editors

    used anonymous

    to send out emails, saying...

    Please use a search engine and these keywords; "GDK plan updates"

    GDK is an internet Apps. designer who has built a "Citizen Visa & Mastercard" system to redistribute wealth to the neediest American's.

  • Use Search word, verified, create your products name...

    Save this image as cqcode1671460119.bmp if you want to read it's secrets in the secret cqcode zone..

  • Use the Private Label cqcode system

    Third year granting out 20% to the area friends, thanks for being my friend.

    See Electronic Government click on GDKmoney

    Your Here... This site is rated "G"

    Everyday here downtown in Los Angeles California an idea is born.

    Some are great,but most ideas fail as they grow.The great ideas though are

    like printing your own money.

    Through an amazing life's path I have created great ideas that grew and returned

    more than money.With the internet, that I feel I kick-started,we have a place for ideas,

    the great and not so great, to be organized into business.

    Hopefully this web site can guide you to greatness...

    Gerald Daniel Krug


    So Cal Social

    Send me a text to my cell phone

  • SEND...and leave me your cell phone number.

  • Bahai Calendar
  • Dice Toss
  • Moon over head
  • JapaMala bead Calendar
  • Free daily,Conception Bio-Rhythm
  • Assoc. Computer Entraprenurs, ACEboughtup
  • National Grade System, For public or for private use
  • "Pinch Tech", B.A.S.I.C. you write to run on the Internet
  • Simple Change maker and cash register, fully eraseable, $25.00
  • Suite of GDK products to the DESKTOP folder, install now, try free.
  • Playing Card Football, Now on the Internet, Please Gamble responsibly.
  • Chatpass
  • chatpass upgraded
  • MYCRON instructions
  • The RUN BIRD game
  • The NUMBERS game
  • New 10pin Scorekeeper
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  • Serial Number Generator
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  • Geo tagged freehand signature
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  • AASIGN handwritten uncrackable codes
  • Make patterns from handwriting
  • Hi-Def. binary text watermarking
  • .gif binary reformatting tool
  • Use this calendars HTML source
  • Library QRcode database
  • Custom QRcode image on image
  • Wand OR pen scans to website
  • Change Link, URL rename and shrink
  • A12, code and decode system
  • PanicButton, instant alert system
  • General Sound Generator
  • Notepad++? search/replace text
  • IPME, IP update for home qrcodes
  • Sticky Notes: Writing system
  • Email Ready, email lists made easy
  • Link Miner, list all links on a website
  • Remove duplicates from lists
  • Read Code 128 barcodes
  • Reserved Seating
  • Shelf code chat (tm) beta
  • IP gateway, block non-locals
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Unix 10 number to date
  • UPC-QR bulk shelf item notepad system
  • Merge 300 x 300 image to a QRcode
  • Convert .png image to html & linked
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  • Lost Cell Phone Finder
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  • Server Monitor again
  • Not Your Momma's Game Of LIFE
  • Hangman 1.3.4 by J.R. Greer
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  • Blog; GDK modified for php v.4.1.2
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  • Calendar jquery plug in gdk improved
  • Offline or Online, validate clients
  • DNA sequencer
  • Magic 8ball knows all
  • Database 3.0 (not mysql)
  • Link Grab 1.0 (beta)
  • p?*search Flying Everything
  • Text Versions of websites
  • myLIVEwebsite using even the cheapest cellphones
  • Set the access and modify time of a file
  • Click on log to see your internet caller ID info.
  • "Usage Moment" real time merchant customer valid agreements.
  • Downloader from URL or form w/REST endpoint locked
  • One minute custom invoices (uses Cash Register)
  • One minute custom contracts + freehand signature card & GPS
  • ANYALERT2CELL custom sms text message alert to cell phone
  • Create Email sales tag images for all API tiny websites
  • Biz Card creator with QR phone dialer
  • Security Camera .jpg encoder & decoder system
  • Introduce you're business to Crowdfunding Portals
  • Monopoly(c) from Mcdonalds(c) ;Board with 6 moving pieces
  • Dollar Item Advertisers; Join up with my sales
  • Replace text in multiple file extensions in a folder/dir
  • Quick and easy, simple calculator.
  • GPS slicer and dicer for improving GPS .gpx files
  • Inputting download page for up2download
  • Free Exif information read and write tool
  • Becloud html, overtravel spreadsheets' text , A download passkey
  • Replace text in non-cgi dynamic file trees, in a top folder/dir
  • show2me, Can you add something to the computers mind???
  • Screenshot of script to decode 10 digit 128 barcode .png images
  • Reminder-log API URL you can use for your own.
  • Search all code and text in a dir/folder, print filename(s)
  • Cash Register Image map used with "Library QRcode barcode database"
  • Calendar with random red yellow highlighted dates
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  • AFFILIATE! custom software, set AFFILIATE name cookie in customers computer
  • NoLine fixes those files where excessive new lines are unwanted.
  • Make instant search results with qrcodes by encoding API search url's
  • Ordering-Online, a system to demonstrate event time ordering online
  • Data eraser; to remove the first line aka 0 line in a file
  • reserve any subdomain http://????????? for QRcoded ordering-online software
  • If a home server is on; upload QRcode image for sms text decoding message back
  • If a home server is on; Ordering-Online, a system to demonstrate event time ordering online
  • If a home server is on; Check all urls after the top two in a range of 20 for status 200. allow 6 minutes
  • Where do old emails go to tell their old stories to robots who'll listen? HERE
  • Upload files to the root of this cloud server if you know the ftp:// id and pass, admin only
  • Android tablet server in a wifi hotspot; Ordering Online can be turned off and on for subscribers
  • Create Data Urls so no need of constant http requests to display your images.
  • Get email to your cell phone showing new ip if the dynamic ip changes
  • Private Auctions; Do the Sell Item section, put your email in description box.

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    click on Show Hidden Icons on status bar by desktop clock

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    click on Show Console

    your browser opens up

    Show the index.html from the web using NO-IP, so I turn on NO-IP now...

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    Screen Of "Eater man" program


  • paste any program below into this basic interp.

    10 PRINT "Your aboard the Lunar Lander about to leave the spacecraft."

    20 print "To just coast without burning fuel enter .01"

    70 goto 1010

    80 goto 2010

    90 goto 3005

    100 H = H - V

    110 V = ((V + G) * 10 - U * 2) / 10

    120 F = F - U

    130 IF H > 0 THEN goto 80

    135 H = 0

    140 goto 2010

    150 print "Velocity less than 5 your a-ok! else you crashed."

    170 goto 5000

    180 GOTO 10

    1010 V = 70

    1020 F = 500

    1030 H = 1000

    1040 G = 2

    1050 goto 80

    2010 PRINT " Meter readings"

    2015 PRINT " --------------"

    2020 PRINT "Fuel (gal):"

    2030 PRINT F

    2040 goto 2100

    2045 print " "

    2050 PRINT V

    2060 PRINT "Height (m):"

    2070 PRINT H

    2075 IF H=0 then goto 150

    2080 goto 90

    2100 PRINT "Landing velocity (m/sec):"

    2110 goto 2045

    3005 IF F = 0 THEN goto 3070

    3010 PRINT "How much fuel will you use?"

    3020 INPUT U

    3025 IF U < 0 THEN goto 3090

    3030 IF U < F THEN goto 3060

    3040 PRINT "Sorry, you have not got that much fuel!"

    3050 GOTO 3010

    3060 goto 100

    3070 U = 0

    3080 goto 150

    3090 PRINT "No cheating please! Fuel must be >= 0."

    3100 GOTO 3010

    5000 PRINT "Do you want to play again? (0 = no, 1 = yes)"

    5010 INPUT Y

    5020 IF Y = 0 THEN goto 5040

    5030 goto 10

    5040 end


    Another Lunar Landing Program

    10 print "lunar landing:to just coast press enter."

    11 let x=1000

    12 let v=70

    13 let f=500

    15 let g=2.3

    16 let e=0

    45 print "go!!";

    50 print "alt.=":print x

    60 print "vel.=":print v

    70 print "fuel left=":print f

    80 if f=0 then goto 110

    90 print"burn how much fuel now":input e

    110 if e>f then e=f

    112 f=f-e

    120 if f=0 then goto 180

    117 a=(g*e)-e*f/200-2*3.1416

    120 if f=0 then v=v+(-1)

    121 if a=0 then goto 130

    122 v=v+a

    123 x=x+v-(a/2)

    124 if x>1 then goto 45

    130 z=(-100)+v

    135 v=(-100)-v

    180 print "vel.=":print v

    192 print ".5=OK 1.2=bumpy 2.1=crunch"

    195 print "4.7=crash 7.7=crater"

    197 end


    Moon over head

    10 A=0:B=0:C=0:D=0:E=0:F=0:G=0:I=0:J=0:L=0

    15 PRINT "HighMoon"

    20 input "M. time in";J

    25 input "Tot. days";B

    35 B=B+J

    37 IF J>=16 THEN B=B+3

    38 IF J<=15 THEN B=B+2

    39 IF J<=8 THEN B=B-1

    40 A=B/29.52055

    50 C=(A-INT(A))

    60 D=C/.0367647058

    70 E=(D-INT(D))-1

    80 L=(D-E)-1

    90 E=(L*52.9411)/60

    100 C=(E-INT(E))-1

    110 D=E-C

    120 D=ABS(D)

    121 D=INT(D)

    122 IF D>=12 THEN print "PM ";

    123 IF D<12 THEN print "AM ";

    130 F=ABS(C)

    140 G=F/.0189736039

    160 G=INT(G)

    180 IF D>12 THEN D=D-12

    190 IF D>12 THEN goto 180

    200 print D;" ";G

    210 goto 10


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